RealFlow Animation Kolkata

RealFlow is known for its simulation software activities.

As per the saying goes “Delve Deeper, think harder, revise more”- it conveys that if you delve deeper then you will surely reach the final conclusion.

Similarly, RealFlow is that simulation software that possesses a strong concentration and focuses on liquids, and has become the popular simulation software throughout the Visual Effects and Animation industry.

RealFlow Animation Kolkata

RealFlow is programming software that enables you to perform unbending, rigid and delicate body simulations that have the power to create untamed ocean surfaces.

Now, all of these components are likewise frequently called “solvers”.

However, have you ever wondered why a simulation engine is called “solver?”

Do you know the distinction between the Dyverso, Hybrido, and standard particles?

There are few more things that are associated with it.

In our today’s blog, you are taken to the vast world of the simulation software- RealFlow.

This blog is presented by the MAAC Kolkata with regard to the fact that RealFlow is every VFX artist’s friend when he goes to add effects to fluids.

At a time, he remembers the fluid mechanics of Newton; however, RealFlow spares them from unwanted situations.


RealFlow Animation Kolkata

Basically, the simulation of regular phenomena such as water, the conduct of bodies, or even light is an exceptionally complex process.

Today we have exceptionally productive scientific techniques to demonstrate these impacts or effects in an extremely reasonable manner.

RealFlow Animation Kolkata

In addition to, these strategies and procedures must be settled by means of a computer program and thus, the name is given “solver”.

There are certain important facts about RealFlow and they cannot be missed while working with RealFlow.

Due to the presence of the numerous solver types, animators or VFX artists have felt it easier and convenient to deal with the software.

You might have known, as, for example, Sudoku, Rubik’s Cube, or slide confuses solvers.

What’s more, in RealFlow you will discover solvers for liquids, granular substances, and different materials.

The enormous quality of RealFlow’s solvers is that they are coupled.

This implies unbending bodies can skim over sea surfaces, molecule or framework liquids move questions, or water washes away sand.


Have you just gone over the expression “Newton”? Sounds weird, right?

But here, there is nothing so weird.

Now you are taken to Newton’s world of fluid mechanics.

Was Newton really the primary “inventor” of a fluid simulator?

All things considered, not precisely, but rather his work on powers is as yet the fundamentals for some applications and Newton’s second law is of specific significance:

Power= Mass * Acceleration

This formula is absolutely stating the mechanics.

This is a power-based strategy that is exceptionally exact and they are in reality legitimate for particles.

During the last few years, they have been extended and stretched out to inflexible and soft bodies, and numerous different kinds of recreations (“Newton-Euler”).

Afterward, these strategies have been reached out to define the renowned Navier-Stokes conditions to portray the elements of gooey liquids.

RealFlow Animation Kolkata

Are you interested in Position Based Dynamics/PBD, then this blog might be beneficial to you?

An alternate approach depends on the calculation of position changes (Position Based Dynamics/PBD).

This technique is quick, steady, flexible, and very controllable.

PBD simulations are not as exact as their power based partners, but rather they are impeccably suited for VFX or intelligent applications.

With PBD strategies it isn’t just conceivable to simulate a wide range of fluids, however even hair, wrinkled fabric, or items with versatility.


RealFlow Animation Kolkata

The Dyverso solver of RealFlow is a multi-physics simulation engine for fluids and granular substances.

Besides, it is conceivable to impersonate the conduct of inflexible and delicate bodies. Sooner rather than later gooey and viscoelastic materials will be included.

Dyverso is GPU-quickened that is, OpenCL and CUDA.

However, Dyverso fluids come in the range of the two flavours the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics or the abbreviated form SPH and the Position-Based Dynamics.

You can also use the abbreviated form of Position-Based Dynamics- PBD.

RealFlow Animation Kolkata

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics:

SPH is a somewhat old innovation, yet profitable, in light of its exactness and accuracy.

The implementation of SPH in Dyverso is more enhanced and at the same time, it requires a high number of sub-steps contrasted with different strategies.

RealFlow Animation Kolkata

Position-Based Dynamics:

PBD is a fairly new solver composes, to a great degree, quick and exceptionally hearty.

The thought behind this technique is to interface the particles with pretty much flexible “imperatives”.

This idea is the reason for a wide range of materials, not simply fluids.

PBD simulations are steady – even with few sub-steps.


Despite the fact that the PBD technique is best suited for extensive scale simulations in view of its speed, Dyverso fluids are basically utilized for small and mid-scaled projects/undertakings.

In contrast to it, it is conceivable with the help of SPH in order to create and produce rich liquids and fluids with fine structures.

And this is the thing what you fundamentally require for the purpose of close-ups or applications where an abnormal state of detail is required.

The granular solver is fit for mimicking wet and dry sand or snow, yet additionally tidy or fiery remains materials and salt.

You can utilize soft and rigid materials for archetypal rigid body simulations and in addition, deformable articles.

In case of controlling and manipulating an immense measure of rigid nodes or modules, a single Dyverso domain is crucial and sufficient.

An exceptional application is the production of thin, material like items, as demonstrated as follows:

RealFlow Animation Kolkata


Hybrido is another principle innovation of RealFlow.

At this juncture, we are going to discuss a FLIP solver.

You don’t have to wonder as the remnant extract is about FLIP so that you can get a clear concept of FLIP.

FLIP is the abbreviated form of Fluid Implicit Particles.

FLIP is a very creative type of solver that is a hybrid technology between grids and particles and subsequently the name given “Hybrido”.

Like PBD techniques, FLIP solvers needn’t bother with a high number of substeps.

But the low sub-steps makes these solvers quick, however, this can likewise be an issue regarding fluid-object communication.

RealFlow gives a wide assortment of answer for settle these association issues.

Some mechanisms are processed inside the FLIP solvers.

Here, in the FLIP solvers, the particles are utilized with a view to conveying the velocity information data of the fluid.

Amidst the simulation procedure, velocity is transferred to the framework grid, where the material science is completed entirely.

However, this transfer is valuable from the standpoint that it is viewed as the centre that helps in keeping the simulation stable.

Do you know the primary advantage of the Hybrido?

The primarily preferred standpoint of the hybrido approach is, besides speed velocity, that it is conceivable to include optional secondary liquids like sprinkles, froth, or fog.

RealFlow Animation Kolkata


The principle utilization of Hybrido is the simulation of immense water volumes, however, in RealFlow you will likewise discover a part that is appropriate for little scale extends: the thickness solver.

Accompanied by Hybrido you can create wrecking floods, stormy oceans, great moving waves, and splashy waves on tropical shorelines.

On this front, the viscosity parameter is essentially helpful since it gives you a chance to simulate everything from cream to tar or molten glass.


This is the third vital principle technique and it is the SPH-based standard particle approach.

Dyverso also utilizes the SPH technology, however in an enhanced shape and with GPU bolster.

Whatever may be the situation, in spite of a colossal distinction in simulation speed, the standard molecule technique still has its pertinence, in light of its profound reconciliation with RealFlow’s  Python/C++ interfaces or plug-ins.

Any part of a standard molecule simulation can be affected with Python and C++, and this influences this solver to type exceptionally adaptable.


RealFlow Animation Kolkata

Standard particles are utilized for the reason of little and mid-scaled activities or projects where a high state of detail or customization is required.

This liquid sort can be viewed as a heritage solver and we generally prescribe utilizing Dyverso’s SPH or PBD solvers initially, basically due to their speed.

With Dyverso you can work with significantly higher molecule tallies in less time.

A conventional measure of particles does enhance your particle simulation, as well as improved meshes.

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