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Some Interesting Facts for you today!!

As we all use Google thousands of time daily so we must know some inner history of it.

Google word has no meaning. Actually the founders supposed to register their company’s name and domain as Googol and googol.com respectively but mistakenly it is registered to Google and google.com and didn’t change it. Googol is a mathematical word which means a numerical value of 1*10^100 (1 followed by 100 zeros). Google.com domain was registered on 15th September 1997. But officially Google celebrates its birthday on 27th Sept 1998, so Google became adult now. Google.com is the rank 1 holder website globally.

This is the most visited website in the universe. Can you imagine how much traffic is generated by this? It is 60,000+ searches each second. And daily 16% of the search entries are unknown to Google that means daily 16% searches are made first time on its search engine. People views 6,00,00,00,000 hours video each month on Google’s YouTube. For street map view, Google has taken pictures of 8.46 lac kilometer roads. In 2013, Google got down for 5 minutes which results 40% down in whole internet traffic. Now-a-days Google becomes a verb used by all, “Google it”. In 1999, its founders try to sold it in 10 Lac Dollars but none bought it.

Today Google’s income is 5,00,00,00,000+ rupees daily in which 90% comes from advertisements. It buys at least one company each week on an average since 2010. You might be shocked by knowing that you need not to be educationally certified to work with Google. 14% of the employees of Google have never gone to any college yet. The most interesting thing is they have Goat instead of grass cutter/gardeners, goat eats the grasses so they need not to cut it. Do you know what the main motive for not using grass cutter is? Let me tell you, they don’t want to do sound pollutions and the employee must not get disturbed by the sound of the machine.

Google is only company who takes care of the environment so much.

Please note our fact source is Google itself.


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