Journey of Aniket from MAAC to his Dictorial Venture…

Aniket a boy next door was one of us struggling in companies before he actually released and fulfill his dream in B-Town. He was  just a simple person like you and me who holds lots of dreams. He was not a bright student but he always carried his passion and determination to do something different and earn a name for himself. His passion to do something creative and different took him to step into the Animation Industry holding the hand of Maac Rashbehari.
During his struggle period he learnt about Maac Kolkata and its different centers and chooses MACC Rashbehari. Without wasting time he decided to step into the center for a free counselling session. There he happens to meet Mr. Naveen Choudhary, he not only encouraged him to peruse his dreams but also gave him assurance that there will be no looking back for him if he can excel in this field. His meeting was impressive enough for him to kick start and go forward to join Maac Rashbehari.
Today he can proudly stand and say that he has achieved what he always wanted to.
Keep following us to know what he did and how he did in our next story…
Stay Tuned!

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