Real-time rendering innovation and technologies are changing the path Visual Effects studios in the field of film and TV industry that are approaching production.

With the assistance of Unreal Engine, you can put maximum flexibility as well as creative power under the control of the artists, thereby making changes furthermore in the VFX pipeline.


Thus it can be said that Real-time is becoming the strategy and technique of selection for Visual Effects innovators seeking a spirited edge.

Are you eager to acquire an improved understanding of how the real-time rendering is performed with Unreal Engine can modernize VFX production workflows on film and TV?



Unreal Engine is created by Epic Games, Unreal Engine is a total suite of apparatuses that engages makers to bring ongoing, high-devotion encounters to PC, comfort, versatile, expanded reality (AR), blended reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR) stages.

The engine is utilized by a large number of the world’s driving amusement programming designers and distributors, Unreal Engine is likewise an indispensable piece of numerous venture divisions, for example, car, engineering, film, science, aviation, promoting and training.

The Unreal Engine is released by the Epic Games to the world.

Actually, the fact is this engine has become enormously popular among the developers have as they are prefering this quickly developing engine to other engines for the purpose of the projects like PC, console, mobile, AR and VR platforms.


The each and every prospect of the Unreal Engine toolset is outlined in light of simplicity of content creation in mind, thereby enabling as well as empowering the artists and expert designers to assemble and construct everything from photorealistic scenes to exceptionally stylized content.

All of this is done in the aspect of the visual domain while giving developers an exceedingly measured, versatile and extensible systems which incorporates full source code get to.

The Unreal Engine incorporates a huge range of APIs and apparatuses intended to enable you to utilize material science, controlled by NVIDIA PhysX, and some built-in implicit multiplayer networking and many more.

It also includes a wide spectrum of Animation tools, artificial intelligence, the sequencer cinematic editor, activity instruments, replay system, Visual Effects, video codecs, foliage and landscape editors, sound help, effective scripting, the rundown goes on and on.

Also, UDK isn’t just an arrangement of rendering devices, it additionally contains a huge swath of APIs and devices intended to give you a chance to make certifiable physical science.

Fueled by NVIDIA’s PhysX motor, and additionally inherent amusement organizing, computerized reasoning, Facial Animation, video codecs, foliage editors, sound help, and intense scripting.


The Unreal Engine 4 is an entire suite of advancement devices made for anybody working with continuous innovation.

From big business applications and true to life encounters to top-notch diversions crosswise over PC, reassure, versatile, VR and AR, Unreal Engine 4 gives you all that you have to begin, deliver, develop and emerge from the group.

Being a world-class toolset, Unreal Engine’s open work processes engage designers and developers to rapidly emphasize on thoughts and see quick outcomes without touching a line of code, while full source code gets to gives everybody in the Unreal Engine 4 group the opportunity to adjust and expand motor highlights.



There are various characteristic features of Unreal Engine :

Photoreal Rendering in Real Time

With the help of this, you can accomplish Hollywood-quality Visuals out of the box.

The physical based rendering from the part of the Unreal Engine improved dynamic shadow alternatives along with screen space reflections and lighting channels, that administer the suppleness as well as competence in order to create awe-inspiring content.

Visual Effects and Particle System

The implicit Cascade vfx editorial manager empowers you to totally alter molecule frameworks utilizing a wide assortment of modules.

You can use molecule lights to affect your scene and construct complex molecule movement with vector fields to impersonate reality and make proficient levels of visual effects clean polish.

Film Quality Post Process Effects


The various characteristics of the post-processing allow you to elegantly adjust and manage the appearance and feel of the entire scenes.

Distinct filmic effects at the tip of your hand comprises of the ambient cubemaps, color grading, ambient occlusion, depth of field.

Improved bloom along with all other eye adaptation techniques, lens flares, profundity of field, eye adjustment, focal point flares, light shafts, worldly hostile to associating and tone mapping, just to give some examples.

Broad Animation Toolset

Totally alter characters with Unreal’s work and Animation altering devices, including effective highlights, for example, state machines, mix spaces, backward kinematics, and Animation driven material science.

You can utilize Animation Blueprints to work proficiently and see your Animation on the fly as you create dynamic characters with reasonable development.

Sequencer: State-of-the-Art Cinematics


Composed by film and TV experts, Sequencer opens your imaginative potential with a completely non-direct, ongoing true to life-altering and movement instrument worked for the coordinated effort.

Characterize and alter lighting, camera blocking, characters and set dressing on a for each shot­ premise.

Make dynamic cutscene varieties utilizing realistic cameras and live gameplay accounts.

Groups of specialists can deal with whole arrangements at the same time in a path at no other time conceivable.

Rapidly emphasize on both imaginative and publication thoughts quicker than any time in recent memory.

Built-in for VR, AR, and XR


As a result of the Epic’s secured teamwork and partnership in hardware and software,.

Unreal Engine administers the highest quality explanation/resolution for the purpose of creating Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.

With local mixes for the most prominent stages, highlights, for example, forward rendering, multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA), instanced stereo rendering, and improvements like monoscopic far field rendering, UE4 delivers top-notch comes about without bargaining execution.

What’s more, Epic helps drive the Khronos Group’s OpenXR activity for VR and AR institutionalization.

Stunning Unreal Audio Engine

Improve your undertaking’s sound with progressive highlights including continuous union, dynamic DSP impacts, and physical sound proliferation displaying.

Valve and Epic have collaborated to incorporate the Steam Audio module into UE4. Steam Audio offers a multi-stage answer for physically-based sound specialization and proliferation for an expansion in sound authenticity in VR. (early access starting with UE 4.16).

Full Editor in VR Mode

With the assistance of Unreal Engine, you are able to grab out and manipulate objects as per your requirement.

The full-fledged Unreal Engine sprints in Virtual Reality or VR with the help of improved motion control so that you can construct in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get environment.

The VR mode of the Unreal engine is considered as the most robust, feature-ready as well as the capable VR development world-class solution in the history of VFX.

These are the certain aspects of the features of Unreal Engine in visual effects.

Along with there are several other aspects such as the terrain and foliage of the engine, Advanced model of AI, flexible material editor and many more.

In this blog, MAAC Kolkata in collaboration with the three centers of Rashbehari, Chowringhee, and Ultadanga have laid before you the interesting facts and prospects of Unreal Engine with a view to educating the readers about the topic.

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