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Indians   are  playing  a major role in Western Film Industry. It is not only because of Biden  administration’s  awareness  and Hollywood’s diversity agenda. Indians are emerging as an essential part of Hollywood film industry because of  their  talent , skill ,and hard work. On the other hand Bollywood   fails to surge into Indian VFX industry.

What is VFX?

Visual effect is the creation and manipulation of images as inputs in live action shot in film making and video production. Visual effects are added to video production with the help of computer generated imagery. This allows simple animation effects to be used as supplements in film making.

The Khaleesi’s Dragons – Drogon Rhagel Viserion in the Game of Throne seemed almost real and has left us almost mesmerised one may easily understand that these all are brilliant effects of VFX.


How Indians are dominating VFX in Hollywood.

Indians are becoming an essential part of VFX used in Hollywood flick. The adventure movie like  the Thor ; The Dark World and Avengers or Projects like the Shape of Water and Handmaid Tale  Hollywood is increasingly  inclined toward Indians specializing in VFX.

Why Hollywood  prefers  Indian VFX industry?

Indian  VFX  experts has  two great advantages   economic and  high quality work. Indians has adopted the skill in communicating   in English language and this helps Hollywood to tap into Indian skill.

Harsimmmar  Singh who has worked into Marvel Cinematic Universe projects like Avengers , Thor, Ragnarok  said Indians are very much known  for their hard work  dedication and  low labour charge  which attract the industry  to employ them. Most people may communicate  well with clients and bosses which is an added advantage in India in comparable to other countries.

Indrajit  Sisodiya  an industry expert , spoke about the  emerging role of Indian visual effect artist. According   to Mr Sisodiya  it happened gradually over years as Indian VFX artist  started getting acceptance for overseas work opportunities. Others who are very much talented in VFX got job offers from studios in abroad  that  was a way of entering in Hollywood. Many international VFX studios are opening up their branches in metropolitan cities like Mumbai ,  Bengaluru. But no one wants to lose talents highly talented people  in visual effect industry.

indian vfx

Thor the Dark World was outsourced to Prana Studios Ltd ( Mumbai) and Bangalore based Mr X  had lot of contribution to the Shape of the World. While Hollywood has ventured into Indian VFX industry, Bollywood hasn’t ventured much into VFX. There are few films like Bahubali , Robot, Dhoom, series and Krish series  and some regional language film , Indian Filmmaker has never shown inclination towards  VFX and made it a vital part of their  project.

For some directors and producers investment into VFX is not very much worthy. When lead actors take away a major part of total production cost  not  many are very much interested to expand their budgets and accommodate  VFX . There is an illusion that names and brands etch  a mark in the market. One may have seen movies with superstar and unmeaning full script. So the producers think they might funnel a lot of money and cast a star for the role. After that they stop spending money on anything.

The scripts are also not made on any  superheros  or any movie that involves a major use of animation or VFX. There is not much use of VFX. There is common notion that names and  brands  markets well. One have seen many movies with superstars and meaningless  scripts. Producers think that they outsource a lot of money and generally cast expensive actors for leading role. After that they are disinterested on spending money on anything. There is an issue of scripts too.

In late past Bollywood hasn’t produced any striking superhero movies. They also haven’t produced any notable superhero movie or any other  movie which has extensive animation and VFX. So there is not much scope for left VFX experts to display their skill. Good VFX are able to create exciting cinematic effects. Indian VFX experts are well known in business. Thats why Hollywood is always inclined in taking VFX experts from Hollywood. While Bollywood  has  left far behind in creating VFX film.


Why Bollywood has never opted for VFX-

There are many reasons for which Bollywood has never opted for visual effect movies. Some of them are discussed below-

  1. Bollywood doesn’t have much budget for high quality film.
  2. Indian VFX artist possess high qualities. But when one starts as an VFX artist one may get Rs 15,000 per month. A senior artist may be getting Rs 75,000. But this is not a huge money  to live in a city like Mumbai. So an artist won’t spend much of his time energy and talent for such  less money.
  3. India has a lot of talented artist. But after gaining experience they plan to go abroad since the money over there is much more better. A junior artist in London gets a salary of Rs 20 – 30 lakh per year. But in India the salary is not as much as high compared to abroad.  The starting salary of Indian VFX artist is Rs 10,000. After an year or two the money will reach upto Rs 25,000-Rs 35,000.
  4. According  to a senior supervisor  who has supervised many Hollywood movies , Indian VFX specially stereo conversion is based on ‘’ call centre burn them out model’’. The effects are very much poor since over here a VFX artist uses the same tool, and same techniques. We generally fail to obliterate the disbelief of the audience.
  5. Another reason is 80% of Bollywood movies are focussed on ‘’Audience Pleasing’’. The main aim of the producers is to earn lot of money.

vfx in india

As the main bulk of money is consumed by actors  the directors never provide any time for research or pre  production as compared to Hollywood. The audience in Bollywood is interested  more in big stars and item numbers. Actually budget , mentality, and audience  is what that affects Bollywood. But despite all odds with amazing  research  and hard work  VFX artists and Indian producers have made  outstanding changes in the field of VFX in Indian film industry. Many movies such as Bahubali, Ra One, Krish , Dhoom3, Fan , are movies with outstanding VFX .

Let us see whether in near future Bollywood may produce movies with outstanding VFX that  excel  Hollywood VFX.

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