Learn Animation From Animation Institute Kolkata

Animation is said to the finest thing that one could use as a source of entertainment.

Whether it was a Disney Movie as a kid or a 3d game that was blown away.

It is a very amazing thing when imaginary characters moved or acted as if they were real.

The graphic designers were unaware of the fact that animation is an effective tool.

Today in this digital world animation we may do many things rather than limiting its boundaries to entertain children with boat driving mouse.

Its is a medium for expression and creativity.

Learn Animation From Animation Institute Kolkata

As a whole moving characters draw more attention of the audience than static images.There are always some limitations in a live footage.

The animation footage of a bouncing ball attracts more attention of the audience. There are several utilities of animation.

Animation is used in cartoons , mostly in 3d movies. It is used in digital marketing, advertising everywhere.

What is the definition of animation?

Animation is the process of photographing various drawings , models or puppets, in order to create a mirage of movement.

Our eyes could retain movement of objects for only a few seconds.

When different images appear in front of our eyes in quick succession, our brain compiles them into one single moving image.

Learn Animation From Animation Institute Kolkata

In traditional animation the images were drawn or painted in transparent celluloid and they were made ready to be photographed.

Actually cartoons were also made this way.

Most of the animated movies are the product of computer generated imagery.

In order to create a uniform motion out of these drawn painted , or computer generated images frame rate or the number of computer generates images and the number of consecutive images that are being displayed per second is considered.

Moving characters are generally shot on ‘’ twos ‘’ which means just one image is shown in two frames.

Learn Animation From Animation Institute Kolkata

In total 12 drawings are shown per second.

There are different types of animation.

Mainly animation is divided into traditional animation, 2d animation, 3d animation, motion graphics and stop motion.

Traditional animation- It is one of the oldest form of animation in film.

Learn Animation From Animation Institute Kolkata

It is sometimes referred to as cel animation.

In traditional animation objects were first drafted on celluloid transparent paper.

To create animation each and every sequence should be drawn.

The mechanism is almost same as in flipbook.

The best example of traditional 2d animation is Aladdin, The Lion king and other cartoons.

In historic period animator use to draw on a table , alight was fitted inside the table so that the creator couldsee his previous animation.

Drawings today are done on tablets. No one has to know drawing skill even to become an animator.

2d animation- 2d animation is the process of creating motion in 2d dimensional space.

These generally includes characters creatures, Fx background.

The optical illusion is created when individual drawings ,characters, are sequenced together over atime.

3d animation– 3d animation is the art of using motion to create three dimensional images of characters, vehicles, props, in films movies and advertisement.

Learn Animation From Animation Institute Kolkata

Animation gives weight and timings to objects and it appears to the viewers that that object exists in reality.

The first ever animated feature film using traditional method was El Apostol.

Learn Animation From Animation Institute Kolkata

It was first released in South American theatre the 70 minute long movie .

It was first animated movie which received international fame.

The Rise Of Mouse House –   the next step which created a new beginning in the world of animation was the opening of Disney World Studio.

This Disney studio changed the entire animation world by producing the most acclaimed cartoon character Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Pinto Colvig was regarded as the first animation film maker who made the very first animated feature film a couple of years before El Apostol.

Learn Animation From Animation Institute Kolkata

Disneys film were regarded as the first animated film .

Pixars Toystory was regarded as the second biggest hit after its release in 1995.

The famous Hollywood movies which made a mark in the animation world are Kungfu Panda, Ratatoullie, Sleeping Beauty,The Wind Rises, The Little Mermaid, Aladin, and last but not the least Jungle Book.

Similarly in India few of famous animated movies are Chota Bheem, Bal Hanuman and Return Of Bal Hanuman series, Motu Patlu animated series has stolen the hearts of million and gave Indian Animation Industry recognitation.

The biggest utility of animation is in entertainment.

But it is used in other sectors like in education,entertainment, advertisement,scientific visualization, creative art , gaming, simulations.

Learn Animation From Animation Institute Kolkata

How animation is used in all the above sectors is discussed below-

Education– Pictures or images creates a permanent impact in the mind of a person.

So animation is the best possible way to impart education specifically in the mind of children.

Not only children even to adolescents if education is imparted to them through animation.

Advertisement– Animation plays a big part in advertisement.

Many big companies use animation in their advertisement to attract the audience.

Different telecomm companys use animation in their advertisement to attract the audience.

Animated add create a permanent impression in the mind of the audience.

Long ago the Leher 7 fiddo diddo up add created a permanent impact in the mind of the audience.

Without animation advertisemnt would have been much uninteresting.

Scientific visualization Or Medical Field– Animation is frequently used create model for scientific use as well as in medical field.

Animation helps one to create 3d realistic model that shows proper representation of a object.

Learn Animation From Animation Institute Kolkata

3d animation is sometimes used in medical sectors also.

Doctors get a proper idea of a patients fractures and other problem through animation.

Gaming- Animation need not mention is widely used in gaming industry.

Without a model a programmer wont be able to produce a game.

Simulation – Simulation is used in military training and also to train the soldiers about some combats. Pilots also use simulation to practise flight training .

Learn Animation From Animation Institute Kolkata

This helps in fuel consumption and also helps to save equipment.

Animation is used in space research centres as well as in 3d architectural designing area.

Animation has made a huge effect in entertainment, movie industry.

It has made education entertainment and movie industry more interesting and awesome.

Animation have infact changed the world a lot .

So though it has good as well as bad effects animation is really remarkable .

It has made its huge impact in each and every sector.

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