Baahubali 2: The Conclusion VFX Work Behind The Scene

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Baahubali: The Beginning which was released in 2015 and from then ever since, the audience has been waiting eagerly for its second part, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. In our today’s blog we will discuss the amount of VFX or visual effect the film has incurred and its behind the scene activity.

While the first part was definitely epic as well as superb entertaining, but at the same time we have ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ taking the excitement of the audience to the level next.

Those who have seen the movie have been waiting keenly to find an answer to the life changing question – Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?

VFX Maac Kolkata

While the world waits to know the answer with the sequel finally got released and we all got our answers too. But with addition to the answer the audience has got much much more.

The whole film industry is in awe of the film and its every frame that is no less than a visual masterpiece.

It is the first Indian movie to be released in 4K High-Definition format, so the audience got to see crystal-clear graphics that has left the viewers stunned and experiencing new flavour of Indian Cinema.

It has proved to be the most expensive movie series in India, and a large part of the budget has gone into the visual effects, so the movie is full of effects which are beyond anything that anyone ever seen before.

Every scene has been pre-visualised before shooting. After completing the shoot, footage has been send to the VFX team and get a post-visualization done on them.

There after the footage were taken to the editing table to see if it is going as per director’s vision or not.

VFX Maac Kolkata

The team has been involved in intense post-production work for the last five months (after shoot got completed) when they started receiving VFX shots for colour grading (or colour correction).

Each and every scene (both VFX and non-VFX shots) similar in terms of colour and it took a lot of time to complete and to give it the desired intense look and feel.

There were problem of bad light sometimes but the team had overcome it successfully.  Starting from brilliantly choreographed bow and arrow sequences to VFX scenes each and every scene is a treat to watch, Bahubali 2 had all of us awestruck.

Bahubali 2 happens to be a visual film and it has a lot of visual effects.

The film has create visuals that don’t exist in real life with VFX assistance it had actually made it possible to happen.

The film has been released in IMAX format that will enhance the viewers’ experience.

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The images are wider in Baahubali 2. So, one will get to see 25% more of Baahubali and Mahishmati kingdom compared to Baahubali 1.

Also, Baahubali 1 was about character introduction. Baahubali 2 is grander than the first film. Everything is on a bigger scale. One get to see grandeur visuals and emotions.

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The brilliant tapestry of VFX-aided visuals, the larger than life war sequences, the intricate action scenes, the pulsating romance, the hate, rage, envy and commitment wraps the film in.

The director Rajamouli enhances the real-time emotions, the pace he unleashes to turn this period drama into a modern thriller making the sequel as big a blockbuster as its prequel.

It is a matter of pride that this is one Indian film that has the muscle to match up to Hollywood’s special effects and visual effects and stands to make it go down in history.

VFX Maac Kolkata

The movie turned the tables on Indian cinema’s VFX backwardness forever.

The film has now set some really high standards for other films to follow in terms of visual effects in upcoming years.

Reports claim that it took more than two years to get the VFX elements in the film perfectly set in the movie.

And approximately more than 30 studios from countries like Ukraine, Serbia and China were brought on board for Baahubali’s sequel.

Apart from being one of the most expensive climax shots, the sequence is approximately 40-45 minutes long, which means as a Baahubali fan, you know you are up for a visual treat with some stunning graphics and effects.

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