24FPS 2018 International Animation Awards Grand Success

24FPS Maac Kolkata

Welcome to 24FPS International Animation Awards by Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC), the leaders in cinematic training in India.

We offer high end training in 3d animation, visual effects, multimedia, gaming, 2d animation, graphics design, web design and architectural visualization.

We stand proud with our expert team who deliver quality training keeping pace with the industry trends and standards.

We offer a plethora of career oriented courses, suiting the industry demands, aimed at preparing a professional ready to join the mainstream industry.

We proudly boast of being the leading training institution in eastern India with our branches situated at some of Kolkata’s prime locations.

All three of our centers at Chowringhee, Rashbehari and Ultadanga are well connected with the mainstream transportation system and are easily reachable.

24FPS Maac Kolkata

At Maya academy of advanced Cinematics, we believe studying is not limited by the classroom walls and the students should be able to express their creative intellect without any restriction.

Theoretical study along with hands-on training strengthens the core concepts and gives students a lifetime experience of working on a live project, thus making it an enjoyable experience.

The manifestation of our belief is one of the highly anticipated and prestigious event “24FPS”. For those who are unfamiliar with the event, here goes the event in a nutshell.

24FPS International animation awards, is an annual event conducted every year in the month of December by Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics in association with the United Nations Information Centers (UNIC).

Since it’s inception in 2003, the international awards have served as a platform for showcasing of creativity and potential of MAAC students.

Not only that it also provides students with the opportunity to cultivate a culture of healthy competition while striving to achieve standards set by the animation industry.

One can also think of it as an effort to bridge the gap between students and industry professionals.

The idea of the event stemmed out from the need to let students experience the work environment of production and live the whole movie making process, not only in classroom but in real-time.

The idea here is to provide students with a theme to mold it into a complete movie, following the step by step procedure while being constantly guided and mentored by expert guidance at every step.

The takeaways from the experience is the spirit of teamwork, under pressure performance, creative decision making, pipeline management, sticking to the deadline and most of all the satisfaction of creating their own masterpiece.

Students also get the privilege of being guided and getting their work judged by industry experts of international level.

Works from various MAAC centers pan India is judged in every aspects and the best is picked.

The awards have three mainstream categories:

Script to screen

3D Challenge

VFX Challenge

Apart from these main categories it also calls for entries in multiple skill set categories, Digital Film Making, UNIC themed animations and is also open to other national and international animation studios, schools and professionals who wish to showcase their work.

24FPS Maac Kolkata

MAAC Kolkata(Chowringhee, Rashbehari, Ultadanga), like every year were able to participate in the three main categories of the majestic event.

The event started with its usual hustle and bustle from the month of May, 2018.

With MAAC Chowringhee participating in both Script to Screen and VFX Challenge, it was an all out war with students trying their best efforts to create their own mark with their talent in the stipulated time.

While MAAC Rashbehari was on it’s own front with the 3D Challenge.

A team of fifteen individuals grouped up to put in their dedication.

With the assignment of the clips and themes to work on, the feel of the centers changed to that of a production environment.

The brainstorming sessions went underway with students taking up responsibilities to figure out their approach to the task at hand.

Closely followed by it, the designing process took over with students and mentors alike working back and forth to develop the right foundations to construct the look and feel of the entire movie.

The Pre-production, Production and post production phases of the movie making process passed by with the dates of the deadline calendar.

Students got the opportunity to further their knowledge in all spheres of the process outside the classrooms with trial and error.

Working their way through various problem solving sessions, feedback and multiple improvisations to get the desired results, students showed tremendous growth with limitless reserves of dedication.

Apart from those working in the mainstream categories no less students were working rigorously from all the three centers for individual skill set categories.

Going through cycles of improvisations, feedback and corrections to refine their creative skills and putting their best foot forward.

Through all the toil there existed the excitement and zeal, which was proof of their enjoyment of the process.

24FPS Maac Kolkata

Lastly, all the sweat and hard work paid off as the students earned nominations in their respective categories.

All they awaited for was the the final unveiling of the champions at the event night, which was to be held in Mumbai on 17th December, 2018.

With all the nervousness and excitement the event night finally arrived. With the performance bar rising every year, needless to say the competition was very fierce.

Amongst great pomp and show the winners were announced.

24FPS Maac Kolkata

MAAC Kolkata was able to catch the eye of the Jury panel, which comprised of prominent industry personalities from various productions around the globe. MAAC Chowringhee bagged the prestigious

Special Jury Mention Award in Script to Screen Category

Special Jury Mention Award in UNIC Animated Short Film Category

Special Jury Mention Award in Digital Film Making Category,

MAAC Rashbehari bagged

Bronze in 3D Challenge and,

MAAC Ultadanga took away the Special Jury Mention Award for Matte Painting (Skill set category).

24FPS Maac Kolkata

With our hands filled with awards we bid goodbye to the 24FPS international animation awards, 2018.

These mementos are our pride and stand as reminders of the hard work the students and mentors put in alike to make the dream of achievement a reality.

We proudly boast of our mentors, training and the students, who indeed have made us the best in the training.

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