JAPANESE VIDEO GAME Animation Institute Kolkata

A game is a structured form of entertainment of play usually undertaken for entertainment or fun.It is sometimes used in educational purpose also.

Games are not labourious duty it is quite different from work.

Games is often used as a way by which one may express his intelligence or ideological element.

However the definition of game is not always the same.

Some games are played professionally by players and it is viewed as entertainment by viewers.

JAPANESE VIDEO GAME Animation Institute Kolkata

The key elements of game are rules ,challenge, and intertaction.

One of the widely discussed game nowadays is video games.

It is an electronic game which interactivity with user interface or input device.

All of us has played game in their childhood days.Games has a remarkable presence in our lives.

Sometimes we play games actively , sometimes we play it casually.

Some play games during childhood, while others continue to play games even when they have became adult.

Though cricket and football are widely played and watched games still some new form of entertainment is prevalent popularly known as video games.

Video game is considered to be a major industry in Japan.

JAPANESE VIDEO GAME Animation Institute Kolkata

Japanese video game development was considered to be as most popular video games of our time which includes game like Nintendo under Shigeru Miyamoto,and Hiroshi Yamunchi game Sega etc.

Other companies which flourished during this period is Sony Entertainment Company, Namco, Capcon, Square Enix, Konami, SNK, many others.

Japan is known for various game publishers, who have competed in the video game market in game console and video arcade.

Sega –Service Games, was founded by American skilled person in Japan after World War 2 released Periscope in 1966, which was a major success in Japan.

JAPANESE VIDEO GAME Animation Institute Kolkata

Nintendo a hanafuda playing Card vendor became famous during 1980 with the release of home video game console called Famicom or ‘’Family Computer’’ which became a major blockbuster in Nintendo entertainment System , in United States.

The local video game industry and market developed in Japan which was never acknowledeged by the Western World.

The Japanese Video game industry grew from a specific socio economic context which was the result of economic growth after World War 2.

JAPANESE VIDEO GAME Animation Institute Kolkata

It is very much true that the Japanese are very tech savvy.

They are very much recognized by the technological skill and also by Japanese animation whether it is cartoon or animation.

Some of their games have become popular in other countries, some of their video games have made a great influence to world that they are remade and their graphics and features are improved as the technology is also on the way of improvement.

JAPANESE VIDEO GAME Animation Institute Kolkata

Japan was not the first country who invented video games but, when they invented it they just tried to work on it with dedication and passion and work hard.

The Japanese game development artist created software, hardware even gaming culture which impacted the console gaming and even gaming culture.

JAPANESE VIDEO GAME Animation Institute Kolkata

Nowadays gaming the gaming industry has changed a lot from late 1970 to 2020s.

But still there is a great influence of the Japanese video in the world gaming market.

In a game show in Tokyo in 2009 Keiji Inafune came to a conclusion that Japanese video game is on the verge of ending.

But the Japanese video game industry made a comeback in the year2017.

JAPANESE VIDEO GAME Animation Institute Kolkata

It made a global renaissance in the year 2017.

Many of the globally famed video games were developed in the year 2017.

Some of the famous Japanese video game discussed below-

Super Mario Bros

This game was developed by Nintendo Ead published by Nintendo.

It was directed , produced and designed by Shigeru Miyanmoto.

It is regarded as one of greatest video game of all the time.

The first level of the games are designed in a way that it gives the first time gamers a basic idea of the mechanics of platform gameplay.

In this game Famicom Disk System replaced the Famicooms cartridge.

JAPANESE VIDEO GAME Animation Institute Kolkata

It is one of the most popular and bestselling video game of all the time.

The main game revolves round Mario and his brother Luigi travel to Mushroom kingdom to rescue Princess Toadstool from Bower.

They travel through side scrolling stages while avoiding and fighting with powerup enemies like Super Mushroom,Fire flower, and Starman.

The game is a single player or a multiplayer games.

JAPANESE VIDEO GAME Animation Institute Kolkata

Pac man

This is another Japanese video game developed and released in 1980.

The original title of the game was changed from Pucman to Pac man.

The player of the game will navigate through a convolution with no dead end.

The maze is filled with various ghosts likeBlinky, Pinky,Inky Clyde.

From the left side of the screen to the right side there is a passage by.

JAPANESE VIDEO GAME Animation Institute Kolkata

The main trick of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible by eating dots fruits, blue ghosts.

When all the dots are eaten the stage is completed the player will move to next stage.

The game was developed by Namco.It was designed by Toru Iwastani and Shigechi Ishimura.

The main genre of the game maze.It was single player and also multiplayer game.

The Pac Man video game was one of the highest selling video game earning the highest revenue of 14 billion dollar and 43million dollar in sales combined.

JAPANESE VIDEO GAME Animation Institute Kolkata

The Final Fantasy

JAPANESE VIDEO GAME Animation Institute Kolkata

Another game that has made a mark in the world of RPG games.

It has fantastic story line combined with amazing graphics , has drawn the attention of the players.

The main attraction of the game is each series has its own universe.

This shows the player that each game has a different experience.


JAPANESE VIDEO GAME Animation Institute Kolkata

Another popular Japanese video game is Pokemon.

This Japanese game made a mark in the video game world.

Kids played this game in their childhood days.

On the basis of this game a series of anime series and movies card games were made, , and a collection of other merchandise were made such as toys accessaries pillows, and bags.

Japan is good at making video gaming and animation compared to other countries.

They have good trained professionals, and the best techniques were developed while making the video games.

Japan has ruled the video gaming market for decades.

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