10 Scariest Animated Movies You Can’t Watch Alone


Hey we are here to present you 10  Scariest Animated Movies You Can’t Watch Alone.

Have you ever thought that the cartoon movies which always had made you roll and laugh can ever scare you while you are watching them? Yes they can. That’s the reason in our today’s blog we will discuss about those animated movies that has actually has given you goose bumps.

The 10 movies listed above are the example of such animated movies which can scare you. With our write up we have always tried to present you info graphic with interesting facts that were probably not known to you. We do look forward for your valuable comments and suggestions in order to deliver the best.

Our Info graphic topic is searched to reveal facts and figure before you in order to enlightened  you on the subject we all are passionate about ,so as you. We would request our viewers to watch those 10 movies and share their feedback with us if actually has given goose bumps while watching.


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  3. God Fortsättning..Ja vi Fiskar har många goda sidor,jag är lite kluven,jag är född i skarven,så ibland är jag Vattuman..Boken om Hans Rosling ska nog jag läsa också,,han var en fantastisk människa..Haé Bra.

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    Tyre care is also very important. For instance, try to keep the tyres inflated equally at all times because not only will it make riding the electric bike completely easy for you, even on uneven surfaces, but it will also lessen the damage caused by uneven tyre wear. Therefore, the force exerted in the motor of your electric bike will be less and it will last longer.

    Protect all cables and wires from being stretched; frequently check the wiring for any probable loose connections which might cause sparks and melting the insulations.

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  9. п»їMoney Making Tips for Copywriters: Long or Short Sales Copy?

    Anyone who debates whether long copy is better than short copy doesn’t understand the sales process that well…or copywriting at all for that matter. Length isn’t what matters when it comes to writing good copy, what matters is whether or not the reading of the copy ends in a sale. This has absolutely nothing to do with how long the copy is, it has to do with how the copy is structured. If you want to sell products, you need a strategy from start to finish.
    Otherwise, the customer is going to either get lost, bored or confused and walk away. The strategy which you use to sell your product will determine the structure of your sales copy, and as long as you focus on this, you need not worry about length. I mean who sits down and says: “I’m going to write a 200 page book.” or “I’m going to shoot a movie that’s 90 minutes long.” No one but a fool, that’s who. Instead, they come up with a storyline or an idea and they create the movie, the book or the song according to that.
    In other words, they follow a strategy from start to finish, and the length is born out of the structure created by that strategy. So let’s look at a good selling strategy which will provide the structure for all of your sales writing…
    An Example of Well Structured Sales Copy
    To give you an example of what I’m talking about here, let me share the structure which I use to create sales pieces:
    1. Attention: If you want them to read, you must have their attention first. The best way to get your customer’s attention is with a trance breaking method or a statement which drills down to an end result benefit.
    2. Problem: Talking about the problem shows the customer that you understand why they’re searching for a solution and it helps you build rapport. Think about it, talking about problems is how people connect with one another…why do you think that people spend most of their conversations complaining and gossiping?
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    4. Proof: Here you overcome objections and provide the logical justification for why your customer should purchase your product. People buy products to fulfil emotional needs, but they need logical justifications to “give themselves permission” to buy. As the saying goes: “There are two reasons people buy a product, the real reason and the reason they tell you that they bought it.”
    5. Offer: Here, you talk about your bonuses, the discount that you’re offering and the “sweeteners” you’re using to make the deal irresistible. In other words, the offer is more than just the product, it’s what you’re offering to them as an incentive for buying your product.
    6. Action: If you’ve done your job well up to this point, writing your call to action ought to be easy. A good call to action does three things: tells the customer exactly what you want them to do, reminds them why they need to do it and tells them what is going to happen as soon as they do.
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  10. п»їCat Poker

    We can play Cat Poker anytime. If we want the cat to be affectionate, we should.
    A terrible thing can happen to cats when they are no longer cute. Like cut flowers or lemon meringue pies, kittens have expiration dates. Sadly, this is when many people lose interest.
    Just as it starts getting really interesting.
    Kitten have high energies and short attention spans. It’s part of what makes them the adorable assets they are, but they are babies, and not capable of the deep relationships that are the crown jewel in the cat’s Pet Crown. They are kittens for no more than a year, but they are cats for the rest of their lives.
    People want to keep the relationship going, but often falter here. They are baffled and hurt by the growing kitten’s display of independence, not understanding that this signals a next step in the relationship. Kittens are a parent/child relationship, as are dogs throughout their lives. But cats grow up and expect a different kind of dynamic. They want the relationship to become friend/friend.
    Friends are equal players in the relationship. One person is not expected to do all the work. When the kitten turns pensive, observes us from a distance, or isn’t as much of a visible presence as they used to be, some people shrug, put it down to the independence of cats, and move on.
    That’s not what is happening. The kitten is hoping we will miss them. They want to know if we care about them so much that we will seek them out.
    So that is what we must do.
    If we miss the cat, go ahead and miss the cat. Start calling them. Wonder aloud where they might be, while checking what we know are their favorite places. This shows caring, familiarity, and importance. What cat can resist that?
    When we and the cat are reunited, let there be joy. We are glad to see them. They will be glad to see us.
    They will, be assured they will.
    Because we have just seen them and raised them. Now they have to make an extravagant gesture towards us.
    They will, be assured they will.
    If one thinks cats are not affectionate, one has not played who-loves-more with a cat. It’s a tough game, because we have to keep raising as long as they do. But we must see them and raise them. They can’t, and keep their self-respect, keep pressing their attentions on someone who seems not to return it.
    At some point, the kitten will play the game less and less, and then fold. We will feel sad.
    And they will, too.

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    I recently got a message from an associate of mine on Linked In. The message excited me because it gave me a chance to talk about drama…what it is and why my book Stop Workplace Drama is even for men, for owners, and even for those who are lucky enough to experience a collaborative work environment. Read on and then let me share with you a few other signs of drama and how it holds you back.
    “Could this book be for me? It is 4:41 am and up because of a “worry” dream and I can’t fall back to sleep. I’m concerned about others and their feels, even though it is out of my control.
    I had pigeon-holed your book into thinking Stop Workplace Drama was more about “cat” fights or drama fights and bickering in the office.
    Since we don’t see those in our 8 employee office at all I didn’t think this book was relative to me. Now after reading an article about your book, it seems to have more relevance as it appears to be more about “my thinking” and how I coop or handle certain situations when there is competing intentions in play. “
    Here’s a guy who really gets it.
    In my book Stop Workplace Drama I created a new language for drama: What it is, how to identify it, how it manifests, and why it’s a part of everyone’s life.
    Most of us have a preconceived idea about what drama is, and that is why I had to create a whole new meaning. There are those who say, “I don’t do drama, and then on the other end are those who say, I have a lot of women working for me, so we have lots of drama.”
    The definition for “drama” in Stop Workplace Drama is this: Any obstacle to your peace or prosperity.
    Any obstacle.
    Doesn’t matter what the obstacle is.
    Yes, the obstacle can be other people. The co-worker who rubs you the wrong way. The Queen Bee in the office, the bully, the bad boss, or the slacker.
    The obstacle can be outside forces, for example the new technology that forces change in your office or the new law that is a threat to your operation.
    The obstacle can even be internal and others may not be aware of it. You are so shy you can’t give a presentation. Your self-esteem is so low you can’t force yourself to go to the chamber networking event. You keep obsessing about your finances, your health or your relationships.
    When your peace is threatened, it threatens your prosperity. Think about how drama due to a rude boss, leads to absenteeism, presenteeism, and turnover.
    So now you know that drama is just a part of life and workplace drama is not due to women having cat fights, although that can be one way drama manifests.
    Off the top of my head, I can think up five more manifestations of drama that might show up even when there is no cat fight, no verbal abuse, and no female employees.
    1. obsessive worry
    2. Guilt about the past
    3. Avoiding a difficult conversation
    4. Fear of not measuring up.
    5. Burning resentment
    Stop Workplace Drama is as much about the inner game as it is about communication skills, and the outer measures and methods of business success.
    The reason there will always be drama is because with growth and change there will always be obstacles. The important distinction is “the” drama versus “your” drama. The drama happens. The drama is the circumstance…the obstacle we have been talking about.
    Your drama is how you experience and deal with the obstacle. Do you feel capable to navigate around the obstacle, or do you freak out? It’s not about getting enough will power to respond appropriately, although that can be a temporary fix. Stop Workplace Drama is about changing your experience so that reacting appropriately is just what comes out of you. It’s about leading from clarity and intention and getting back to peace as quickly as humanly possible even in the midst of rapid change.
    No peace eventually leads to no prosperity. No prosperity, also leads to no peace. Peace and prosperity goes hand in hand.

