Fast-Track Elements of 3D Animation

3d animation institute kolkata

In the present era, India is an up-and-coming country with its express progress of 3D Animation and Visual Effects in media and entertainment industry.

3d animation institute kolkata

Furthermore, with the arrival of the speedy 3G and 4G services, it has turned out to be a godsend to the Animation industry to grow to a much higher extent rapidly.

Equivalent to the media industry, Visual Effects and Animation industry are quickly rising as a vital part of movie making, filmmaking, TV series, episodes and many more.

3d animation institute kolkata

The Animation is essential in advanced work carried out by the different Indian studios, and it has bombarded on to the entire global Animation scenario these days.

As a consequence, the Animation and VFX industry continues to progressively grow global acceptance with the existing and new Indian talents emerging from every nook and corner of the world.

The Animation world is full of creativity and innovation.

The animation is of two types, 2D Animation and 3D Animation.

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the various elements of 3D Animation and its implementation.

This blog is presented to the readers to acquaint them with the knowledge of three-dimensional Animations and its diverse scope in the field of Entertainment industry.

What is 3D Animation?

3d animation institute kolkata

Prior understanding 3D Animation one is required to comprehend what Animation is.

The animation is all about the art of generating a sequence of drawings or pictures which is taken by the method of simulation procedure for producing movement.

The above process is done by sequencing consecutive frames that can stimulate motion by each image showing the subsequent images in a steady series of steps.

Coming to 3D, animation that is created with the help of the three-dimensional moving images is called 3D Animation.

3D Animation is not that easy to proceed.

It needs a lot of technicalities and focuses to execute 3D.

It is a process of producing 3D in a sequential way and the process is divided into three major subdivisions.

These three master subdivisions are modelling, layout and animation and rendering.

Types of 3D Animation

3d animation institute kolkata

3D Animation is an interesting field to acknowledge and in the recent era, 3D Animation has preoccupied a major part of the Entertainment Industry.

The various types of 3D Animation are Digital 3D, Stop-Motion, Claymation, Celshaded Animation, Paint-on-glass Animation, Typography, Pinscreen and Pixilation.

The Fundamentals of 3D Animation

3d animation institute kolkata

Near the beginning of the 1930s, the animators at Walt Disney Studios followed 12 principles of Animation while working on 3D.

A synopsis of the 12 principles can be acting, directing, characterizing reality, construing physics and editing.

However, these  animation principles were done to produce comic applications; today it can be useful in various other realistic characters also.

At the very initial stage, the thing that is required much is an effective planning.

An allover delineation of the Animation is vital as it helps to drag out the plan and the storyboard.

It is essential to look from the viewer’s point of view as you are making the show for the viewers’ entertainment so ascertain that the idea that you are implementing and making really can convey well to the viewers.

Always try to prepare a good story.

Sometimes even an ordinary animation would be effective if the story seems plausible and good.

In contrast, it is sometimes seen that even the best animation tools and techniques do not turn out effective if the story is monotonous.

Therefore, it is clear that the storyboard should be prepared much before starting the animation.

The animator must have a good grasp of motion principles.

Motion Principles

3d animation institute kolkata

There are some relevant motion principles which are to be followed while working with 3D Animation.

Squash and Stretch

One of the significant regulations of the 3D Animation is “Squash and Stretch”.

The main reason this principle used is to provide a feeling of weight and adaptability to the drawn items.

It can be connected to such objects like a ricocheting ball or a bouncy thing.

It helps to squash and elongates to a degree that gives a comical effect.

The positive thing about this action is that the volume of the object does not change when squashed or extended.

Squash and Stretch are beneficial in exaggerating body formations for the purpose of comedic effect.


3d animation institute kolkata

Anticipation is the basic principle of the 3D Animation.

It offers to direct the audience’s eyes towards the forthcoming action.

Timing and Spacing

3d animation institute kolkata

Timing can be defined as the number of drawings or frames for a given activity, which means the speed of the activity on film.

On a simple physical level, correct timing influences substances to seem to abide by the laws of physics.

As for example, the weight of an object determines the way it will react to a momentum like push or pull.

Timing is crucial as it helps to set up a character’s disposition, feeling, and response.

It also aids as a tool to convey parts of a character’s identity.

Strong Modelling and Rigging

3d animation institute kolkata

This fundamental aspect of 3D Animation is also called solid drawing.

The standard of strong animation implies considering frames in three-dimensional space, giving them volume and weight.

In this process, the animator is required to be talented craftsmen and needs to comprehend the nuts and bolts of three-dimensional shapes, life structures, weight, adjust, light and shadow.

Effective modelling and rigging make animation perfect.

However, present-day animators draw less as they have got the console level of computer facilities.

Solid rigging and modeling help to emphasize a lucid illustration of the shapes and figures.

But their work benefits incredibly from a fundamental comprehension of liveliness standards and their increases to essential PC activity.

Straight Ahead and Pose To Pose

3d animation institute kolkata

Straight Ahead and Pose to Pose are the two ways to deal with the authentic animation process.

“Straight Ahead action” implies mining out a scene in a frame by frame sequence from the initial stage to the ending.

“Pose to Pose” includes beginning with drawing a couple of vital frames and after that filling in the interims later.


3d animation institute kolkata

In order to add credibility to the Animation, the natural action is made to follow an arched trajectory.

The arched trajectory makes the work more plausible.

This can apply to an appendage moving by pivoting a joint, or a tossed protest moving along an allegorical direction.

The exemption is mechanical development, which ordinarily moves in straight lines.

Secondary Action

3d animation institute kolkata

As the saying goes smaller things get together to make something large. Similar is the idea here in case of secondary action.

On this front, a secondary motion utilizes smaller motions to complement the main action by means of layers.


3d animation institute kolkata

Staging is known in theatres and films. Staging must be prepared by using the characters’ poses to set the mood and atmosphere of the audience.

Several other elements are also there that includes “follow through and overlapping action”, anticipation and exaggeration.

In a cartoon character, the appeal is very significant.

The character and the story should be that much appealing that can attract the attention of the viewers towards it.

Slow In and Slow Out

3d animation institute kolkata

The softness of an animation is administered by the number of frames the animation contains. As the number of frames increase, the smoothness of animation also increases.

Character Personality

3d animation institute kolkata

The characters are made to act, staged and created with a unique personality that will interest the audience/viewers to the core of the story.

The qualities and personality are drawn in such a way that will connect and relate to the audience.

3D Animation Softwares

3d animation institute kolkata

The renowned software for 3D Animation is Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk MotionBuilder and many more.

Thus it can be concluded that there are numerous elements of 3D Animation.

3d animation institute kolkata

This blog is designed by MAAC Chowringhee, MAAC Rashbehari and MAAC  Ultadanga in a way that educates the trainee 3D practitioners or curious readers about the diverse spectrum of 3D Animation.

So when you are searching for 3D and its several other aspects you have landed at the right place, MAAC Kolkata.

Here we provide custom courses on Visual Effects, Animation, Web Designing and Graphics along with premium quality education.

We ensure placement guarantee to our students to relevant production houses in India.

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