Topsy-Turvy Visual Effects in UP&UP

Visual Effects in UP&UP Maac Kolkata

Visual Effects has now become the trend of the entertainment and film industry.

In the recent era, Visual Effects has also spread its arms towards the Music video production houses.

This is evident from the trending music videos by Coldplay- the ‘Up & Up’ song, ‘everything you wanted’ song, ‘layers, layers, layers’ song ‘wide awake’ and many more.

Therefore it is well drawn that music videos with effective videos are emerging rapidly in the entertainment industry.

VFX Breakdown of the Music video

Visual Effects in UP&UP Maac Kolkata

Illustrating a music video that highlights the various features starting from harmonized swimmers in a washing machine to an absurd sequence of hanging a baby on to the wing of an aeroplane is absolutely amazing.

The song sequences depicted a turtle suspended in a subway and racing car drivers whooshing along the round ring of Saturn- all add to the enhancements of the scene.

Picture a music video that highlights everything from synchronized swimmers in a clothes washer to an infant clinging to the wing of a plane is not at all easy to accomplish.

That apparently strange and dreamlike symbolism is the foundation of “Up&Up,” the most recent melody from British rock band assembles Coldplay.

Discharged in 2016, the video won the honor for best visual impacts at the MTV Video Music Awards and is assigned for a Grammy Award.

Coldplay’s dreamlike new video for the band’s most recent single “Up&Up” is a persistent play on the viewpoint that presents strange pictures like a spring of gushing lava ejecting with popcorn and many more.

Visual Effects in UP&UP Maac Kolkata

The video, which was seen more than three million times on its first day of discharge, was co-coordinated by Prettybird’s Vania Heymann (a previous Creativity 50 honoree whose past work incorporates the astonishing intelligent video for Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone) and his dear companion, kindred Israeli executive Gal Muggia.

While its general tone is idiosyncratic, illusory and energetic, it likewise makes some genuine political focuses, with symbolism incorporating watercrafts packed with individuals, a shoreline with an enormous solid divider hindering the ocean and kids in a war-torn scene.

Visual Effects in UP&UP Maac Kolkata

Heymann and Muggia remarked in an announcement that they were “propelled by numerous montage specialists, over a significant time span. Ideally, the pictures wrap up of the talking.”

Well, this one is certainly a kind of devour to the eyes.

Visual Effects in UP&UP Maac Kolkata

As confounding as it might appear to be, particularly to another comer, the systems utilized as a part of the creation procedure are notable, industry-wide.

In any case, to artfulness, such systems surely needed some extraordinary comprehension of the ideas, a couple of which I will name down underneath.

Visual Effects in UP&UP Maac Kolkata

In the very first place, it is to be mentioned that the video utilizes both SFX and VFX for the purpose of the production requirements, whichever takes care of the job for a specific clip, a noteworthy lump of it is accomplished by means of Visual Effects.

Obviously, the production team have implemented and actualized several modern motion filmmaking methods and mechanisms, as for example, Motion Control Camera and 3D camera tracking.

It is very evident that they have made extraordinary utilization of the green screen and after that later two, separate (or more) edges would be coordinated as a compound protest amid the Compositing procedure.

Making Up & Up

Visual Effects in UP&UP Maac Kolkata

In the initial stage of the video, Chroma greenscreen has been used where the guy is playing the guitar.

After taking the shot of the guy, he is placed on the camera tracking plate and compiled to it.

Now you might be wondering what camera tracking is.

Match moving or camera tracking can be defined as the cinematic technique that enables the incorporation of computer graphics into the live-action video stream with the help of proper position, scale, and course orientation and in addition, motion relative to the captured object in the shot.

Camera tracking is used to delineate the diverse procedures of fetching camera motion data from a motion picture.

Camera tracking is a term in Visual Effects that is referred to as motion tracking or even camera tracking.

The word ‘Camera tracking’ is closely associated with the Rotoscoping and Photogrammetry.

Visual Effects in UP&UP Maac Kolkata

The popping up of the popcorn is done with the heating of a heat plate and this shot was captured with the assistance of Motion control camera system.

Visual Effects in UP&UP Maac Kolkata

Then the lava faced mountain is tracked with 3D camera tracking.

Afterwards, it is compiled together and blended in the compositing software and the final scene is ready.

Visual Effects in UP&UP Maac Kolkata

In the footage where the grass cutter is removing the grass and the folk of sheep is running, the entire video stream is created with the help of VFX.

At first, the live-action footage is tracked along with the grass cutting mainstream footage.

Subsequently, the tracked footage of grass cutting is blended and combined with the motion control (sheep running) and the final shot is ready.

The footage of the guy playing instruments on the surface of the earth is completed with another process.

Visual Effects in UP&UP Maac Kolkata

Initially, the entire background and the surface are covered with greenscreen and then with the help of 3d camera tracking the shots are combined making up for the ultimate shot.

One of the prettiest portions of the music video stream is the little girl with a stick doing something at the ocean’s surface near the London Bridge.

Therefore it can be said that most of the sequences are created by means of compositing, 3D camera motion tracking, camera motion control system and CGI.

Visual Effects in UP&UP Maac Kolkata

The ship in the bathtub is what people are amazed about, a lot. Isn’t it amazing?

Here, two real footages are shot and they are combined with the assistance of camera motion control system and tracking.

A lot of Chroma has been utilized such as the scene of the girl flipping in between the explosion.

Visual Effects in UP&UP Maac Kolkata

The ice skating on the ice of the white pillow on the bed is as awesome as the washing cleaner’s ground as the place for a cricket stadium.

The tortoise floating at the railway train platform is marvellous enough to hit the blockbuster list of the music video.

Visual Effects in UP&UP Maac Kolkata

The entire music video by Coldplay is mind-blowing and it shows the hard work of the Visual Effects production team that contributed to the music’s blockbuster.

Enter the world of visual effects and become a part of such unique venture, click here to know more about our programmers’.



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