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  12. п»їMost common problems faced by cat owners

    Cats are really great pet and most people love cats. They give us company and a great sense of joy. Cats are cute and adorable and that’s why most people have cats in their homes. All these things are great. However, one must not forget that cat is an animal and that why there are things that cats do that we don’t like. And as a cat owner, it’s our responsibility to take care of our cats and help them when they need us. We should not treat our cats in rough manners when they show behaviors that we don’t like. Remember that cats are capable of change and hence you teach your cat to act and behave the way you want it to.
    Cat peeing and spraying
    One of the most common problems faced by every cat owner is: peeing and spraying. Cat spraying and cat peeing cause pollution and uncomfortable conditions in our houses. Most people find this behavior very annoying, which is understandable. Cat spraying can be caused by various reasons and it can also be the sign of danger. Many times people ignore this and later they face huge problems. You may want to read more about cat spraying.
    Cat scratching
    Felines scratch with their front hooks by dragging them descending, either on a level or vertical surface – this activity, alluded to as stopping, extricates and evaluates the external husk of the paw uncovering a sharp new surface underneath.
    It additionally practices the muscles of the forelimbs and spine to keep the feline in tip best condition for chasing. A few felines will scratch by resting and pulling their bodyweight along the floor. The surfaces picked are typically settled and non-respecting oppose the constraint applied by the feline.
    Scratching is likewise utilized as a type of regional correspondence or checking conduct. Fragrance and sweat organs in the middle of the stack of the feet blend to create a remarkable odor. At the point when paws are scratched down a surface the fragrance is stored and the mix of the stamp, disposed of paw husks and the odor gives a solid visual and aroma message to different felines.
    Cat pregnancy
    A decent quality, the nutritious eating regimen is imperative. Your veterinarian may prescribe a cat sustenance for your ruler as this contains higher protein and calcium. Abstain from supplementing the eating regimen unless your veterinarian has given the approval to do as such. Over bolstering and unreasonable weight pick up ought to stay away from as this can confuse work.
    Keep her inside throughout the previous two weeks of pregnancy to guarantee she doesn’t bring forth the little cats somewhere else.
    You ought to take your ruler to the veterinarian right on time in pregnancy for a wellbeing check, your veterinarian will likewise inform on the care with respect to your ruler amid pregnancy. He/she will likely need to see the ruler again in late pregnancy.

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  13. п»їCat Furniture – Making Your Own Cat Scratching Post

    Cats need to scratch. That’s their way of exercising toes and removing old claw sheaths. Aside from that, it just feels good. You can buy a cat scratching post, make your own, or see your sofa destroyed. Cat furniture does not have to be complex or difficult. It does need to be stable, though. Let’s think about a basic cat scratching post. There are only 3 components; a base, a post, and a top. We’ll look at each.
    The base. A cat scratching post needs to be stable. A post that tips over when in use can scare your cat away, often never to return. The base should be at least 16″ by 16″ square and cut from 3/4″ plywood or particle board. The base can be painted, covered with cut pile carpet, or covered with fabric. Carpet will hold up better, and, if you have scraps from your home it will match your décor. Cut pile carpet will not snag your cat’s claws like shag or loop. The best and easiest way to make a base is to paint the edge of the board and hot melt the carpet to the surface. Fast, easy, neat. Make the base first.
    The post. The scratching post itself is made from two pieces of 2×4 nailed together. Typical post height should be longer than your cat is tall (stretched out). Cats like to stretch when scratching. Most commercial cat scratching posts are 26″ to 30″ tall. Nail your 2×4’s together and cut both ends square. You will wrap the post with ¼”, non-oiled, sisal rope. This kind of rope is sold at most hardware stores or home centers. To determine the amount of rope you need you can figure about five feet for each inch in post height. For example a 30″ scratching post would need 5 x 30, or 150′. Sisal is the best cat scratching medium and is very inexpensive. To wrap the post first drill a quarter inch hole about one inch deep anywhere very near the bottom edge of the post and at the top edge. These are where you will anchor the rope. Attach the post to the top of the carpeted base with four 3″ long deck screws. Screw tightly right through the carpet. Squirt some hot melt glue in the hole you drilled and insert the end of the rope. Now it’s just a matter of wrapping the rope around the post. You must wrap it tightly. After every ten or twelve wraps, while maintaining tension, use a hammer to tap the wraps together. If you skip this step your cat will end up compressing the wraps when he uses the post and you’ll have a gap at the top. When you get to the top use your hot melt again to anchor the end of the rope in the hole you drilled before.
    The top. The simplest top for this cat furniture is just a wooden cap that keeps the rope from slipping off. You can buy decorative fence post caps at home centers or just cut a piece of wood about 4″ x 4.5″. Simply nail or screw the cap in place. If you really like your cat you could give him a cat perch by making a wooden box with inside dimensions of 14″ x 14″ x 3″. Screw the box to the post with 3″ deck screws and hot melt another piece of carpet in place. If you spray the post with catnip extract your cat will go crazy over his new post.
    Depending on just what you have to buy this project can probably be done for $30 or so. You can check for inspiration and ideas.
    Bill of materials.
    Scrap carpet, at least 16″ x 16″. Cut pile is best.
    Plywood, 16″ x 16″.
    Two 2×4’s between 26″ and 30″
    Sisal rope, about 150′.
    Wooden top cap, 4″ x 4.5″
    Deck screws, 3″

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  14. п»їWhy Does Location Matter for Home Buying in Los Angeles?

    Just a few years ago (in 2014), Northeast Los Angeles (NELA) initiated the city’s first bike friendly business district, or BFBD in the neighborhood of Eagle Rock. No surprise considering that in the years leading up to 2014, homes in Eagle Rock and surrounding areas – real estate in Highland Park has exploded with homebuyer interest – have pushed NELA to the top of LA’s hottest real estate markets.

    The BFBD designation promotes better bike infrastructure on streets (corrals, signage, repair stations) that include Colorado, Eagle Rock and York boulevards and Figueroa Street. Businesses along those corridors hope to benefit as much as retailers in Long Beach and other cities have seen when bikers prove to be consumers.

