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Greeting of the new year, 2019 from the Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics family, popularly known as MAAC Kolkata.

We are the leaders of cutting edge training in 3D Animation, 2D Animation, VFX, Film Making, Multimedia courses, Gaming, Web Designing, Graphic Designing and Architectural Visualization.

We have excellent connectivity to all three of our centers located at prime locations in Kolkata which is at Chowringhee, Rashbehari And Ultadanga respectively.

New year embarks a fresh start of event of ones life and with this we turn a new leaf and look forward to a better tomorrow.

With a fresh resolution we have also decided to add some zeal and enthusiasm to our education curriculum.

And so, we are ready with our plan of making learning a fun and enjoyable experience for all our students.

Drawing has since time immemorial been the primary visual language for the purpose of communication and expression of ones inner thoughts.

Long before the invention of verbal language, or say sound as a medium of expression, man had scribbled his world with doodles.

He had tried to capture the life around him and also explored his philosophical concepts on the walls of his cave.

Sketching has an immense creative, expressive and educational value.

It is as important as the development of written and verbal skills as the very core concepts of understanding the world sprouts from meaningless doodles.

Maac Kolkata

It enhances ones ability of perception, shape, volume, perspective and actions.

Thus it also finds application in various creative industries such as animation, architecture, design, fashion, film, theatre, performance art and communication design.

So, sticking to our belief that education should not be confined to the classroom walls, we organized an outdoor nature and life study session on the 3rd January, 2018.

The session focused primarily on the study of natural shapes and life forms and also reproducing them on paper with various mediums such as pencil, ink, felt pen etc.

Students from all three centers of MAAC Kolkata are Maac Chowringhee, Maac Rashbehari and Maac Ultadanga were selected for the session on first come first serve basis, to which the students responded enthusiastically.

A total of 17 students were chosen out of the many that registered.

Maac Kolkata

In order to get the most out of the session we needed a place with a lot of activity and subjects to observe, and understand.

So, after careful consideration Esplanade Tram Depot was chosen to be the venue of the session.

The place is buzzing with energy of people rushing through their daily routine.

From schoolchildren to office commuters from fussing parents to street hawkers, we find a fusion of people from different spheres of society.

Students from all three MAAC Kolkata centers (Chowringhee, Rashbehari and Ultadanga) were gathered at Chowringhee center at 12:00 noon and were put under the care of Mr. Pradip Laha and Miss. Priyanka Pyne, who have expertise in this field owing to their years of experience in the same.

From there they proceeded to the venue along with the faculties. Students were required to get their materials with them.

Maac Kolkata

Places like these have always been among the favorite when it comes to study and inspiration for outdoor artists.

Here they get the liberty to observe and choice to capture the different moods, activity, body language and expressions of people.

Under the guidance of the mentors the students set off on their journey of visual observation and recreation of the same on paper or canvas.

Students were given the independence to capture the city and its people from different viewpoints often helped by the faculties to setup interesting viewpoints.

Maac Kolkata

A sunny day out in the midst of winter sure is blissful and so the students enjoyed the day working in an outdoor atmosphere, learning and putting their new found knowledge to practice.

The activity soon grabbed the attention of the numerous passer by, who then couldn’t help but take a peek at the artworks produced by our students.

The venue soon turned to an exhibition which indeed was a showcase of the immense potential of our students.

Seeing our students get praise and recognition from people we as their mentors cannot help but swoon with pride.

Students observed various aspects of life and nature and chose to sketch them out from various angles.

They made their attempts at perspective study, randomness of shapes, colour perspective and relative scale of objects as they are placed at varying perspective depth.

Different sketches had been drawn by the students consisting of the tram with the people travelling in it, people enjoying the sun in the winter afternoon, having street food and indulging in their day to day activities.

Maac Kolkata

At MAAC Kolkata, we not only provide a sound theoretical knowledge of concepts but also believe in hands on practical sessions to make the application of the same crystal clear in the minds of the students.

This particular event helped the students to get real world skills from the real world.

Making a perfect sketch requires a lot of technical knowledge like perspective, proportion of

different objects relative to one another, composition, direction of light, materials, shading etc.

The students needs to have a clear theoretical and practical knowledge of all of these before

making a perfect sketch.

This session forced them to put their creative skills to practice under the constant guidance of our expert faculties.

And they discovered their own potential while putting their talents to test.

Students got the opportunity to share their knowledge with each other coming to terms with their strengths and weaknesses and a way to improve upon them.

The session lasted up to 3 hours and the students were indicated to wind up at 3:30 P.M.

The chilly evening breeze had set in and the students departed from the venue to their respective homes taking with them the abundance of knowledge they received, hopefully looking forward to the next chance they would get to experience such a thing.

We look forward to the same response the students showed us this time while we will surprise you with such activities in the time to come.

Want to be a part of this fun filled learning experience?

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