Digital Craftsmanship Of Web Designer & Web Developer

Web Designer & Web Developer

In today’s blog we will mention about the differences between web designer and web developer.

Like any other professions web designing and web development has great demand in the current market.

Generally the person who is responsible for giving an attractive look to a web page is the web designer and the person responsible for the creating the website with the use of programming languages is the web developer.

Their work pattern may differ but both web designer and the web developer have equal contributions is making a website user friendly and catchy.

Prime Tasks Of A Web Designer

Web Designer & Web Developer

When we visit a website, the first thing that grabs our attention is the design of the web page such as placement of the buttons, text patterns, color scheme so on; all these are the responsibilities of a web designer.
A web designer mainly handles the designing part of the website.

Web designers must have great sense of aesthetics and capability to make the website look beautiful.

Web designers are the creative digital professionals who craft overall vision and plan for a website.

They determine a site’s layout, color palette, font size and visual themes.

Web designers transform an idea or a story into a visually appealing design; they design the website’s look and feel.

Web designer firstly envisions the design in their head and start with a sketch or draft of the design.

From sketching the designer moves to layouts, wireframes and then to the final design.

Professional web designer builds the website with pixel perfect layout of all the web pages, icons, typography and other detail features.

Web Designer & Web Developer

The main tasks of a web designer are:

  • To sketch the final layout design of the website by using software tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Coreldraw, Frontpage
  • Having good skills in graphic design and logo design
  • Experience in identifying the simplest ways to attain the user friendly experiences that means they should be experienced to decide upon buttons, images and format of the website.

They need to keep themselves up to date with the latest design trends.

Web designers are required to keep the design consistency to make the website environment and interface user friendly.

They should keep in mind the branding of the website, color palettes, typography and readability of the website.

A Web Designer Creates


Web Designer & Web Developer

Layout of a website is as important as the content of the website.

Layout defines a website’s structure and puts the most important elements of a website in front or centre.

Colors And Typography

Web Designer & Web Developer

Web Designer decides about effective color and typography for web designing.

Bad color selection and unreadable texts can ruin the most brilliant layout so these two factors are important.

Correct proportion of colors is critical to achieve balanced website design.

Web designers study on user experiences to keep on improving the design patterns.

Right font size and style makes the content readable to the customers.


Web Designer & Web Developer

Through Wireframing visual map web designer lays out the skeleton of a website.

It helps designer to plan out the placement of text, images, menus, video, animated graphics and navigation.

It carries the information that will be displayed on the page through boxes and lines.

Therefore web designers are concerned about what the user will actually see on their computer screen or mobile device.

In other words they bring the digital experience to life.

Prime Tasks Of A Web Developer

Web Designer & Web Developer

The web developers are the computer programmers who take the plans or layouts from the web designers and use coding languages to turn them into functioning websites.

Web development has two categories front-end and back-end development.

A front-end or client site programming developer focuses on HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages whereas a back-end or server site programming developer focuses on PHP, Java, and NET languages.

Web developers usually think methodically and logically unlike web designers who have creative mind set.

They are the bridge between web design and code.

Web developers utilize other languages to set up email services, user authentication, databases and other technical parts of websites.

Web Designer & Web Developer

The main tasks of the web developers are:

  • Building actual interface through which a user interacts with the website using HTML, CSS and JS languages.
  • Back bone of the websites can be created by the back-end developers using PHP and MySQL languages.
  • Front-end and back-end developers can use same Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) which are software application tools to build the structure of the website.

Web Developer Should Know Programming Languages


Web Designer & Web Developer

They use it to define the parts of individual web pages.

HTML informs web browsers about which part of the page is a header, which is footer, where graphics, videos are placed and everything on phone or tablet’s screen.

HTML controls the page layout where as CSS language controls the formatting of a page.

CSS defines the paragraph formatting, page’s fonts and background colors.


Web Designer & Web Developer

JavaScript helps web developers to add features like photo slideshows, videos, animated graphics and other interactive forms.

Programming languages JavaScript, HTML and CSS are must for web developer to learn.

Developers use JavaScript libraries for large scale templates for web projects.


Web Designer & Web Developer

WordPress is Content Management Systems based on PHP and MYSQL for website building.

It helps to add content without the requirement of coding; that means someone without coding skills can put themes and templates on web page by using WordPress.

WordPress provides freedom to the client to maintain and update website content later on.

Both Play An Active Role

Web Designer & Web Developer

Hence we learned that web designer manages the look of the web page and web developer manages the functionality.

Web designer and web developer are both in charge of the web page function.

Web developers collaborate with the web designers to create pages using programming language HTML, CSS and visual design using JavaScript.

Both web designer and web developer are needed to open to ideas; they should avoid communication gaps and come up with best interactive websites.

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