    This is a situation where location – as in the real estate mantra “location location location” – affects real estate values. A bike-friendly environment is a plus with younger buyers who gravitate toward non-motor vehicle transportation for at least a portion of their lifestyle. Northeast LA cities such as Highland Park and others clustered around the Lincoln/Cypress, Heritage Square and Southwest Museum stops on the Metro Gold Line have the advantage of being able to commute to downtown and Pasadena without turning an ignition key.

    Aside from transportation questions, there are several other location questions a homebuyer in NELA should consider:

    Worst home in the best neighborhood? Historically, your best chance for buying a home that will increase in value is to find the sad little fixer-upper in the pricier zip code (e.g., Mt. Washington). That is still true IF you’re a fixer-upper kind of person. Doing the opposite, to buy the awesome house in a dicey area, might leave you with buyer’s remorse and few buyers when it comes time to sell. But if you want a move-in ready home that stacks up well with the neighbors, expect to pay full price for the privilege.

    Businesses within walking distance? Younger buyers are also expressing an interest in a walkable neighborhood, some consulting Walkscore.com to compare different homes and neighborhoods. Some studies show that proximity to Starbucks, Target and Whole Foods is associated with higher value increases over the past two decades. But perhaps what matters most is individual: If you are a bowler, you might love the exercise of a ten-minute walk to a bowling alley. Also, there is research that challenges the notion that proximity to strip clubs and marijuana dispensaries hurts a home’s value (early research in Colorado in particular suggests just the opposite).

    Buy low while the neighborhood is on the rise? This mirrors the “buy low sell high” axiom of investing. And there is a lot of truth to it: when a large number of homes are being renovated in a mature neighborhood, it generally speaks to positive price increases. The trick is to get in at the earlier stages of such trends. But there are some things to look for which provide hints: is the neighborhood adjacent to other areas that are hot today? Is the existing housing stock “historic,” meaning 50+ years old and in its original design? Midcentury modern without a 1990s renovation would work, as would a 1910 Victorian with the original gingerbread trim. A collection of independent restaurants, art galleries and hipster coffee shops also are precursors to neighborhood gentrification (hot tip: check out Hermon, Garvanza and Glassell Park).

    Concerns about environmental issues? California laws require disclosure of lead and known toxins in the soils. But if a gas station or dry cleaner was in the vicinity in decades past, you might hire an environmental investigation firm to study a specific property.

    School districts – and property taxes? Good school districts almost always translate into higher property values. But with them tend to come higher property taxes. Empty nesters might look outside the box if the quality of schools doesn’t affect them personally – but a Starbucks down the street does.

    Location does matter – but there are many factors that define what a location actually has.

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  15. п»ї5 Important Tips to Assure Affiliate Success

    Trying to run a profitable affiliate-marketing campaign involves a lot of considerations. You’ve got to understand the niche you’re marketing to; you’ve got to know all about the product(s) you’re promoting, (especially what they offer and what they don’t offer to consumers); you’ve got to be willing to work hard at standing out from your competitors, (or work equally hard to find a niche with fewer competitors); and you’ve got to be able to keep up with the internet-environment you’re trying to reach your prospects in.
    The following 5 points will help a great deal in making sure that whatever campaign you’re running will be a success:

    * Keep Your Websites/Pages SeparateTrying to put too much content over multiple topics together in a single page or even on a single website is bad for business. Unless your page focuses on compiling information on a variety of topics, having too many different topics covered is confusing to your visitors – and this is especially true for an affiliate-marketer’s website.
    You’re trying to inform your website’s visitors about the benefits of a particular product, given their specific needs. If visitors show up on a page that is stuffed with all kinds of different promotions, then even if they stick around and explore the site for a while, you’ve lost their focused attention and will probably not close a single sale.

    * Continue to Make Contact with your ProspectsIt’s a simple fact – by simply having a website and attracting visitors to it, all you can do is close a sale right then and there, or watch your visitors leave, usually never to return. You’ve got to find ways of continuously making contact with your prospects if you want to maximize the benefit of each visitor.
    Opt-in forms for valuable newsletters, e-courses and the like are a great way to keep in touch with prospects, as are RSS feeds and membership services.
    The important thing to keep in mind when trying to stay in touch with your visitors is the consistent delivery of quality and value. Your website’s content has to make people want to hear more from you later. If you want your visitors to become members of your site, then your member’s area has to offer them something significantly more than they’ll find before joining.
    Emails and RSS updates must also continue to provide value if they’re going to be effective in closing a sale. Newsletters are a great way to continue providing fresh and up-to-date information that serves to keep your subscribers engaged and grateful to you as a provider of relevant content. Simply blasting promotional emails to a list is a sure way to alienate your prospects and have them unsubscribe.

    * Drive Targeted-TrafficIt’s incredibly important that the visitors who end up looking at your pages are the ones you’re likely to appeal to with your content. You want the people who really stand to benefit from your product(s) to show up, and you want them to find material of interest to them when they do.
    Simply getting thousands of page-views a day won’t do you any good if those visitors are just glancing at your site and deciding to look elsewhere for what they want. Make sure that links to your site are relevant and properly contextualized. Use the right keywords in the anchor-text of those links to strengthen your site’s relevance to those keywords (making sure, of course, that the keywords really are relevant to your content!).

    * Respect Your Website’s GuestsFocusing solely on getting traffic to your site and trying to convert visitors into customers without considering them as individuals will likely destroy your chances of connecting with them and making a sale. Your prospects have got to trust your authority in your niche, and they’ll only trust you if you respect them: their intelligence, their needs/concerns, and their feelings!
    When you’re promoting a product to someone, it’s easy to alienate them when you make it look like all you’re interested in is making a sale. However, if you genuinely focus your efforts on informing potential customers about what a product offers and what it doesn’t, then you gain credibility. You want to convince them that what you’re trying to do with your affiliate-campaign is to help them – and the best was to do that is to make sure that it’s true!

    * Approach your Prospects on a Relatable LevelYou’re trying to let your prospects know that you understand their consumer needs and can offer solutions for them. For this to really work, you’ve got to communicate with them about those needs and about what solutions you can provide in ways that keep them engaged, and that build trust.
    If, for example, you’re marketing an e-book describing the best ways to start and run a catering business, then you’ve got to design your content to appeal to people who are: a) interested in becoming caterers, and b) inexperienced and curious about how the business works. They’ll be searching for relevant keywords like “how to start a catering business” or “running a successful catering business” or the like. The point is: you’ve got to know what your product delivers and promote it to people who’ll stand to benefit from the product. If you try promoting an instructional e-book about starting such a business to experienced caterers, you’re not going to make a dime.
    Similarly, if the product you’re promoting is more advanced, say “expanding your catering business to a multinational franchise” or something, then promoting such a product to complete beginners is also a waste of time.
    These 5 tips will help you avoid making unnecessary mistakes as you go along, and keep your affiliate-marketing efforts effective on a long-term basis. Remember, the affiliate-marketing industry relies on customer-satisfaction – so keep the needs and desires of your prospects always in mind!

