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Creating a basic animation is very much simple enough if you have proper animation skills, but if the goal is to induct realism or visual interest, one might have to keep some basic points in mind. Animation is the process by which still figures are manipulated to create illusion that it is moving object. In traditional animation images were painted or drawn by hand on celluloid sheet to be photographed and exhibited in film. Nowadays animations are created with computer generated imagery. Computer animation may be detailed 3d animation while nowadays for some purpose 2d animation s used. Other common animation methods are stop motion technique two and three dimensional objects like paper cuts puppets and clay figures.

These are the tips to make an animation look realistic.

1. Follow Through and overlapping action– To make a more true to life and fluid animation one may use follow through and overlapping action. Follow through on parts still move after the main part and character stop moving. Overlapping action is the difference in timing and speed of ancillary components that may belong to a main part or character.

2. Planning is the key– A successful animator sticks to normal rules .It helps to organize the projects and he also make it sure to deliver it on time. He starts his work by designing a workflow. He has a distinct plan of his own projects requirements and he also creates the outline of the different execution stages. If one may have a proper project and workflow one may chart the timeline to complete the project.


3. Grabbing the attention– one knows that the first few seconds of the video are the vital facts. It is very much important to grab the attention of the viewers at the beginning which helps them to be captivated for a longer time. In short duration videos the first few minutes decide whether the viewer will watch the video or not. There is a saying that visual prevails all senses. Our brain pays more attention to colours size orientation and motion. One prefers simple videos over complex ones. The first few seconds of the video decides everything.

4. No over animation– this is one of the best animation skills and technique for animation. Young animators today believe that an animated scene should be moving all the time. That not always the case. Animation means that thing should be full of life. A simple scene may bring forward a characters mood emotion and reaction if it is over animated it may ruin the viewer’s experience. If one stick to the basic it will give surprising outcome.

5. When things get complicated start again– Sometimes thing get complicated and it results in a confusion and chaos. It is very much important to save the existing work and then restart again. This helps to simplify complex scene and begin a clear mind.

6. Timing is the key factor– timing is one of the key animation 3d animation skills and technique. Timing in an animated video controls the speed of action. A pitch perfect motion if executed perfectly only because the scene is perfectly timed. It implies that one must put and ample amount of time on the anticipation of action on the action and on the reaction to action. Optimization is an important factor over here. Timings affect the perception of an object body or subject. Too much time will distract the viewers and too little will leave them confusing.

animation skills

7. Ask for feedback– One may have excellent animation skills but a good feedback from the right people would take ones animation ability to the next level. Without feedback one animation will turn one dimensional it is vital to be creative and imaginative approach, it is very much important to take others advice that one might get.

8. Silence is important– Silence is an astounding creativity that might take the level of the viewers to immersion. It may be equally effective same as the music if it is used effectively. The quiet moments in a video gives the proper information what the character is thinking and the audience may immediately get in touch with them.

9. Decide the ending first- Coming up with an interesting ending is the most complex part of any storyboard. It is very much difficult for the entire storyboarding. To captivate the audience one should come up with the end before one has completed the mid story.

10. Perfect animation tools– An animation are the toughest part of any graphic design which requires specific software and high speed system. It is also a time intensive activity. As the requirement of the customers are skyrocketing one should provide them with what they are looking for high quality and realistic animation videos which are in high demand nowadays and it has been made possible by animators by making use of some of the tools and techniques. The popular animation tools are autodesk, 3Ds max,  after effects cc, adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, animator, animestudio.

11. Learning the effects of gravity– Except when one is in space gravity always has an effect on oneself. It is very much important that and animator should always keep the idea of gravity in mind. Animators should keep in mind the characters of different masses have different footfalls.

3d animation

12. Body movement- The body movement of the characters may define the personality and it is obvious that the animators understand this from the initial movement. There are certain elements one should keep in mind such as movement to an element that catches it attention starts at the eyes then is followed by the head neck and other parts of body.

13. Acknowledging elements of action reaction and anticipation– There are major element such as action reaction anticipation to all major character movement. These movements must be understood by animators and integrated carefully.

14. Observing real characters– In order to create the best and the most animated characters it is very much important to observe real life characters and enhance your animation skills. It is crucial for every animator to understand that how the character intermingles with each other express their feeling and the ways they move.

These are some of the tips to give a realistic look to animation. One should keep all these facts in mind to be a good animator.

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