VIDEO GAMES benefits with MAAC Kolkata

A video games are an interactive game played using a specialized gaming device like computer, mobile , television or in any other display screen.

In late 19th century children use to play outdoor games like football cricket, badminton,tennis.They also use to play indoor games.

The indoor games mostly they played was majorly ludo , chess , card, carom.But nowadays children are more interested in video game.

Accordingly there is a belief that gaming is addiction among children and also among adults.

But according to recent researches gaming has various benefits SURPRISED !! Don’t be lets understand how?

The physical exercise of the body helps in improving and strengthening the muscle of the body if one is playing video games.

Video games keeps a person’s brain in stimulation thus it improvises the brains performance.

The following are the good effects of playing Video Games

1. Improves CorordinationWhen a child or any person is playing video games he or she is not staring at the screen lazily.

The activites and action on screen provides a lot of mental exercise.

While playing video games one need to maintain coordination with all sorts of physical, visual, and audial movement.

2. Improves Problem Solving Skill-Video games are played by following some rules.

VIDEO GAMES benefits with MAAC Kolkata

This means that the player need to think twice before making any move just to make sure that they stay within the required rules of that particular game.

A player need to think over and over again in order to decide whether he or she will proceed to the next level.

3.Enhances Memory Level– A player need a lot of visual and audial memory to play video games.

A player need to listen to the audial and visual instruction of the game before they start playing it.

They need to memorize the game rules and apply the rules wherever they require.

They need to know the rules of that particular game.

A person who is a master in keyboard can easily move the characters in the game.

This helps them to move the characters in the game.

In away as they have to memorize certain things while playing video games this helps to improve ones long and short term memory.

VIDEO GAMES benefits with MAAC Kolkata

4. Improves Attention & Concentration– Video games specially those games which are action games helps to capture the players attention and concentration for the entire part of the game.

This helps the player to achieve success in the game and in a way they are able to progress to the next level of the game.

As a whole it enhances the concentration level of the player.

Children who play video games are able to concentrate more on their studies and adults more on their work if they grow the habit of playing video games.

5. It Is A Great Source Of Learning-Video games are great source of learning for children.

Many well known school and institution regards video games as a great source of learning for students.

They take video games as teaching methods.

The children improve their learning skill by playing video games that generally enhances their cognitive and creative skill.

VIDEO GAMES benefits with MAAC Kolkata

6. Improves The Brains Speed– While gaming the brain receives various kinds of stimulation .

These stimulations are generally both visual and audial.

According to recent research people who play video games, a stimulation is created in their brain and these ensure their brain is continuosly working in order to elucidate them.

7. Enhances Multitasking Skills– An action games involves a lot of observation from the part of the player.

It involves to move the joystick and the key while looking at the various features of the game such as energy level , oncoming adversaries, ammunitions left and available time.

This involves a lot of multitasking skill.

A player need to work according to the rule and feature of the game which are needed to win the game.

VIDEO GAMES benefits with MAAC Kolkata

The player need to work and act according to requirement of the game.

So a players ability to do multiple tasking enhances and in this way he may perform multiple task.

8. Improves Social Skill – There are many video games which enable many players to play a particular game all at the same time.

While playing the players engage in constant interpersonal communication.

In this way there is constant communication between players

This result in a friendly relationship among the players.

Players get a chance to meet new friend while they also strengthen their bonds with old friends.

VIDEO GAMES benefits with MAAC Kolkata

9. Video Games Producing Better Surgeons-There is a recent research that video games are producing better surgeons report from Reuters saying so.

One will be astonished to know the above fact.One will be expecting them to read medical journals.

But some laproscopic specialist have found that those who played for more than three to four hours per week made 32% few errors compared to the surgeons who didn’t paly video games.

VIDEO GAMES benefits with MAAC Kolkata

10.Video Games Help To Improve Ones Vision-In the late 19th century some guardians were of the opinion that watching television will just worsen their eyesight.

Scientists nowadays were of the opinion that games will improve ones vision.

In a study ten weeks of playing video games might lead to discern between different shades of grey.

Other participant may play game by using his lazy eyes and the other eye hidden by hand.

This might be one of the rule of the game.

The player shows significant improvement in vision.

Sometimes there is a normalized improvement in the affected eye.

VIDEO GAMES benefits with MAAC Kolkata11.Video Games Could Help To Make A Better Leader-There are many genres of game that helps to enhance leadership capability of the player.

The player might take good decision in their professional life.

If one is just improvising in playing a game he might quickly solve his problem in the office. He will be a crisis manager.

VIDEO GAMES benefits with MAAC Kolkata

But one should be very much careful while he or she in indulging his child to play video games.

Though video games has many good aspects.

But a child should not be exposed to violent games, as this might affect his or her nature.

So if you love to play vedio game its good, and if you want to become a game developer its even better.

You make a career from what you are passionate about . So join our midblowing gaming courses or call us @9836321595 to know more.


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