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  16. п»їMarketing 101: Product, Positioning, Place, Price, And Promotion

    Customers buy for their reasons, not yours. – Orvel Ray Wilson
    Strategy and timing are the Himalayas of marketing. Everything else is the Catskills.- Al Ries
    In marketing I’ve seen only one strategy that can’t miss – and that is to market to your best customers first, your best prospects second and the rest of the world last. – John Romero
    The key to a successful business is the ability to market your services effectively. We’ve long known that most small business owners aren’t very comfortable marketing their skills. Unfortunately, what they don’t know hurts them. A little marketing expertise will take your business to the next level of profitability.
    There are 5 elements of marketing that every small business owner should know about. Knowledge is power, and having a knowledge of these five elements and how they interact will improve your business. So here, for your reading pleasure, are the 5 P’s that comprise basic marketing theory:
    Product is, of course, the thing you’re trying to sell to your clients. You should constantly evaluate your services from your clients’ perspective. Is there something you could do differently that would improve their experience with your business? Are there services you could add that would enhance your value? Your ability to assess your “product” is key.
    Simply put, positioning is the way your target market views you in relation to your competitors. If well positioned, they will view your services as being more valuable than other accountants in the area. To improve your position you must consider what makes your business unique and how potential clients might consider that uniqueness beneficial to their business.
    Also called the distribution channel, place is the means through which you make your services available. Your distribution channels should accomplish the following: promote services, communicate with prospective clients, and negotiate terms of agreement.
    Obviously you must charge a price for your services in order to run a successful business. But to set a reasonable fee, you must know your position because the more valuable your target market perceives your services, the more you can charge for them.
    Once you’ve evaluated the other four elements of your business you can best determine how to promote it. With a better understanding of your position, the advantages of your services, and the channels through which you deliver them, you can determine which promotional activities will best serve your business.
    If your business isn’t growing, it’s either idling or dwindling. You can change that by boosting your marketing efforts today. And if you’re interested in starting your own accounting practice, we can help you acquire the necessary small business accounting expertise and the marketing know-how. Visit Universal Accounting Center today.

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  17. п»ї5 Predictions for the future of animated marketing videos

    It’s no surprise that animated marketing videos offers one of the best ways to immediately engage website visitors. As a popular tool in digital marketing, video conserves a website visitor’s time and effort and allows startups to explain their supreme benefits quickly.Are you still under the notion that affordable, top-quality computer-assisted animation is the thing of the future? Well, the future is now, and the following 5 tips are for anyone making their first animated marketing video.
    Whiteboard animation is losing out its popularity… fast and how!
    Whiteboard animation is becoming a thing of the past now. At some point in ancient history (somewhere in 2007), a man with a vision discovered the wonders of whiteboard videos. “It’s just drawing in front of a camera!” were the magic words. And not only is the technique easy, but the effect is often hypnotic. A well-done video captivates viewers as you take your idea from a blank whiteboard through growth, evolution, and finally a fully formed product ready to invest in.But then that’s when the dip came.There’s a problem with innovations… once a trend catches on, everybody starts doing it. In no time, there was a glut of derivative, lazy, knock-off explainer videos crowding out legitimate content. How long can the viewers see the same thing, especially when they are bad?Tell us, do you remember the last time you saw a whiteboard animation go viral on a social media platform? Maybe, someday whiteboard animations will rise again. But definitely not today!
    What’s on the rise? 3D Animation.
    In place of whiteboards, let’s look into the future of animation. Animated videos made in 3D is both better-looking and more affordable than it’s ever been. It doesn’t require a Pixar product to tell a riveting story anymore. So 3D might be right for your video! Good news isn’t it!Some business concepts work better for 3D video than others. Keeping up with the cartoony familiarity of the traditional animation and also with the stark detail of 3D makes the most sense for businesses with a physical product. Using 3D animation, you can create a lifelike prototype of your vision. Throughout the video it interacts with other objects just like it would in real life.
    How about creating different versions of the same video for different platforms?
    Avoid making and paying for one single video, and then using that one video across all platforms. The scope of presenting the video to potential customers are endless, so don’t make the mistake of limiting it. To maximize your video’s effectiveness you need to tailor it to the platform it’s presented on.Usually the norm is that an animated explainer video posted on a website should be 60-120 seconds long. The video features details of a product in an interesting manner, and leave the customer with a complete understanding of how your business helps them.But a long-form video is never going to get played on a social media platform like Facebook.Facebook viewers are scrolling through a massive feed, catching up with their friends and family, seeing various other sponsored content, instead of focusing on your one video. So, maybe they just catch some valuable insight from you. So, today’s leading content producers on Facebook are creating short and sweet videos (30 seconds or less). They are perfect for conveying the core principles of their message.To combat the barrier that Facebook auto-plays videos with the sound muted, these videos are create short, punchy lines to hook the viewers. The goal is to catch the attention of those distracted face bookers as they scroll down through the feed. Once they’re lured into the short video, they should want to click through to the longer presentation on your website for more info. The best part is, once you’ve made the first version of the video it takes minimal effort to edit versions specifically crafted to the various outlets they will stream on. With the help of a good videographer you can edit down and rearrange the material he or she has already created until it’s ready to maximize its potential.
    Design for Mobile Viewing
    Now that we know folks at Facebook are distracted, you should also know most of them are watching on mobile devices (65% of Facebook video views are mobile). Your animated business video might be clear, catchy, and informative on a big screen, but how will a 6″ diagonal smartphone handle it?For a marketing video to work on mobile, the text needs to be big, bold and to the point. Avoid the use of complete sentences, each screen of text should have 3 to 5 words arranged in a clear way for common, average viewers with less-than-genius understanding level to get the point before you switch to the next idea.Keep the imagery simple. No small movements. No action off in the corners of the screen. People want to understand your message intuitively.Integrate elements from your video into other campaigns, there’s a lot of work involved in creating a powerful, dynamic animated character. So once you have a lively company mascot everybody loves, it only makes sense that you should get as much value as possible out of it.
    Always keep an eye on the next big thing
    The first part of the animated video production is always the most expensive. Once you created your character, decided on your voice, and solidified your message everything becomes a piece of cake! Keep rolling, keep inventing, and build on what you already have. Soon, your video marketing campaigns will be running successfully, all with a little more effort!

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  18. п»їSocial Media: Does Social Media Make It Easier For People To Become Obsessed With Celebrities?

