Maac Chowringhee Student Darshana

This brightness is brought to you by some invisible forces and this unidentified force is none other than the MAYA ACADEMY of ADVANCED CINEMATICS KOLKATA popularly known as Maac.

After every cloud there is a fierce sunshine and with it comes the brightness untouched.

Behind the story of Darshana Sen Sharma, MAAC Kolkata is the undisclosed stimuli.

Maac Chowringhee Student Darshana

MAAC Kolkata is a place where miniatures are cultured and grown to rise to the sunshine and among those sun shines stood Darshana.

She has done her Graphic Designing and 2D Animation courses from MAAC Chowringhee and now she has been settled in the big fat production house of Shree Venkatesh films.

Alerting you, prior, the climax implies that in the entire blog I’m going to elaborate the complete voyage of Darshana in MAAC Chowringhee and her experience at the time of studying in the centre.

Let’s have a look at the extravagant experience of her and the contribution of MAAC Chowringhee in shaping her career.

Maac Chowringhee Student Darshana


From the above-mentioned centre, she completed her Graphics Designing courses as well as 2D Animation courses (as said above).

The name of her course is namely DGWA, and after her course completion she has been certified for the course and was given recognition for it.

However, within this span of time, she has gained numerous experiences from diverse fields of study.

On this front, she is of the view that “The faculties are indeed helpful and stood beside me as comrades” and she also added that “The entire years in MAAC is excellent”.

From this, it can be well implied that she is expressing her unexpressed words in the years which seemed as if she has been waiting for the perfect time of revelation.

In an interview session with her, she remarks that “Apart from the regular classes we were also offered master classes which are highly beneficial.”

Thus it is evident that the all total classes including the regular as well as the master classes are indeed helpful to the students.

The master classes are proffered concerning several relevant areas of subject matters apart from the courses.

Students are acknowledged with variegated tasks and techniques which brought to them a handful of experience in respective areas.

Her journey started with a very feeble hope at the initial stages when she took admission to MAAC Chowringhee.

However, the mentors at the centre gave the light of hope to her and also her parents and promised her that with joint cooperation and coordination they will make it to the summit.

As said as done.

MAAC got her concentration, focus and hard work and in turn gave her precious knowledge, the practice of her selected career course areas.

The outcome, today, is in front of you.

Now she is in the Shree Venkatesh house, the house of dreams.


In Venkatesh, she is playing an active part as a Graphics Designer and gradually improving herself as a person in equivalence with, as an employee.

She is well paid in the house and her success saga is indeed inspirational not to one but to many.

In spite of the strenuous hard work, she has always believed the philosophy ‘Stay on the sunny side of life’.

Now she is still maintaining the same philosophy that was taught to her by our mentors.

She rejoiced that “The faculties are extremely cooperative and have helped me in every query”.


During the time of the interview, she added the details of what she has achieved from MAAC Kolkata.

I have won the 24 FPS GOLD during 2016 and also 24 FPS SILVER in 2017

Maac Chowringhee Student Darshana

This reveals her skills, her efforts and what she has gained from the MAAC faculties.

The new merry-making days have put an end to the old days of anxiety and confusion in Darshana’s life.

It is time for her parents to boast of the forthcoming advancements of every step of Darshana.

Maac Chowringhee Student Darshana

MAAC Chowringhee  is feeling proud of her success and is wishing her the best for the upcoming happenings to come in her career.

One thing that can never be missed is she has been honoured and she has won the CG Animation Delhi Award and that was a marvellous moment.

She has been highly thankful to the MAAC Chowringhee faculty team for the backing they have given to her throughout her career course in the centre.

Maac Chowringhee Student Darshana

In one of her remarks, she also added that “The whole journey was so motivating starting from classes to fun events including, that of, Annual Picnic, Sports, Durga Puja events and many more.”

In this fashion, most of our alumni are on their expedition to success after they named themselves as MAACites in MAAC Kolkata.

The Director of MAAC Kolkata, Mr Naveen Choudhary has applauded the numerous roles played by the alumni after they have passed their courses from the centre.

The director is the lover of creativity and those who lie in such range, are his proud.

Just as Darshana Sen Sharma, many other people have broken the bonds and have set forth the journey of motion towards the establishment.

Maac Chowringhee Student Darshana

This is the place where experts meet and grown.

From the Aayushmaan Sengupta placed at Prime Focus to Dibakar Chakraborty at Contiloe to Mayank Bagaria at DQ Entertainment, all are the matters of boast to us and to the director.

MAAC Forte

MAAC Chowringhee, Rashbehari and Ultadanga are the Gurukuls of education where we just not focus on quality by showing off framework but also we locate ourselves on the positions that have the power to decide the placements of the students.

We proffer complete placement assistance to every one of its understudies.

Prior to the course completion, the placements begin and a substantial number of the pupil areas of now put into placements before their course closes.

As a result, MAAC Kolkata has been positioned as the best Animation, Visual Effects and Multimedia preparing institute in Kolkata.

Our recruiters are from various large companies across the world AAJ Tak, DesignMatra, Accenza, MPC, Mayabious Art, Rhythm & Hues, NDTV India, Prana Studios, Xentrix, Redchillies VFX, Technicolor, Maya Digitals, ZNews and so forth.

Passion, Creativity and Excellence are the three pillars that help to put students up in their career.

Over the previous years, MAAC Chowringhee has roused many yearning applicants.

MAAC Chowringhee celebrates brilliance in the most ground-breaking way through various awards and recognition.

Making students ready for the job is what our target, mission and vision.

From beginning to end our novelty, brilliance and guidance have created a niche as a premier Animation and VFX institute in India.


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