3D Animation in Medical Science

Previously, I have discussed the use of animation in advertisement and education. Today I am going to cover how 3D Animation has put forwarded a new step in medical science. Use of animation in Medical field is the perfect example of infusion of creativity with technology. 3D animation can be implemented in medical field in various ways, few are numerated below:

  • For training the would-be doctors,
  • For explaining patients regarding their body’s internal organs,
  • For selling medical equipments,
  • For planning surgeries,
  • For describing how medicines work in the bloodstream and body, and many more.

3D animation gives a high-end presentation output that cannot be obtained through any other means, making explanation easier than ever. For example, if a doctor needs to explain the heart-attack to his patient, he would simply define it as a sudden occurrence of coronary thrombosis, typically resulting in malfunction of a part of a heart muscle and sometimes leads to death. For instance, the patient might have trouble to understand the medical terms, but of he watches a clearly defined 3D video of how does the heart work and how actually a heart attack occurs, his conception might get clear at the very mean time. Let’s watch this animated video to understand how heart attack occurs:

This is the biggest advantage of 3D Animation, the place where human eye cannot reach; 3D opens a wider scale and variety of the human body. It shows the accurate visualization by exploring the depth of science that is nearly impossible to create through graphics or live action.  To effectively create this, it is clearly described to the 3D team regarding the working of the organ and how and what causes the disease. 3D team then does the modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and implementation of voice of the given task and waits for the approval. After the same is approved, it is then set to render to get a final output.

3D animation brings a lot of opportunity for the animators in the field of medical. There are many production houses where 3D medical animations are processed. 3D medical animation has become a popular medium of healthcare communication and can be seen through broadcasts, websites, public video information, and continuous medical and scientific research.

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