    If one was to say to another person that celebrities receive a lot of exposure in today’s world, they are likely to agree with them. There is also the chance that one could say this and someone else might not be aware of this.
    In this case, it could be a sign that they don’t read the paper or watch the news, and they might not even use the internet either. At the same time, it may mean that they have been living in a remote location for a number of years.
    This is because if someone lives in the mainstream society, there is a strong chance that they will be only to aware of what the one is talking about. If they don’t, they are going to be the exception as opposed to the rule.
    And if even someone doesn’t read the paper, watch TV, or use the internet; they could still come into contact with celebrity news whenever they go shopping. Or they could hear their friends or colleagues talk about someone in the public eye.
    Real News
    But while there are going to be people who say that it doesn’t matter what celebrities are doing as they are not that important in the grand scheme of things; there are going to be others who have a completely different outlook. In their eyes, everything else will be seen as being irrelevant.
    Or if they don’t have this outlook, they could say that it is just as important as the other things that are taking place in the world. Either way, they are going to believe that celebrity news is real news.
    So when one pays attention to what celebrities are doing, it could be something that takes place from time to time. As a result of this, it could be said that it is just another part of their life.
    On the other hand, it could be something that consumes their whole existence, and this could mean that other areas of their life will end up being neglected. It is then not going to be a small part of their life; it will be something they can’t live without.
    Point of Focus
    There could be a number of people in the public eye who they are drawn to and there could be others who repel them. Based on this, they could either focus on the ones they like, or they could have moments where they focus on the ones they don’t like in order to change how they feel.
    This could be a time where they criticise somewhere in order to feel better about themselves, or they might look to see if this person is going through a bad patch. Thus, even though they might not know what the other person is like in real life, they will have built-up an idea in their mind and this will have been shaped by the media, along with other sources.
    In The Past
    When one didn’t have the ability to use the internet on a device, it would have been a lot harder for them to stay up to date with their favourite celebrities. They would have had to buy a magazine or to watch TV, for instance.
    Nowadays, this is something that is no longer necessary, as through having a device, one can find out about them no matter where they are. There is then no reason for them to go a day without finding out about what they are doing.
    Even Closer
    And through being able to do this, one can end up feeling even closer to the people in the public eye. This can be a time where one can read about what they have been doing and/or they can watch videos.
    If they follow a well known celebrity, there is likely to be a steady flow of new information about them. This is not going to be the only thing they can do though, as one can go one step further.
    Social Media
    The only thing they need to have in order to do this is to have a social media account, and this will allow them to connect directly to a celebrity. This is because there is a strong chance that their favourite celebrities with have their own page online.
    And by ‘following’ them or ‘liking’ their page, one will be able to be informed about what they are doing each day. They will then have the chance to look at their pictures, watch the videos they upload and to read the statuses they share, for instance.
    A Bigger Impact
    This may also mean that they end up communicating with a celebrity from time to time, and it would have been a lot harder for them to do this before. Therefore, through being able to connect with them on social media, one can feel as though they actually know them.
    It can then be a lot easier for one to become obsessed with a certain celebrity (or a number of them). They will be able to receive a constant flow of information and this can cause them to develop a stronger connection.
    And even though the relationships they have with them are going to be one side and thus not very fulfilling, they could end up suffering when they are unable to stay up to date with what they are doing. In order for them to settle themselves down, they will need to stay in regular contact with them.
    It would be easy to say that social media is at fault here, but that wouldn’t be the complete truth. For one thing, there are likely to be plenty of people who are not obsessed with celebrities even though they follow them.
    What this is likely to show is that one feels as though something is missing in their life or they are experiencing pain, and through being focused on people in the public eye, it allows them to feel better. If this is something that is having a negative effect on one’s life, it might necessary for them to reach out for external support.

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  19. п»їThe Best Time To Do Email Marketing

    In 2009 the US Direct Marketing Association (DMA) produced a report: ‘The Power of Direct’, which revealed that every $1 invested in email marketing produced a return of $43.08.
    Additionally, Forrester Research, an independent IT and business research company, estimates that the European email marketing sector will be worth around £2.15 billion by 2012.
    Email marketing is far more than a cheap and easy alternative to direct mail. The fact is, anyone can do email marketing – but not everyone can do it well.
    Here are 4 proven ways for creating better email campaigns:
    Devise a Secure System for Collecting Email Addresses
    Every time your business connects with a customer you should seek to capture their email address. You can do this through your website, via a call centre, surveys, exhibitions, point-of-sale, prize draws and so on.
    There are strict rules regarding the keeping of personal data and how you use it. The Direct Marketing Association Email Marketing Council produces Best Practice Guidelines that will prevent you falling foul of the regulations.
    Do make it easy for your prospects to opt-in or opt-out of your mailings. People who sign up to receive your emails/ newsletters/ offers need to be reassured they can unsubscribe easily, with one click of the mouse preferably.
    Create an Attention-grabbing Subject Line
    Internet marketing is all about satisfying your readers’ short attention span. Also bear in mind that some email service providers will display only the first 38-47 characters of your subject line in a recipient’s inbox – and for mobile devices the subject line is shorter still.
    Therefore keep your subject lines short and to the point – and test them repeatedly.
    It’s often helpful to devise your subject line last – after you have finalised your message.
    Keep Your Message Content Relevant
    ‘Irrelevancy’ has been dubbed the new spam, so make sure what you write is both relevant and engaging for your readers. Try not to think of it as blasting out an email to an entire database, try to picture one single customer that encapsulates your target market and write just for him or her.
    Personalise your communications as much as possible. For greater impact make sure each email focuses on one single message rather than several.
    Sending Emails at the Right Time Can make a Huge Difference to Your Response Levels
    A UK market research team analysed over 650,000 emails sent by some 34 companies. The results might surprise you.
    Here’s what they discovered about the best and worst times to deliver your emails:
    • 10pm to 9am – the worst time to send email (the email equivalent of the ‘black hole’).
    • 9am-10am – the second best time for email opening, consumers are happy to be distracted by special offers, live events, and deals on consumer goods.
    • 10am-noon – your prospects are focussing on work-related matters rather than opening marketing emails.
    • Noon-2pm – somewhat surprisingly, the survey found consumers prefer to spend their lunch break checking out news alerts and online magazines rather than catching up on emails.
    • 2pm-3pm – the immediate post-lunch period – again with the main focus on work, the only emails that elicited a response were those relating to financial services.
    • 3pm-5pm –workers begin winding down, with more of a focus on their personal situation. Another positive time to send emails relating to property and finance.
    • 5pm-7pm – a great time for recipients to receive offers about holidays and B2B promotions.
    • 7pm-10pm – the best time to engage your customer: all sorts of communications fair well in this time slot, particularly offers on clothing and special interests. Gym, sports and leisure promotions are exceptionally well received during this period.

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  20. п»їAdvantages of Octashop that helps in ecommerce businesses

    Octashop is a great organization that creates new channel for online businesses. It helps to reach businesses at global market. It has various advantages which are very necessary to consider in making huge success for ecommerce businesses. In fact, it has helped many top companies to reach at high level.
    If you want to build a strong ecommerce platform then with the help of good company you will be able to achieve it. First of all, you need ecommerce solutions which mean to conduct business through internet. Octashop is a perfect ecommerce solution company which will help you with whatever is required to develop your online business. It will provide with services and requirements which are required for your online retail business.
    Octashop is one such company that provides great advantages which are as follows. It provides dynamic store front, fast access to relevant information. So, if the customer is doing Online buying from your store then it ensures that customer is easily able to access about the product with the full information regarding the product. Furthermore, it allows advanced integrated and intelligent search by providing search option on your website.
    Octashop Company further allows comparison based shopping. For example, one of its clients, Naaptol has gained huge success. Comparison based shopping in Naaptol has been enabled by the team of Octashop. Besides this, Octashop helps to plan occasion and events as per the requirement of the ecommerce business. This company ensures about search engine optimization (SEO) URLs which means that it provides with many links so as to enable thousands of people to visit your website. This in turn brings your online business in top rankings.
    This company enables template based customizations and multiple parameter rating and reviews for your online retail business. Like, for particular product, you can read its reviews and get to know better about the product before you purchase it. Moreover, to attract more and more customers to purchase products from your online store, it offers advance pricing and discounts. In addition to this, the customer can have multiple payment modes which are both online and offline modes. All this is done by Octashop on your behalf so as to make your online business expand further.
    Thus, Octashop provides with advantages that are very necessary for your online business to work efficiently and effectively. In other words, this company provides easy and affordable E Commerce platform and creates new vision for online businesses.

