6 Top Job Opportunities For A Graphic Designer

graphic designer maac kolkata

If you are planning your career in graphic designing there are plenty of opportunities knocking your door? In our today’s blog we will discuss top 5 opportunities a Graphic Designer will get after successful completion of the course from Maac Kolkata.

Advertising Art Director

graphic designer maac kolkata

Next successful job you may take up will be as Advertising Art Director. If you are the advertising art director the basically, you’re the big boss in your own way. The advertising art director works along with the copywriter(s) to create effective visual communication for advertising agencies.  In India advertising agency are growing since every product wants it sales to go up and awareness in the market so this happens to be the best platform.

To add to it this job Advertising Art Director is not limited to an ad agency now days. Film production houses, studios, web design companies, graphic design companies, and even print & publishing houses hire Advertising Art Directors. This means ample job opportunities in the market for trained & skilled graphic designers no second thought about it.


graphic designer maac kolkata

Don’t be surprised. The basic job of an animator is to produce several digitally or hand-drawn images, and even puppets. Over a period of time, it has been noticed that good graphic designers make great animators because they have a very distinctive sense of visual appeal.

This is the most important requirement for an animator as it is their job to put different images in a sequence for impactful & unforgettable story telling. From 2D & 3D model-making to stop-motion and computer-generated animation, with knowledge of graphic design, you can choose to work in any type of animation you want or even multiple types at a time.

 Graphic Designer

graphic designer maac kolkata


Well this is what you basically train for. Based on the needs of a client, a graphic designer produces ideas & concepts to create a visual brand. As mentioned before, being a graphic designer allows you to work in different industries including advertising, magazines, computer games, websites, books, and corporate communication and so many arena you can actually explore.


graphic designer maac kolkata

This is the big picture! You can either choose to be just a graphic designer or become an illustrator at the same time. It is the work of an illustrator that takes a story or an idea forward by giving it a visual representation. These can be through drawing, photography or digitally created.



graphic designer maac kolkata

In this fast moving digital world, there is still a huge demand for graphic designers both in the field of print & publishing. This particular profile is best suited for those who are a little more adventurous, and like doing things with their bare hands instead of sitting in front of a computer. Woodcuts & silk-screens are two of the most common techniques used by printmakers to create images.

The designs are created by hand, and then transposed onto surfaces, usually with printing press techniques. You could be creating interesting book jackets for famous authors or unique invites for celebrities. It’s an absolute creative job. This industry also allows graphic designers to enjoy the best of both worlds. So what else you need. Instead of using traditional methods, you can adopt digital printing process to create great designs making them work closely with computer artists.

Own Studio

graphic designer maac kolkata

Dream Big and  chase to make it true..

Last but not the least you can always start your Own Studio; there lies the flexibility of being a graphic designer. You can rule and conquer your own business, since you are the best person with best ability to convert clients and deliver good graphic work.  So you can always start working as par time or full time freelancer.





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