CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

Character animation is the animation process by which life is induced to the animated character .

Character animation induces life in the characters creating a phantom or illusion of thought, emotion , and personality.

Character animation is often distinguished from creature animation, which involves realistic animals and create to life.

In 1930 Walt Disney made character animation a particular focus of his animation studio.

It showcased in production ‘’The ThreeLittle Pigs’’, “Snow White Seven Dwarfs” and many more.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

Character animation allows one to import Art work from Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator.

Animators with the help of character animation software like Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds max makes animated character lively.

Character animation is used in corporate sector while giving powerpoint presentations, to make the presentation engaging and to make a permanent impact in mind of the viewer.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

Character animation revolves round the following things clear staging, timing , follow through ,squash, and stretch, secondary action, anticipation to give an identity and add life to characters.

The animator need to keep the psychology of the viewer in mind.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

The character animation that is created for kids will be different from character animation for adults.

There are many things one need to observe from practical world.

There are many things one need to observe from material world.

It is really strainous job to build an animated character that is believable.

As long as human beings have started existing in this world one is very much fascinated by art and motion.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

The paintings that we find in mountain caves shows that primitive man gives an idea of motion by painting lims on animal sketches.

In 1800 century Edward Maybride used photograph taken sequentially to help study human and animal motion.

Moving images are still frequently used nowadays to show movement.

Nowadays our life move round animation in one form or other.

In film, television or in corporate industry animation is first and foremost thing.

Here are some tips to show that how to become a better character animator.

Observe Real Life Characters-

Bringing life to an inaimate object may be a simple task, though subtle nuance may help to portray emotion and give a true feeling of thought and consideration behind each movement.

It is very essential to have a good understanding of motion and movement but also timing and weight.

One should take some time to go out and observe the world around oneself.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

Study The Psychology Of Movement-

To imitate some one in animation one should try to observe not only the process of movement but also the intention of movement.

One should try to observe the psychology of movement.

In this case one is not suggesting an animator that without working on animation one should visit the local mall but one should do a little bit of research.

Everything we do has a specific intention.

It is very essential to understand the thought process behind the movement of human beings when we do will help us to get and idea of movement.

Seeking Out Real References-

While animating a face , facial expression is very important to study one should take some practical and strong reference.

In most animation studio the voice over artist gives voice to the characters, then the animation artist designs the model according to the voice-over.

The animator designs the character according to the voice over and the story line.

But the animator may take his own face as reference.

Animator may grab the mirror and repeat the expression in front of the mirror.

In a way to know the possible expression of the characters one may take his own face as reference.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

Filming One Self-

One cannot get a good idea of how the characters move by sitting in the computer table and surfing the internet.

To understand the grammer of movement one should record the way the person is moving.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

Nowdays we all use video cameras instead of using phone for selfies and record oneself in action.

One should act the scene and record the action.

Though to some extent it may be embarrassing, still it will be an essential sample of work.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

Simple Rig Is Essential-

Animating successfully depends on the rig.

An unprofessional rig may pose much difficulty to the animator.

The best rigs are the ones by which the animator animates the object.

The animator simply picks up the character and moves them without any complicacy.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

Eye Movement-

If we watch people performing their daily duties we will find that each purposeful movement has a specific sequence.

First one may see the movement of the eye then the head follows and then the neck.

This is the basic sequence of movement.

We generally are attracted to the eyes of a person.

The eyes of the person are attention creator.

They are the first thing that moves while performing an action.

Study The Effects Of Gravity-

Gravity effects our movement on this earth.

If one is lighter and thin his or her body will be flexible.

But one with bulky figure will have a heavier foot and the waist will dipper down as he tries to raise the upper portion of the body.

These things should be kept in mind .

These are the nitty gritties of character animation.

Time Of The Characters Movements-

Generally when a person is in jovial mood his movement is quick and sharp.

But when he is in a pensive mood his movement is slow.

So an animator should keep timing in mind while he or she is doing character animation.

Anticipation Action & Reaction-

When we break the movement it may split into three different areas anticipation , action and reaction.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

If we take a simple jumping action as example the character first bends up its is called anticipation, the jumping action may be regarded as action and landing with momentum is reaction.

This principle works in every action like punching or moving a bat.

This can be exaggerated to get maximum effect in a comic.

Dont Form Every Letter In Speech-

While animating a face or a mouth an animator shouldn’t try to include each and every letter the character is saying.

If we notice one person speaking we will find that he is not uttering each and every word .

We get a more organic or general movement flowing through the sentence.

CHARACTER ANIMATION TIPS From Best Animation Institute

So an animator don’t need to add each letter the character is uttering.

These are the above principles one should follow in character animation.

Though it may appear to be a simple thing for a professional animator but still by keeping the above basic thing in mind one may become a good character animator.

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