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  21. п»їHow to Understand Consumer Behavior using Market Research

    Whenever new venture is opened or new product is launched successfully, market research acts as a backbone for it. Frankly speaking it is a helpful device to relate company capabilities with market opportunities and constraints. It gives detailed information of current and future market trends. In addition to that it helps company to serve its customers best way by knowing their pace of satisfaction with company’s products and services. Well done market analysis helps to know behavior of potential marketplace i.e. it requirements, likes, choices, demands for different types of products with varied features. A crucial information on consumer behavior helps to model marketing strategies and other business decisions. It encourages ventures to shape ideas to compete with rivals by means of better products that go well with targeted consumers and climbing profits.
    In order to understand consumer behavior, one must collect data regarding present trade drifts, life style of target buyers, external conditions and opportunities, competitive strategies of rival companies to satisfy potential customers etc. All these data should be included in market research report. Customer’s buying behavior mainly depends on its needs of products and services. These needs are either developed by their life style, economic factors or may be generated by product itself. Understanding consumer buying behavior can be helpful in order to serve and gratify them properly, which in turn raises earnings of company. Market research study facilitates to identify potential marketplace for particular products in specific geographic location, for any group of consumer during definite time interval.
    Besides knowing to market opportunities, research work also aids to find barriers in competing with strong players. Market analysis benefits company to curtail loss making strategies and deciding to continue with the same product or produce new ones. Perhaps it gives solutions to problems those could bump into effect with a drastic loss, and approve plentiful time to correct errors before new product launch.
    While collecting data for study purpose, it is collected in two ways. Quantitative data gives figures whereas qualitative data provides cause and effect analysis. Figures are used to compare various data and decide which option is better than others. Qualitative data is gathered by analyzing vague data from various surveys, arranging well in structured form which clearly shows logic behind it. It gives an idea about behavior of consumers, their choices and preferences and reasons for it such as economic and socio-cultural effects. Using research data brand new strategies are developed by companies to enhance consumer base by attracting them towards company and its products. They can design products suitable to current needs of consumers, decide marketing strategies, earn better profits and accordingly improve consumer attitude towards company through brand image.
    These are some of the benefits to resolve success and failure factors of companies and to better know consumer behavior. In that sense market research can be considered as a device to shoot problematic situation and expand earning vicinity.

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  22. п»їHow to Become an Expert Gamer

    You’ve Got The Skills, So Why Not?

    If you see yourself playing video games day-in and day-out, you might be a prime candidate for establishing yourself as a gaming expert. All you need is a superb knowledge of a wide range of games and gaming systems, and of course, a lot of patience. The rewards are incredible and in the end, you’ll be an improved person for it.

    So what is an expert anyway? Just what is it that qualifies anyone to be an expert on anything? since there aren’t any colleges that offer degrees in this genre, we can qualify any gamer as an professional who has the qualities described above. So if you have the knowledge or right stuff to play a game skillfully – and you enjoy solving problems, you could probably claim the rights to an professional status.

    Just be sure that you establish your own growth in the gaming industry. Part of being an professional is admitting that there’s always more to learn and in the gaming industry, this should never be a bothersome thing to pull off. By exposing yourself to new games and new game systems, you can turn every opportunity to play with one into an opportunity to learn more than what you already know. In doing so, you’ll learn tons of new strategies and widen your resourcefulness as a point of aid to others.

    You could also make many efforts to join up with with others really into with video games. Get off the game and get out into the world so that you can network and talk over with another your discoveries with people. Networking gives you the fine opportunity to share or trade secrets, inform others, and learn a little something new at the same time. And the relationships that you build as a result are simply invaluable. There’s probably no other way you could get your hands on access to little known gaming secrets than to network among the best gamers around.

    If you’re completely dedicated toward becoming a gaming expert, consider taking some classes in game programming. Seek out and apprenticeship and acquire training programs that are offered in both your local area and the gaming industry as a whole. This is an good way to learn everything anyone would ever want to know about gaming, and its a first-class entrance into the gaming industry if you aren’t too crazy about making a commitment to a full time gaming career.

    You could also subscribe to gaming magazines, participate in online discussion boards, or sign up for book clubs that focus on gaming material.

    Take note that your status as a gaming professional may not consistently be appreciated. Strong criticisms – whether right or wrong – come with the glory of being perceived as the “answer to everything.” As an example, you may be rejected for an opportunity that you feel you’re perfect for, or you may experience the spew of a less-than-experienced heckler. The first rule of thumb is to not take rejection or spew personally. People may be jealous of your position, or they may want to test you just to see how much you really do (or don’t) know. The reasons behind these reactions to your assistance don’t really matter as long as you’re confident about the quality and value behind your help. A true professional looks past these things and they constantly look for ways to improve themselves.

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  25. п»їHow to Configure SSH (Secure Shell) for Remote Login on a Cisco Router

    Prior to the introduction of SSH in the Cisco IOS, the only remote login protocol was Telnet. Although quite functional, Telnet is a non-secure protocol in which the entire session, including authentication, is in clear text and thus subject to snooping.

    SSH is both a protocol and an application that replaces Telnet and provides an encrypted connection for remote administration of a Cisco network device such as a router, switch, or security appliance.

    The Cisco IOS includes both an SSH server and an SSH client. This document is concerned only with the configuration of the SSH server component.



    The SSH server component requires that you have an IPSec (DES or 3DES) encryption software image from Cisco IOS Release 12.1(1)T or later installed on your router. Advanced IP services images include the IPSec component. This document was written using c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.123-14.T5.bin.


    You must configure a hostname and a domain name on your router. For example:

    router#conf t
    Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
    router01(config)animationkolkata.com router01
    router01(config)#ip domain-name soundtraining.net

    You must also generate an RSA keypair for your router which automatically enables SSH. In the following example, note how the keypair is named for the combination of hostname and domain name that were previously configured. The modulus represents the key length. Cisco recommends a minimum key length of 1024 bits (even though the default key length is 512 bits):

    router01(config)#crypto key generate rsa
    The name for the keys will be: router01.soundtraining.net
    Choose the size of the key modulus in the range of 360 to 2048 for your General Purpose Keys. Choosing a key modulus greater than 512 may take a few minutes.

    How many bits in the modulus [512]: 1024
    % Generating 1024 bit RSA keys …[OK]

    Finally, you must either use an AAA server such as a RADIUS or TACACS+ server or create a local user database to authenticate remote users and enable authentication on the terminal lines. For the purpose of this document, we’ll create a local user database on the router. In the following example, the user “donc” was created with a privilege level of 15 (the maximum allowed) and given an encrypted password of “p@ss5678”. (The command “secret” followed by “0” tells the router to encrypt the following plaintext password. In the router’s running configuration, the password would not be human readable.) We also used line configuration mode to tell the router to use its local user database for authentication (login local) on terminals lines 0-4.

    router01(config)#username donc privilege 15 secret 0 p@ss5678
    router01(config)#line vty 0 4
    router01(config-line)#login local

    Enabling SSH

    To enable SSH, you must tell the router which keypair to use. Optionally, you can configure the SSH version (it defaults to SSH version 1), authentication timeout values, and several other parameters. In the following example, we told the router to use the previously created keypair and to use SSH version 2:

    router01(config)#ip ssh version 2
    router01(config)#ip ssh rsa keypair-name router01.soundtraining.net

    You can now log on to your router securely using an SSH client such as TeraTerm.

