Use of Animation in Advertisement

The promotion of a product or service in the general public is advertisement.  It aims to increase the profit of a business or concern. A good advertisement holds the attention of the consumer for a specific product. That is why advertisements are made attractive to attract the notice of the customer.

The use of animation in advertisement is to make it more interesting and unique.  The other major advantage in using animation is that it’s completely limitless. If I want my character to grow taller than Eiffel Tower after taking a sip of a health drink, it’s only possible to do through animation. This is the beauty of creative tools and technology that we have. Moreover, animation helps to understand and explain the subject quicker and better than the real-time videos. Thus animation in our advertisement makes it more entertaining eye catchy and indulges the consumer to get involved in the product. Somewhere it hits them at the back of their mind. People love to watch and remember the most entertaining videos. Recent studies shows that the funny promotional videos are the most shared content in social media and are most talked about too.

In the following link Vodafone tries to express their product in the best way using 3D animation:

This is the funniest ad of Castrol Power1 Racing two-wheeler oil promo. In this 2D animation video Castrol describes their product:

The following link is an animation ad film by Coca Cola. Through this video they try to beautifully show the love for their product even for the insects:

The reason why we are discussing advertisement media in our Maac Kolkata blog is to make our reader aware of the scope and reach of animation at different sector. It is no more limited to only film industry but its implementation has spread all across different media which make us feel if somebody is trying to make a career out of animation this is the right time and right market to hit. The animation industry in Kolkata as well as pan India is growing since its need and requirement for skilled professional are also growing over the years.

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