MAKING OF AGOMONI 2016 @ MAAC Rashbehari

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Hello friends, MAAC Rashbehari is going to welcome Maa Durga on 1st Day of October 2016.The preparation for the same has already started almost a month before the Agomoni event. Theparticipation of all the students is on heat. Everyone is very much into it. They are working 10hours a day for the preparation of the Durga idol.

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Every year students work on a unique theme and this year the theme is Red Indian. Red Indian is an Indian tribe recognized by United States government usually possesses tribal sovereignty. The main Durga idol is going to be of paper maches and the other Gods and Goddesses are to be of mount boards and texture-sheets. The wahanas are being made out of thermocoals. To make the weapons we used bamboo sticks, mount boards and wools. They made many different types of masks out of various materials like craft sheets, colorful beads, paper maches, acrylic paints and many more. For the Durga idol they are using distemper to give it a little glaze and strainers for the coloring. All the ornaments decorated on Durga Idol are made of sea-shell beads, laces, feathers and threads. They are also going to make tribal tents with bamboo sticks, matte sheets and for detailing acrylic paints are used. Every year an in-house exhibition is organized, for which almost all students are actively taking part. They are competing among themselves to win the best prize on the day of the event. They are making tribal masks, artworks, wall hangings, craftworks, digital photographs and paintings for the exhibition. Therefore, altogether there is going to a great fun. You all are also cordially invited to MAAC Rashbehari on 1st October 2016 and join us to welcome Goddess Mother with her children and bless us.

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