5 Cool Tips For Mobile Animation Game Designer

Animation Mobile Game-Maac Kolkata

Mobile phone has become a part of our life. In a survey it’s been identified that we tend to keep our mobile phones within our hand reach only. The utility of mobile phones are now just not restricted to only making calls, or sending messages with the internet connectivity on phones we have started using our phones as a mini laptop. In our leisure time we watch movies listen to songs, chat, and even play animated mobile games in our phone.

Animation Mobile Game-Maac Kolkata

Gradually gaming industry has grown with the multiple users of games over mobile phones. Popular mobile games comes up with different mind blowing games that keep the user engage by using animation and graphic elements and features. In our today’s discussion we will share some interesting tips for the animators, which will help to custom 2D/3D mobile game.

Every year large number of companies launches different mobile games but only a small fraction of them actually hits and gains popularity in the market with users. The reason why the game doesn’t become popular is mainly because of substandard animation styling of character and the transitions are not smooth.

One needs to put more smart and lively animation giving user high quality of engagement. In both 2D and 3D games one has to bring out the X-Factor of the game.

1.Keep Your Key Frames Absolutely Strong And Consistent– One need to ensure smooth animation effects over the slides transition. According to the experts large number of frames just cannot make the game attractive.

One has to smartly implement the keys so that it pulls the characters in action quickly. Everything that is readable should be displayed against the white background layout.

2.Include Pixel Art in 2D Games and for 3D mobile games always add some ‘anticipatory movements’ before any action. The game should appear natural. It is advisable to use maximum 5-6 colors not more on which your theme should revolve around.

3.Never Import all the drawings in large numbers at one go While working in the Morph (or Deform) mode it is advised to, bake out all drawings before exporting them.

4.Use Staging to gradually build the game interface – Adding all the game elements to the interface at one go can make things appear cluttered. Using the staging technique would be a much more systematic option.

5. Keep your all characters moving – Even when they are standing or are in a static position. Keep the animated character bob up and down, or making the hairs of a character move this adds, liveliness of character in the mobile game.Use of use Voxel Art in 3D is the best practice. It will add just that extra dash of informativeness and realism to the game.

Mobile gaming industry is gradually becoming an extremely growing sector. With lots of potential jobs for aspirant in animation industry.



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