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In this ever flourishing animation world animation and animators have gained a remarkable pace. Whether its 2d or 3d animation or motion graphics, animation holds the core of the industry in film, virtual reality game design and education character designing etc. With so many highly exciting opportunities the digital artist should be able to cope with deadlines. They need to produce still or moving images within a given time. This is where animation software comes into work. Animation tool and software are the prime resources that have been designed to create impressive designs for video games websites or any cross platform animation. These help the animators who want to become excel in their work. These help the animator  who want to excel in  their work Even reputed institutes  providing an animation course in Kolkata may help an aspiring student to get a thorough idea about this course.

Why are resources required for 3d animation and 2d animation?

This is not about creating unique designs, but animators have other responsibility  such as job outlook, salary, maintenance, interacting with clients etc. So just using paper and paint is not a very lucrative solution. With animation tools, one may create conceptual designs and produce 3d animation, which includes visual effects and motion graphics. These also help to create interactive content for multimedia or even create 3d models. The smart solution has helped digital artist to keep a pace with the demand for modern technique.

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What are the criteria for getting animation resource?

Before you go for tools, there are certain system specification and features one must know. One may join the Best Animation Institute in Kolkata to just know about the techniques for using these tools. One may learn the technique for these tools. One should learn whether the software is compatible with the system. The entire process generally depends on graphic card, hard disc space Ram and processor. The entire process generally depends on graphic card, hard disc space, Ram and processor. It is duely recommended to use 16 GB Ram for smooth functioning and 4GB graphic card to support it.

While choosing the application one need to understand what type of animations one works with. If it is 3d animation which mainly highlights on lighting, texture and type of material. In case of 2d animation it is frame by frame animation. If one has joined any animation course in Kolkata one should try to implement these tools in ones course project. If one is associated with company and if on exceeds in any particular field one must keep these main features in mind before installing one software.



Top five resources for animation software

When it comes to animation related software some of them are highly expensive. Educational versions are more accessible and more affordable. Those who have joined Animation school may opt for free versions as a part of learning phase.  So depending on budget one must choose a capable animation tool and software. One shouldn’t compromise on these features as it can be significant drawback while working on any project.

Here one is discussing five animation software-

Adobe animate– It is one of the beginner’s choice and the most reliable resource for a cross platform project or any animation work. The salient feature of this software is audio video embedding, rich text, action3.0 scripting, raster support, etc . So one should try to incorporate the use of these tools into daily digital work. It is predecessor version of Adobe flash which is no longer in use nowadays. It has the capability to create animation for television show, websites videogames and various other animation platforms. Adobe Animate export formats are SVG, Adobe Air, HTML, SWF and WebGL. These tools may be compatible with Android Windows MAC OS and IoS operating system.

Auto desk Maya– If one is looking for professional animation software with 3d rendition compatibility, then Autodesk Maya is your best. At present   the animation industry requires very high level of creation. This tool has the ability to meet the demand. One may create customized individual element through its node graph architecture, this is often apart of online Animation course. Autodesk Maya has been used to produce popular film like Spider man and Ice age. Thus by using these animation details one may add detail to the creation. VFx designs may be done with this high end software. This tool is compatible with Windows MAC OS and Linux operating system. This tool is very much expensive side and quite heavy for the system to bear.

animation software

Adobe Character Animator– If ones prime focus is on features one may go for adobe Charcater Animation tools. The most exciting feature of the tool is character Animator; one may import layering files on puppets. Another exciting feature of this tool is body tracking software and transcript based lip sync access. This may easily sync the voice of the actor with animated character. One should try to use prompt and a webcam to modify the characters behavior and for face tracking. This tool is compatible with Windows and Mac os operating system. The adobe creative cloud All APPs package provides one with Adobe character Animator tool. One may access Adobe Animate Photoshop and Illustrator. One may use the tool on layered file and imported templates.

Blender- If 3d modelling is ones work then this animation software has the capability to just create texturing animating raster and graphic editing, motion graphics soft body simulation and many more things. If one has joined animation course in any Institutes Kolkata then this free tool may bring one great help in learning process. This is an open source tool and the important features involved are shape animation, armature vertex weighting and inverse kinemetics. Along with that one may add detailed animation if one is a beginner. The only difficulty is this programme is the use of complex interface.

Moho pro-If one is a digital artist then this tool offers a perfect combination of art tools and animation technology. Moho pro has an intuitive rigging system and is one of the best 2d animation software. One may get smooth touch as well as complex design.  This has already been used in animation to create golden globes. This tool generally appears with smart bone features. One may input natural facial expression on the character, making the action appearing to be real. If one wants to be a versatile and enthusiastic artist then all these resources have the potential to create versatile 2d and 3d modelling. This helps in easing the workflow and one may accelerate the learning curve.

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