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Compositing Plus - Short Term Course at MAAC Kolkata

Compositing Plus

No film, TV or music video is complete without going through the process of compositing and editing. At this stage, different visual elements are placed together to create one scene or one sequence. The short-term Compositing Plus course at MAAC prepares you to excel in areas like digital design, match moving, rotoscopy, and camera tracking. You will be trained to work on Adobe Photoshop, Nuke, Mocha, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

Course duration: 172 HRS

Course Content

  • Digital Design
  • Layer-Based Compositing
  • Node-Based Compositing
  • Art of Rotoscopy
  • Match Moving
  • Camera Tracking
  • Title Graphics
  • Stereoscopic Pipeline
  • 3D Camera Projection
  • Live Action Compositing

Software to Learn

  • Photoshop™
  • After Effects™
  • Fusion™
  • Silhouette™
  • Mocha™
  • PFTrack™
  • Nuke™

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