2d animation institute Kolkata

2d animation is one of the most prevalent type of animation even in this age of 3dimensional animation.

It is generally used for making animated movies, cartoons, marketing videos , advertisements, corporate presentations and video games.

By the very term we can make out that 2d stands for two dimensional .

2d artists create images and characters in two dimensional format and induce life into the characters by movement.

This type of animation is regarded as a traditional form of animation.

Mainly in this type of animation plain characters with zero volume generally moves.

2d animation institute Kolkata

2d animation is the feature of creating two dimensional movement.

It may feature characters, creatures, Fx and background.

This visual illusion is created when individual drawings are sequentially placed together with time.

A 2d shape is a figure or object with 2dimensions with length breadth and height.

Normally 2d shape has an area but it has no volume.

In 2d animation all part of a video like characters , objects, and background are generally 2dimensional.

In 2d animation individual drawings are put together sequentially to give illusion of movement.

2d animation institute Kolkata

This helps animators to create moving art without involving humans or natural scenery and creates different types of characters creatures and backgrounds.

2d animation actually deals 2d objects and figures that may be measured by height and width.

2d animation requires the use of specialized 2d animation tools and it also involves a set of process including storyboarding, animation layout, audio, visuals.

The animators involve everything from rough sketches in the initial stage to final stage of video.

Walt Disney is often regarded as the first 2d animator.He first created 2d animation with Mickey Mouse.

But actually the first 2d animation was made by Fatasgomagorie a cartoon made by Emile Cohl.

This was created entirely in black and white. The cartoon was only 75 seconds long.

2d animation institute Kolkata

At least 700 different drawings were created to create the drawing.

This animation film was released in 1908, and it is released before steamboat Willie.

In 1930-1970 which is often referred to as Golden age of Animation .

Many high quality entertaining cartoon were made during this era.

This includes cartoon like Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck, Goofy and many feature film.

Warner Brothers also made Looney Tunes that stared Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig.

Hanna Barabera also made some of the television cartoons during 50s – 70s, which includes notably The Flinstones Scooby Doo.

This companies actually contributed to the development of 2d animation.

From late 90s till date 2d animation is very much prominent.

Several cartoons that we watch now-a-days includes Sponge Bob Sqaurepants, create 2d animation with the help of computers.

Nowadays animation cels are often photographed and stored digitally .

This process is used to add colors to characters , rather than having to paint them by each and every frame.

2d animation institute Kolkata

In some cartoons both 2d and 3d animation are combined together including the recent episodes of Simpsons and Family.

2d animation is regarded as a traditional animation style from 1800s.

Initially 2d animation was created by pulling the frames together.

With the development of computer technology the process is now digitized. It includes three steps.

One is preproduction, production and post production.

During the preproduction process the animator generally designs the characters, creates story board, chooses the color palates, prepares the background, and then records the voice overs.

In this step also the artists creates the characters and outlines the background. The next step includes production.

It is the main step where the animation is created by gathering all the created material together and the scenes are produced.

2d animation institute Kolkata

This generally includes painting the background, creating the individual scenery, and character activity.

To put everything together animators creates an expose sheet which includes action and timings, dialogues and music , animation layers, and background, view perspective.

The next step is post production.

This stage generally involves editing.

During this stage sound is added and this naturally adds emotion to animated characters.

Nowadays there are many software with the help of which 2d animation is created.

This includes Toon boon harmony software, Storyboard pro, Flash, Dreamweaver and many more.

The most important features of Toon boon software is bitmap drawing, vector drawing, painting tools.

It also includes tools for scanning and cleaning up traditional drawings, it includes advanced rigging and deformer tools.

2d animation institute Kolkata

2d animation is used mainly in 2d explainer video, whiteboard explainer video, product demos, advertisements and brand videos, infotainment video, Tv shows and films.

2d animation institute Kolkata

The main advantage of 2d animation are generally as follows-


When compared to 3d animation the cost of 2d animation is much cheaper.


2d animation is much quicker to produce, making the video content generation much faster.


2d animation is less technology It is easier to produce 2d animation than 3danimation.

2d animation institute Kolkata

In todays world where seeing has become beleiving children are more attracted towards 3D animated characters .

In the process 3d animation gains more popularity over 2d animation.


2d animation is boring compared to 3d animation as 3d characters attracts more viewers.


The demand for 2d animation is much less than 3d animation.

Nowadays major 2d classics are made in 3d way.

2d animation institute Kolkata

There are several ways in which 2d animation has evolved in its finest way .

2d animation institute Kolkata

According to Disney animator Frank Thomas there are twelve principles of animation,like squash and stretch, anticipation, staging, straight ahead action, follow through, overlapping action, slow in slow out, arc, secondary action and timing, exaggeration, solid drawing, appeal.

By the above method it may reach a high level.

Though 2d animation has not been as much popular as it was earlier but still it is not in dying stage .

It is still being used in schools business houses and advertisements.

It is actually the first form of animation. 3d animation is gaining popularity and isused as medium of communication in many media houses.

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