    Viewing SSH Configurations and Connections

    You can use the privileged mode commands “view ssh” and “view ip ssh” to view SSH configurations and connections (if any). In the following example, the SSHv1 configuration from a Cisco 871 router is verified using “show ip ssh” and a single SSHv1 connection is displayed using the command “show ssh”. Notice that we did not enable SSHv2 on this router, so it defaulted to SSH version 1.99. Also note in the output of the “show ssh” command that SSH version 1 defaults to 3DES. SSHv2 supports AES, a more robust and efficient encryption technology. SSHv2 is also not subject to the same security exploits as SSHv1. soundtraining.net recommends the use of SSHv2 and disabling a dropback to SSHv1. Enabling SSHv2 disables SSHv1. This example is included only to demonstrate backwards compatibility:

    router04#show ip ssh
    SSH Enabled – version 1.99
    Authentication timeout: 120 secs; Authentication retries: 3
    router04#show ssh
    Connection Version Encryption State Username
    2 1.5 3DES Session started donc
    %No SSHv2 server connections running.

    You can also use the command “debug ip ssh” to troubleshoot SSH configurations.

    Copyright (c) 2008 Don R. Crawley

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    The overall distressed real estate market continues to reveal to the astute investor a very hot new expression called a Tax Sale. The economic pros and cons in the real estate world has revealed the hot new market niche of property or home tax sales that has developed into a Tax Sale usually called a lien or deed sale. Tax sales are triggered by failure to pay the taxes levied on a property or home, and are classified as the ‘offering for sale at public auction’ the defaulted real estate property to recoup the taxes that are in arrears.
    As a property owner, you possess a legal duty to pay your property taxes. If you neglect to accomplish that payment, the tax authority may take action against you. This motion typically will come by that authority using a property tax sale as a means of recouping the arrears. In this course of action, the regional authorities provide individuals plenty of opportunity to pay the back taxes owed through what is commonly called the redemption period. The authorities require the funds as soon as possible so they will permit repayments to be remitted while they concurrently offer the property for sale to a lien investor issuing a lien to the asset to ensure that the homeowners do not sell it off during this redemption period without first paying off their financial debt.
    Once the property or home makes its way onto a tax sale delinquent list it is a certain indicator that the owner is very much overdue for their tax obligations, and if the county perceives a default there is hardly any other alternative to get paid out but to auction the property. If the owners are in default the regional taxing authority may then sell off the home and property to recoup the required taxes owed.
    A new property owner or buyer that is looking to get a property (or two) seeks to purchase a property for a reduced price that may be way below the true market value of the property, and this is what constitutes a tax sale. The best way to make this happen is as simple as purchasing the property or home for only the property taxes (and some penalties and fees) that are due. This is often a very profitable business enterprise for real estate property buyers in that they can pick up low-priced homes or condos that happen to be made available to the market because of property taxes not currently being settled in a timely manner.
    Even though auctions are offered to the general public and may appear to be easy to find, experience proves on the other hand that it isn’t always possible for an average individual to locate these sales, as they need to know exactly where to search and how to research. What an opportunistic real estate investor needs to know is what properties are classified as tax sale properties and where they can find the bargains that they may be seeking?
    Analysis and methods that you should implement to efficiently deal with property tax sales consist of what is known as due diligence. This can not be stressed sufficiently. Various states put into practice laws and regulations with regards to the managing of the sales or liens of properties that have overdue taxes and are filed and maintained at a county level.

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  27. п»їTips for Using Social Media in a Healthy Manner

    While social media can be useful in connecting you to family, friends and colleagues, there can be many pitfalls. But you can avoid these pitfalls by following these words of advice.
    Spend a Limited Amount of Time on Social Media
    Probably the most important thing to do is to spend a limited amount of time on social media. Turn off your computer and do things in the real world.
    Since the negative effects of social media occur when people spend hours a day posting, reading posts, watching videos, and reading and writing tweets, disconnecting with social media after a short time is wise. If you feel you’re addicted to being on social media, set a daily time limit for yourself.
    Don’t Compare Yourself with Others
    Remember that people post their best side, not their worst. While some people do share their downs as well as their ups, most people avoid posting things that are either embarrassing or difficult. You’ll see lots of gorgeous photos, photos of fun times, photos of cute kids and kittens, and posts about successes with family members and at work.
    It’s normal for people to want to be seen in the most positive light. So what you see of other people is what they want you to see. If they have 15 photos of their vacation and two are great while the other 13 are not, you’ll only see the two great ones.
    If you’re starting to compare yourself with people who seem to have more happiness, money, success and time than you do and you’re feeling down on yourself because of it, you can “unfriend” them on Facebook or hide their status. It’s not worth it to feel bad about yourself by constantly looking at their life in paradise.
    However, when you see your close friends being happy and sharing good news, be happy for them. To go one step further, you can ask them how they got where they are and how they can help you. You can certainly use your connection with them to get more of what you want.
    Keep a “Gratitude List”
    Keep a list of what you’re grateful for in your life and review it often. And add to it as your life improves. You’re discovering how to be more self-confident, and as you become that more self-confident person, you can be grateful for the skills and knowledge you’re gaining.
    Protect Your Privacy
    There are many ways to protect your privacy on Facebook. One way is to create different friend lists, such as Family, Friends, and Colleagues and specify which privacy policies apply to each list. Then you can send posts to just the people in one or more particular list. You can put people in more than one list if you’d like.
    For further privacy, you can remove your name from the search function on Facebook so people can’t find your page. You can also make your contact information private. And if you have a friend who has a bad habit of posting embarrassing things on your page, you can block this friend from doing this. Other than creating the lists, you can do all these on the main privacy page.
    Keep in mind though that nothing is truly private in the world of social media. Before you post, think about your writing, photos, comments and other content since anything you share, even within closed groups, is public. What you post can be shared around the world in the blink of an eye.
    Understand What You Need from Social Media
    Several psychological needs have been identified as what people are looking for when they go onto social media sites: acknowledgement, attention, approval, appreciation, acclaim, assurance and inclusion. Before you go on a social media site, identify which of these you’re looking for and think about whether you can get it satisfied in a more constructive way than going online.
    Give to Others
    You can post things other than just your own personal news. You can offer insights and information that are of interest to your friends that they may not find anywhere else. Making perceptive comments on others’ posts that encourages dialogue will make your experience on social media more valuable.
    Since others will share different points of view, be respectful of other people. Avoid engaging in emotionally charged and argumentative posts or debates with people who are being critical of you or viewpoints that you hold.
    Live Your Real Life
    Some people are so attached to social media that they spend much of their time during events taking pictures and posting. They don’t allow themselves to be in the moment and actually enjoy the event. So it’s better to experience the event fully while it’s happening, taking a short time to take photos, and then share your posts and photos later after the event is over.
    If you’re like some people, you receive e-mail updates whenever there is activity on one of your social media accounts. You may also have your cell phone set to alert you so you don’t miss anything. If you answer every alert, you’ll be looking at your phone many times a day, linking into the social media world and taking your attention away from what is happening in your real world. Instead, you can choose when and where you’ll look at your phone and plug into social media. Outside of that, use your time to live your life and not miss anything that’s happening right there in front of you.
    And finally, give yourself permission to not go on social media for a number of days. Take a break from time to time and remember what it feels like to live in the real world full-time.
    Using social media can help you tremendously on your path to self-confidence or it can take you in the other direction. It’s your choice.
    Remember, you’re the boss of being on social media. It doesn’t give orders to you. Rather, you and only you determine where and how much time you spend with it as well as how much power it has to affect your feelings.

