Journey Continues……..

On 10th of August the workshop took place at 3:30 p.m. We were given a time of 4 hrs for this workshop. In this workshop we were divided in a team of 12 members each. A total of 17 teams were formed. Each team was given 6 simple non expression masks and reference images of masks with expressions. We were told to replicate the reference images into original masks.

First we were told to cover the masks with paper strips and glue. After the paper striping was done we were told to apply distemper on the dry paper stripped masks so that we could apply colors on the masks.

After distemper dried we drew outline for coloring and further process. We had to cut out some color papers for the add-ons on the masks.

After getting add-ons applied on the masks we did some texturing on the masks and finished it. We completed all the 6 masks in the given span of time.   

This was the final output we got after the hard work we did.

In this workshop we learned the importance of team work and how an individual plays its role in a team.

Our hard work paid off when we were announced as the winner of this workshop in the GALA party that was organized right after the workshop.


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