High speed digitization a very critical pandemic situation and the availability of popular games /titles has witnessed the new gaming trends Indian online gaming industry creating new ways.

In this new age of smart phone and high speed internet, high level of investments in ecosystem, digital mode of payments and high level of technology, the sector is well equipped to become fast developing gaming market in the world.

There are five key gaming trends that are ruling the Indian gaming industry in 2022.

Those gaming trends are discussed below.


The gaming industry has always played an active role to adapt new technology to meet the requirement of gamers.

Companies need to keep them updated with new gaming technology and customers expectations.

After dealing with all these stuff the next target for the company was to maintain transparent and secured transaction.

A blockchain technology is introduced in the payment system, gamers  will  get  both control and transparency while paying for the game.

The year 2022 will be the year when companies will provide gamers with  exciting  experience. The one and only thing one need to bother is about the result, not if the outcome is rigged.

The newly blockchain enabled gaming world of privacy, security, transparency. Through this one may achieve more success and credibility.


There is an increased number of players who are intruding in the industry. The block end chain has opened up new platform for them.

This will in fact bring new economic revolution, one that generally line up with  the digital  nature of the game.

With NFTs gaining prominence, the earnings from games will be adjusted in gaming as digital ownership via in game purchases is very much prevalent now a days.

These purchases may turn into investments as gamers buy and sell their accounts as well.

It is a very big yet untouched market but nowadays many companies are initiating to do this business.

It is now a competitive situation for all as nowadays artists utilize games for creative expression, players may transact, service providers get good number of customers, developers may get a commission from transaction.

The gaming industry may adopt a new sphere of community economics.


Nowadays internet data and wise use of digital payments have made gaming industry an attractive option for a new group of people who didn’t had any idea about it.

Many players are now participating in gaming anticipating that there is a low risk, but high reward factor the gaming industry has experienced a  record increase in the number of players as new  avenues are created.

The space is so big and new that one witness stricter guidelines and better regulation. Some responsible good rules and regulations help us to give a safe gaming environment for everyone government, company, and gamers.


There is all round growth in the number of gamers during the pandemic.

An increased number of netizens have found have found a new way to built up a  new friend circle as they spend time a lot of time at home.

The two years of pandemic have evoked non gamers to intrude into the gaming world and showed how through games one may make friendship online and one may build up a chain of friendship.

By building  well planned community strategy publishers have envisioned how one may able to built up a reputation of their brand, share some good knowledge,  get good feedback as they usually form a community  with same culture and behavioral traits.

As gaming has become more available and a prevalent culture in society companies are jumping on gaming to built up a community in digital world.

As for example Meta which was earlier Facebook which incorporated the very first gaming community challenge in India –Game of Tribes.

Other platforms too became committed to build the gaming ecosystem in India as they were in support of gaming community very much interested in upgrading skills and expanding connection.


The fruitfulness of gaming in fact depends on how interesting and immersive it may be. The way of gaming which definitely undergo a change by the gamer and the experience it delivers.

Keeping in mind the interest of the gamers  the developers will develop and design the game keeping in mind about the preference of the players.

By bringing in mind a sense of uniqueness rediscovering something new each time the gamers play the game the gaming industry will envision new avenues, taking involvement level to its peak.


Another new gaming trend is Cloud Gaming. Generally buying a game online is a marvelous experience.

One may browse many titles and purchase a game without leaving the house. But it is a great problem to buy game online, as it takes long hours to buy a game.

Cloud gaming solves all of this issues. Without buying or downloading a game one may just stream it online.

Gamers with the help of cloud gaming may use the latest and greatest hardware without spending money for it.

One start playing it instantly without downloading anything. More Indian are resorting to online gaming.

According to KPMG report this number is expected to rise 510 million in 2022 up from 360 million. So far as revenues are concerned the market will be growing at a faster rate of 21% to 290 million in the next five years.

The online gaming system will become a very large segment in the media and entertainment industry  very soon.

A report says that the year 2025 there will be an overall growth of the gaming industry by $256.97 billion. This figure was more or less $151.55 billion in 2019.

The number of gamers are also likely to increase by 2025 to 940.9 million. Gaming could easily become a career and one may earn a lot from this sector.

Due to the tremendous growth in the industry it has become a good profession for many people. So one could easily pursue a good career in this sector by joining a course in game making.

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