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    Are you social media-savvy, super skilled at browsing the web? That knowledge can help you land your next job. You’ve probably heard the idea that the majority of open positions are never advertised, and most are filled via word-of-mouth before the company ever needs to post an ad. Social media has broadened the scope of word-of-mouth marketing, so you can put your skills to work to find out about upcoming openings before your competition does.
    Job-Seekers, Recruiters and Hiring Managers Connect OnlineSocial media is more than just an outlet for casual conversation—it’s become a place to have your talents discovered. LinkedIn is a social network geared towards professionals, with plenty of opportunities to highlight your skills and expertise to potential employers. Recruiters are increasingly turning to LinkedIn to search for experienced consultants and professionals to fill positions.
    Even Facebook allows users to post their employment history, which can catch the eye of a manager seeking a qualified candidate. You can capitalize on most social networks for job-searching and career networking. The major social networks have distinct advantages for job seekers:

    * LinkedIn – Post your resume, highlight your skills and answer industry-related questions to demonstrate your expertise. LinkedIn also allows users to post publications and presentations for public view, which can serve as a virtual portfolio. Connect with companies and executives who work in your industry.
    * Facebook – Post your employment history along with descriptions of your job duties and skills. You can also highlight your education background. Let your contacts know you’re on the hunt for a new job.
    * Twitter – Show off your industry knowledge by engaging in conversations with relevant thought leaders. Follow companies you’d like to work for, executives and recruiters to be among the first to know about potential job openings. Social Media for Job HuntingSocial media eliminates the geographical barriers that used to exist in networking. Relocating to a new city? You can connect with potential employers without ever leaving your office, and possibly secure your next position before you start to pack your belongings.
    Social media also provides an outlet for getting the word out to your contacts that you’re on the hunt for your next job. Ask for recommendations from former colleagues, find out if your contacts know of any open positions in your area, and even get introduced to a hiring manager through a mutual friend.
    Moving Beyond the Job BoardsSome of the major job boards have become spam-ridden, with endless posts seeking candidates for “work-from-home” positions. While a few may be legit, many are complete ruses or pyramid schemes. That’s why job seekers are starting to look beyond the online job boards to seek career opportunities.
    If you’re skilled at browsing the web, you can capitalize on your search prowess to locate desirable companies, find open positions that aren’t posted on national job boards, and even get contact information for managers and recruiters. Get creative with your search terms to include cities, specific job titles, skills and other terms that will help you drill down to finding the ideal job.
    Social Media and Web Browsing are Valuable Career SkillsBeyond the idea that you can use social media and the web to find your next candidate or your next job, these skills prove valuable in a variety of careers in today’s competitive business world. Businesses are always looking for candidates with versatile skillsets, and social media knowledge is in high demand.
    If an employer finds you via social media, you’ve already proven that you’ve got the know-how to set up a sophisticated, visually appealing profile—which might just be that extra something that lands you the job over the next candidate. Likewise, if you’ve gone above and beyond to find out about an available job that wasn’t posted, your future employer will likely be impressed by your research capabilities.
    There’s no question that the Internet, especially social networking, has changed the job search. Gone are the days of printing dozens of resumes and stuffing envelopes in hopes of landing your next job. Today, you can do it all—and even interview—via the web. Put your web browsing and social media knowledge to work for yourself and land your dream job.

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    Are you looking to generate the most revenue you can with your ecommerce page? Crafting the best Ecommerce page on the web will surely get your business noticed for the right reasons. Ecommerce website developmententails some SEO tactics, user-friendly navigation and design, and clear purchase pathways. Continue reading on to learn a few tactics to craft a kick-ass ecommerce website.
    Clear Product Information
    If a potential customer reaches your ecommerce websiteyou want to make sure they stay there. Decrease bounce rate and increase conversions by providing clear and concise product information. This includes pictures of the product(s), its function, name, and price. Answer all of those frequently asked questions about your products before a new customer has to ask them, or leaves to find the information on a competitor site!
    Be sure to also include:
    Warranty information
    Complementary products
    Tell Your Shoppers Who You Are
    Ecommerce webpages are a common point of entry on any website. When a potential customer clicks on your ecommerce page, make sure your brand is prominent throughout the navigation and content. Your top navigation will help people recognize the brand, get a sense for the style and the details of what your business is. With clear navigation, shoppers can easily scan your site if they need more information. Don’t forget to include a search bar on your ecommerce website!
    Don’t Forget About SEO
    By having an ecommerce page directly on your website, you have the power to apply SEO procedures and keep those users on your website; some third-part ecommerce sites don’t have the ability to be SEO-friendly. Professional ecommerce website development companiestie in SEO best practices within your website in order to drive well-qualified online shoppers to your ecommerce page. Key-worded content is crucial on an ecommerce website because Google and other search engines need content to scrape in order to lead users directly to your website.
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  30. п»їHe Stole My Laptop – Now He’s in Jail

    About a year ago, I was making my way through TSA security at San Antonio International Airport heading to Houston on a 5:30 a.m. flight. Going through security changed significantly after 9/11, and we are now required to remove our laptop from our bag and place it in a separate bin.

    I made it to the security checkpoint about 4:50 a.m., and I began the routine that I’ve done hundreds of times before: take off my jacket, remove my shoes and belt, place the laptop in the bin, and so on. The issue here is that I’m too used to the process that I often take it for granted.

    Stealing the Laptop
    At some point during the security process, a couple placed their two bins between my property, essentially separating my MacBook Pro from me. I made it to the other side of the x-ray machine, collected my belongings, and headed to my gate. After arriving at the United Airlines aircraft, I decided to review some work on my laptop. I reached into my roller bag – no laptop!

    I had a few minutes before the final call was made for the flight, so I decided to run back to the security checkpoint. I checked with TSA, but there was no MacBook Pro. I began thinking that I left it at home, but knew that was highly unlikely.

    The Video
    After arriving in Houston for my seminar, I called the San Antonio Airport Police, and they retrieved the video for the period I passed through security. The video revealed that a middle-aged man behind the couple grabbed the laptop and put it in his bag.

    The police officer on the phone said stated, “This is a good theft.” I guess this means that the evidence was clear.

    With the person’s face on video, the airport police tracked the individual to his gate. Interestingly, he was on my flight to Houston, and connecting to Las Vegas. I submitted a police report, but was told that little could be done. They were not going to spend the resources to extradite someone from Las Vegas for a computer theft.

    The San Antonio Police Department did inform me, thought, that if this thief returned to Texas, he could be in legal trouble. In early December 2012, he was arrested in San Antonio. I’m unsure what led to the arrest, but it’s likely a traffic violation.

    For stealing a laptop that is valued at more than $1,500, this individual is now facing a felony charge. When I last spoke with the prosecutor’s representative, I was told that it could take several months before the case is tried. He’ll have to sit in jail until the trial date, or the judge grants probation.

    An interesting piece to this story is that several weeks before the theft, I spilled real hot Starbucks coffee on the MacBook. The search function was too slow, and it took nearly five minutes to boot. In fact, I had already purchased a new one, but was slowly migrating to it.

    Stealing a laptop is a risky proposition. It’s even more risky, and perhaps stupid, to steal one at a major international airport where many cameras are watching our every move.

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