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If one is a motion designer one knows that VFX software is essential for creating stunning and engaging visuals . But so many tools and features are available how do we learn new skills and techniques to keep up with the new age demand of the industry.

To master the art of VFX there are some tips one should try to attain mastery:

1. Choose the software wisely- The first step to learn new skills and techniques with Vfx software is to choose the right software for your need and goal.

There are many options out there but some of the most popular and versatile ones are After Effects , Cinema 4d , blender and Houdini.

Each of these has its own strength and weakness so one need to consider some factors such as budget your level of experience one style of work , desired output and format 

One may  use a combination of software to achieve various effects and workflow.

2. Follow online tutorials and courses- One of the  best ways to learn new skills and techniques with VFX software is to follow online tutorials and courses from experts and instruction.

 There are plenty of free and paid resources online that cover various topics  and levels of difficulty.

One may find tutorials and courses on platforms such as You tube , Skill share , Lynda, udemy School of motion, Motion design School and more.

3. Join online communities and forums- Another great way to learn new skills and techniques with VFX software is to join online communities and forums where one may communicate with other motion designers, ask questions and get feedback and one may share one’s work.

One may find online communities and forums on platforms such as reddit, Facebook, Discard  Behance Dribble and more.

One may join specific groups and channels that focus on a particular topic .

By going online communities and forums, one may learn from others and discover new tips  and tricks.

vfx education from the best institute in kolkata

4. Experiment with different settings and effects- One of the most fun and creative ways to learn new skills and techniques with VFX software is to experiment with different settings and effects. 

One may try to change parameters adding layers applying filters adjusting the timing combining elements.

One uses presets, plugins, scripts, and expressions to enhance the work and save time.

By experimenting with different setting effects one may explore  new possibilities, create unique styles and solve problems.

5. Enroll in a course- One of the basic factors to get into a well known VFX company is an impressive CV and a job ready skill set.

Learning online from an available tutorial will provide you with basic ideas but a career oriented course in VFX will help one to learn  from experts in an apparently studio like environment.

In an era of cut throat competition , training from well reputed animation and VFX institutes  will secure one to access the industry.

It’s no need to mention that a career In VFX will access one to the industry.

A career course will help one with technical and software skills required to become an efficient VFX artist.

6. Demo reel- Show reels are a combination of the best work that one may highlight in one’s profile while freelancing.

One may make sure that all through the training one may keep working towards honing one’s craft so that the demo reel is impressive and diverse. 

vfx learning by maac animation kolkata


One shouldn’t forget to improve the reel on a regular basis.

7. Learn coding- Artists who are efficient in coding are the most sought after by major studios in recent times. 

Coding may be life saving in automating parameters that usually takes a long time when it is done manually.

Python is the most commonly used code language  but one may learn any of the scripts.

Although coding is not very much mandatory for this profile one may get a competitive edge over one’s peers.

8. Watch and analyze  other motion graphics- One of the most effective and inspiring way to learn new skill and techniques with VFx software is to watch and analyze  other motion graphics . 

One may find amazing examples of motion graphics on platforms such as Vimeo Instagram , Pinterest and more.

As a VFX artist one may get into the gaming industry production house and media and advertising with ease however it takes consistent hard work  and relevant experience to get recognized.

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 The demand for skilled VFX artists is constantly on rise.

One may enrol in a course that provides expert training and guidance on latest software and technique so that one may develop the skill that the topmost recruiters are looking for.

With placement assistance one may have the highest chance of getting a job immediately after the successful closure of the course .

The process of creating visual effects is long, challenging and very technical.

Teams are large and very much diversified which means that there are lots of opportunities for all types of people ranging from hardcore coders through to illustrators and non artists who belong to managing teams.

Everyone plays a very major role in producing the final visual effect.

The art department plays a role in translating a Director’s vision and a script  into visuals that may be shared with the entire team  to understand the creativity.

Previsualization artists are responsible for creating 3d representation of the final visual effect shot.

Asset department  involves virtual artists who need visual effects to just match it with real world objects and create new objects.

These are mostly created by modelling artists , texture painters , shader developers and riggers.

vfx education from the best institute kolkata

9. Research and development– Is considered a very technical department .

Right now artists are responsible for creating new software and tools to accomplish the task that may be done or they are too time consuming.

The role requires a very strong background in computer science and a passion for problem solving.

The software that are generally used in VFX are blender, Mari , autodesk Maya , Adobe after effects , nuke , Zbrush .

learn vfx from the best institute

To gain mastery in VFX one should try to learn the above VFX software thoroughly.

These are some of the ways by which one may master the VFX style as a VFX artist.  

As a VFX artist one may earn a lot nowadays as VFX is a very lucrative career.

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