Seminar By Nilesh Baid VFX Lead Artist At DNEG

Nilesh Baid VFX Lead Artist X student Maac Ultadanga

Todays blog we will be discussing awesome seminar by Nilesh Baid VFX Lead artist and former student of Maac Ultadanga.

Education or training is never just limited to theoretical practices, but goes above and beyond those bounds.

But there is nothing as inspiring as knowledge imparting and watching an expert demonstrate their abilities.

Be it any field witnessing the creation of a masterpiece is always something gratifying.

Nilesh Baid VFX Lead Artist X student Maac Ultadanga

MAAC Chowringhee, Rashbehari, Ultadanga takes the initiative to call upon industry professional and experts to share their knowledge with our students.

Holding special Production based seminars allows our students to witness the knowledge of industry experts and grasp a few key skills and concepts that they share.

They also provide excellent platform for interaction of students with veterans who have been working in the industry creating amazing stuff.

The masters, were also once disciples, and this story of their journey to become excellent artists like VFX Lead artist in reputed studio inspire our students to dream more, and focus their energies on their passion.

With a motto of “For Production From Production” MAAC Ultadanga took up the baton to hold an Industry expert seminar.

Nilesh Baid VFX Lead Artist X student Maac Ultadanga

We were able to invite Mr. Nilesh Baid, who is a VFX Lead artist at DNEG Studio (Formerly known as Double Negative Studio), to grace our students.

The announcement of the seminar saw quite a lot of enthusiasm from the students, as they registered as soon as the announcement happened.

The date was set to be on 05th April, 2019 at 2.00PM.

DNEG Studio, is a visual effects company which also does computer animation and stereo conversion.

The company was founded in 1998 at Fitzrovia, London.

It is one of the major players in the visual effects industry with an array of blockbusters and awards under it’s flag.

Starting from Interstellar, Ex Machina, Inception, Blade Runner 2049, to The Dark Knight Rises, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part-2, the list knows no end.

Nilesh Baid VFX Lead Artist X student Maac Ultadanga

Nilesh Baid VFX Lead artist is an Alumni of MAAC Kankurgachi(Now, MAAC Ultadanga), where he pursued Visual Effects course.

Working his way through the industry with the skills he acquired he has built quite an enviable credit list to his name.

He has worked some of the major Hollywood blockbusters like Avengers– Infinity Wars, Deadpool, Avengers-Endgame, Ant-man etc.

His credit also includes some of the big names in Bollywood.

With this kind of experience and expertise garnered over the years under his belt, he can rightly be called a veteran now.

Nilesh Baid VFX Lead Artist X student Maac Ultadanga

For those who may be aware Paint Department in Visual effects industry is responsible for making the vfx shot look good.

They are responsible for the removal of unwanted elements from the scenes as if they never existed or adding something to the scene as if they belong there.

Removal of tracking markers, camera rigs, safety equipment, wires for stunt etc.

They are also responsible for creating mattes for characters and object which are needed separately for the purpose of composting down the line.

Nilesh Baid VFX Lead Artist X student Maac Ultadanga

Nilesh VFX Lead artist arrived at the center beforehand to pay respects to his mentor Mr. Ajay Kumar Shaw.

Nostalgia hitting at the thought of old days and memories.

The seminar started off with the seminar at about 2.15 PM sparing some grace time for the students, who live far away to catch up, although most of them already crowded the session room.

Nilesh working as VFX Lead was introduced to the students and thus began the exciting session into the world of the invisible art of Visual effects.

Nilesh Baid VFX Lead Artist X student Maac Ultadanga

After giving a formal introduction about himself and the kind of work he has done over the years, the flow of the session turned towards the current trends of the vfx industry and the expectation it has of the people wishing to join in near future.

Visual effects as an industry is booming and the expected growth of it in the upcoming years is projected to be quite high.

Thus leaving quite some scope for new recruits.

Nilesh VFX Lead artist then walked the students through an example visual effects shot, explaining to them the technicalities and the challenges it offered.

The students had a few question and seemed to be engrossed in the session.

It was a really great sight to see active participation from the students and Nilesh too did not hesitate to give it his all to satisfy their knowledge hunger.

Nilesh Baid VFX Lead Artist X student Maac Ultadanga

The session went into software, techniques which are followed at the industry to achieve a specific result for the challenges the Visual effects shot posed.

He gave a tour of the pipeline that is followed when dealing with things at the studio and how they are important.

He also emphasized the basics to be the key for further learning. Students were overjoyed witnessing the magic take place in front of their very eyes.

Nilesh Baid VFX Lead Artist X student Maac Ultadanga

The session had piqued the curiosity of the students and stirred their imagination, as the questions had no end.

Finally the interactive session came to an end.

Nilesh acknowledged having a great time and so did the students.

With their brain full of motivation and knowledge, the day came to an end.

Such activities motivate and inspire students a lot and gives center reason to provide more of such experiences.

To know about the training and the variety of career courses we offer in Graphic Design, Web Design, 2d Animation, 3D animation, Architectural visualization, Visual effects, Gaming etc

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