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Be it Hollywood, Bollywood even K dramas VFX industry has become a vital part to play an important role in post production. The ones that show us supernatural stories have beautiful special effect in them. If one wants to watch them to get ideas one may watch Gaurdian the Lonely Great God, The Tale of a Gumihoor even The King Eternal Monarch on Netflix. Their stories are very much amusing as well as their work on special effect.

However there are many big challenges that the VFX industry faces –

Managing the data – One of the greatest challenges in the VFX industry is managing the data. The realistic looking images need a lot of space. Thus having only a storage system assembled by the team members in not very much enough. As the business grows in leaps and bounds one need a faster system so rendering the frames doesn’t pose any problem. One may have to move to commercial data platform so that it makes them easier to just take on more projects and develop more refined effects.

Sustaining your team– The kind of work involved in VFX industry requires a massive investment. If one is pursuing a career in VFX industry one will know that the work is very much extensive and one requires highly skilled labour to do this. It is to some extent not easy for popular studios to deliver the best work for high paying client without skilled artist, technicians and investors. So it is important that you are able to constantly rope high paying client as well as have big investors on board who have well idea of business.


Working with huge team- Hiring personnel is one of the highest costs that a studio can incur. If one is working with a huge team and is not able to bring in huge number of clients it may turn into a huge problem. The solution to this dilemma is working with a smaller team of people. Even though the team is very much smaller it will just concentrate on delivering same quality of images. As a VFX artist it is best to learn more than one skill to develop ones prospect of getting one of the best VFX artist job.

Joining the right institute for VFX course– One of the major challenges in VFX industry is that people often face difficulties in finding the right institute to pursue a VFX course. There has been a lot of training institute and they do provide quality training to its students. The best way to deal with this challenge is to undergo research work and one should pick an institute that is very much well known for VFX course and after completing the course one may bag VFX artist job in future. VFX is all about bringing imaginations coming to life. The hardware’s are getting cheaper with time; the software’s are becoming more capable. If one is proficient enough then one is already ahead of this curve in this cut throat competition. If the basics are cleared, then software’s are just tools to just work with them. Some of the topics which are mentioned below are visual effect topics for which a deep knowledge is very much crucial for aspiring students

Digital Photography and imaging– Understanding cameras  and how they might be put to work is very much required to become a photographer as it is for a VFX artist. Digital FX is a different term given for augmentation for still photographs. VFX is amalgamation of special effects with digital imagery and clear basics of photography may prove it helpful for 3d animation.

3d designing – It is a complex process that makes one learn how there might be different types of approaches to situation. Modelling texturing rigging if all these are amalgamated one can’t complete a scene or model by ignoring one of these things. One should keep working on till one may make a model or sculpture with realistic wrinkles in 45 mins or less time. Moreover apart from multimedia the application of 3d designing is revealing itself as an untapped potential it might be the next big thing that one might shape the future.


3d composting- It is artistic and technical challenge to just seamlessly blend various design elements to make it a whole thing. It is a job that connects the entire department and that’s why one cant specifically fix the job of a said modeller in the scene.

Colour correction and grading– Correction isn’t only just fixing the images. The dynamics of a scene is accomplished through the color and also the balance of light levels and exposure. To achieve mastery in these the three basics should be properly mastered hue saturation and lightness. So a proper adjustment through all the shots may escalate ones work to the next level.

Lighting technique- The main material of painting is light according to Janice Dickinson. As it applies in case of painters, the same thing is applicable for animators. The realism of a frame, the atmosphere of a scene relies on the shoulders of a lighting artist. Light in fact directs the eyes, sets the mood, and in fact it maintains the continuity and much more.

Adapting to stressful situation– Working for long hours in this sector may appear to be very much stressful. A deadline doesn’t have any definite date and it could pop up any moment. The ability to show up and deliver the work on time may climb up o the ladder of success. It is very much important to acknowledge that at the end of everything actually depends on the quality of work and the time it takes to deliver it. So in the end everything depends on the quality of work and the time it takes to deliver it.

So a VFX artist should always keep practicing and they should never stop experimenting. To become a VFX artist one should be clear with fundamentals, should join an institute that specializes in animation and VFX course, create ones showreels, learn to be a team player, make the most of one’s creative mind.

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