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Digital clothing is a 3d clothing designed keeping in mind both humans and digital avatars in mind. Rather than using fabric and textile digital garments are made using fabric and textiles. Digital cloth are created with specialized 3d programs like blender and Clo3d and marvellous design. Digital Fashion is the visual representation of clothing built using computer technology and 3d software. This industry is flourishing due to ethical awareness and use of digital fashion technology such as artificial intelligence to design products with complex social and technical software

Although many are of the opinion that digital fashion is mainly a recent by product of the metaverse it origins may be tracked down past web 2.0 and social media boom of 2010, the video game industry of 1990s and early 2000.


Who created digital fashion?

 he world’s first digital fashion was launched by Carlings with 19 pieces. With the success the experiment it took one step further to the next level with the first augmented reality graphic tee known as “Last Statement T shirt”. The fashion industry investment in gaming just predicts a good future for digital fashion, which is nowadays become a practical reality. A global survey of 3,000 consumers found that 47% was interested in digital clothing with 87% having already purchased some form of digital fashion. Although intangible garment may appear like a niche investment, there is a high demand for digital clothing.

Digital clothing is also referred to as smart clothing as it is capable of collecting storing and exchanging information from the body or the environment through sensors. The data are then transferred via Blue tooth to apps on smart phone when users may access them. For creating a virtual clothing store one need to choose a clothing niche, determine the business plan, select eCommerce platform, choose domain name choose one template and customize the store, just list the product and publish and market the digital cloth store.

There are various software’s that are used for 3d clothing.

There are 20 software’s that are used for clothing designing. Those include Marvellous design, Adobe Illustrator, Blue Cherry, Browzwear, Cdesign fashion, Clo3d, Corel Draw, Digital Fashion pro, EFI OPTITEX , fusion 360, Marvellous designer, Pattern Smith, Rhino, Roman cad etc.

One of the most important software used for digital cloth is Marvellous Designer. Marvellous designer has become the standard of the industry for creating 3d virtual clothing assets for games, VFX Design and architecture industry. Marvellous design is a global leader in digital working solution aimed at streaming workflows for the making of realistic 3d clothing. Marvellous design has become the global industry standard for creation of 3d virtual clothing assets for game VFX, Design, and architecture industry. With a new pattern being based technology anybody who wants to design digital cloth for personal model or cinematic production may create their own design effectively.

digital clothing

 It is produces simple fast stunning result. Let’s one imagination take the lead. Marvellous design has a variety of application in the world of 3d clothing design. It is of very much use in situation where garment detail and quality is very much important. The more complicated the design the more time one will be able to save using the software Marvellous design. Since marvellous design provide export and import option user may work with the software marvellous design in collaboration with 3d software program. A 30 day trail option is provided to first time users. But it is only available once in a year per workstation. Windows and Mac version is provided by Marvellous Designer. There is not much difference when one is purchasing a Marvellous designer software.

There is another software called CLO which is very much like marvellous design. This CLO is also designed for the entertainment and fashion industry. ClO is equipped with some extra features that is essential to fashion designers that includes avatar size adjustability and support for DXF- AAma files. On the other hand marvellous designer includes UV editor, sculpt mode other features unique to CLO. The ability to measure the avatar as tailor would tech park features, diverse stiching visuals, advanced Cad features.

Tutorials on Marvellous design is available on Youtube channel and some other tutorial pages are available on the website of marvellous design. Marvellous design adopted real traditional cloth production method into 3d model. One may create natural 3d wrinkles with marvellous Designer. It is also very much effective and efficient. It may create 3d asset for various 3d characters. It provides standard high quality result for every artist. It may create innumerable variations with one clothing asset.

Marvellous design provides the most accurate and fastest digital cloth simulation. Marvellous design has many plans and pricing. Some of them are Enterprise standalone, Trade in version update , 30 day free trial. Maya – It is also a digital cloth designing software developed by autodesk.  It has advanced software tools that may be used by professional designers in fashion industry. This software is very much essential for Chara design. It is very much efficient to create characters and also clothes movements. So if one is looking for software offering amazing rendering one may use Maya.

digital cloth

This modelling program has various applications even in the world of fashion as it is really powerful and polyvalent tool. For better experiment one may combine Maya and Marvellous design a Cad fashion Software. So need not mention from the above discussion one may come to the conclusion that Marvellous design is one of the most important software that helps in the creation of digital cloth. Maac Chowringee and MAAC Ultadanga has recently launched the software training programme that helps in creation of digital cloth. It trains students in these software which helps in the creation of digital clothes.

It is located in Chowringee , Ultadanga  in the heart of the city. The faculty over here is very good . They helps the students in  getting a thorough idea of digital cloth making software. So aspiring students don’t hesitate to come to our centre. You will be getting a thorough idea of the digital cloth making software and can make your venture into the animation world

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