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First impressions can make or break a brand! It is very crucial for any company to put emphasis on branding of their products or services to attract the public. Branding is only possible with good grasp on graphic design. Graphic designing is a form of art conveying messages through visual content created by professionals. It involves composing and arranging various visual elements and focuses on the logic of presenting them in interactive designs.

The 8 significant elements of graphic design are as follows-

  • Page layout techniques
  • Shape
  • Typography
  • Imagery
  • Texture
  • Space
  • Color scheme
  • Alignment and,
  • Form

Designing a poster or flyer for an event, layout of a brochure or magazine, packaging of commodities are all instances of graphic design.

Today in fact, all of us are connected to practicing the various forms of graphic design in our daily lives- whether it’s adding text to an image for social media platforms or color-coding a spreadsheet, etc.

Graphic design is also Emotional Design as it can evoke an emotional reciprocal from the observer or even excite the person to take prompt action.  The true purpose of graphic design is to convey or intensify a message. E.g. The objective of designing a “LOG IN/ SIGN IN” page of a website is to allure viewers to join the email list or enroll for a free- trial. On the other hand, packaging designs for food products are created in a way to make the edible inside look more appetizing.

There are more than 500,000 graphic designers working worldwide. According to a statistical report by IBIS World, the graphic design market expanded from 35.7 billion (2013)-44.3billion (2019). Since 2022, the international graphic design market has grown to around 43.4billion. This industry has made a remarkable growth worldwide by 3.7% between 2022-2023.

graphic design

The leading graphic design trends in 2023 are as under:

  • 90s nostalgia
  • 2D &3D mashup
  • Fluorescent color palettes
  • Cloud motifs
  • Embossed packaging
  • Noisy gradients

A report by Datanzye reveals a few most renowned graphic design software solutions by market share as listed below:

  • Photoshop-43.81%
  • Indesign-28.7%
  • Illustrator- 14.5%
  • Sketchup- 3.9%
  • Coreldraw-2%
  • Canva-1.8%

Now it might strike you, how is it possible to jump so high within such a short span of time- for that, we have to first understand who employs the graphic designers and sectors they work in. The biggest company for the graphic designers in the US are:

  • 19% Self-employed / freelance workers
  • 9% Specialized design assistances
  • 9% Advertising, PR& related  service providers
  • 7% Printing and related support assistance
  • 5% Journal, newspaper, archive publishers

An interesting fact of the graphic design industry is when it comes to gender, it is noticeably the most balanced industry where 50.2% are female graphic designers and 49.8% are male graphic designers. Media seems to be the second largest industry hiring graphic designers accounting for 14% of most of the jobs in the space.

The Economic Times reveals that Paula Graham Gazzard, director of UK-based Contemporary Visual Arts Network, at a three-day event at the Kochi Design Week stated -“By 2020, the potential market for design in India is expected to be Rs. 188.32 billion. The number of designers required by 2020 in India’s industrial, graphic, communication, packaging and other design domains is potentially 62,000.There are around 7,000 qualified designers in India with perhaps 5,000 studying design.” Graphic design industry in India would be experiencing a huge transformation leading to an estimated growth rate of 7.3% CAGR by 2023, paving way for big opportunities at hand.

The rapid development of social media and e-commerce has led to competitive visual content creation which has further generated a flourishing market for the graphic designers in India. The graphic design industry is constantly changing with the evolution of new technologies.

Here are the statistics highlighting the career prospects in the existing graphic design industry.

  • IBISWorld-2020 reveals that freelance graphic designers occupy 90% of the entire industry participation.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019 states that the employment of graphic designers in the field of computerized designs is expected to increase 20% within 2016-2026.

In 2023 the demand for graphic designers will grow further. As The Guardian states, this profession is expected to expand by 9% from 2012 to 2022. The reason for the high demand of graphic designers is the constantly evolving digital age.


Importance of Taking Graphic Design Courses

Graphic design is the right choice for people wanting to choose a creative field. In a prospering digital field, if you have the right skills, then you can find stable work, choose your clients, work independently or in a MNC firm and above all, you can function from any location at your own convenience.

People can work in diversified creative areas like fashion designing, animation, interior designing.

For beginners, the design market has many opportunities as well and you can also learn new graphic design softwares while on the job.

Let’s take a look at some industry facts:

The Interior Design and Fashion Retail industries are expected to achieve a growth of 8.5 and 9.7 percent, respectively. It is predicted that springing fields such as animation, mobile advertising, PC designs, video editing, etc. would be getting popular by 2028.

Designers can perform in a diverse industry having a wide extent of options- either working with an extensive range of clientele on various projects or specializing in a specific area of interest.

Graphic Designers do not live a monotonous life. They function in a very dynamic environment. Incorporating innovation into their creativity every day is a fresh challenge that keeps them on their toes.

Graphic Design can help enhance your problem-solving skills.

It is not the size of the design project that matters to make a striking difference. It is about how professionally and successfully you showcase your work and convey a message that can attract the right people.

Graphic Design is beyond just an exquisite design- its an art form initiating communication between your venture and your audience.

Let’s check out a few reasons why Graphic Designing is important for your brand.

  1. First Impressions is impactful: a visitor communicating with your brand will establish a mood for your remaining business relationship. This is established through the visual marketing material or first glance interaction with your services or products.
  2. Structured communication of concepts: incorporating infographics (combination of text and visuals) today is a great approach to sum-up necessary information that your viewers would normally skip.
  3. Consistency boosts Reliability: Despite what domain you are working in, your clients will always treat you as a responsible authority when they find you addressing a problem and rectifying critical areas in your creative content.
  4. Conveying your message to the audience: every brand has its own story. Graphic designing deals with transmitting that unique story or USP (user selling propositions) to your existing and future clients. Choosing the right color scheme and font are the basic design decisions that help you deliver messages both with emotions and clarity supporting your brand message.

A “Logo” is not a mere piece of design but is considered to be a primary aspect while forming a business. It is the prime object that provides information about products or services that your company sells or offers. It is not just attaching a logo to a design, but also having respective email id/brochure/ads created with respect to using specific fonts and colors while maintaining the graphic standards that your consumers are habituated to seeing.

 graphic designing

MAAC Courses & Graphic Design Career Opportunities

Let us take a look at the graphic design courses that MAAC provides.


Program in Graphics, Web Designing & 2D Animation (DGWA) Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design(APDMD) Program in Print Web & 3D Animation(DPW3D)
Course tenure: 12 months Course tenure: 16 months Course tenure: 18 months
i.                    Concept of graphic & illustration.

ii.                  Graphic Design, Image editing, Video editing.

iii.                Web page designing.

iv.                Interactive designing.

v.                  Digital 2D animation, etc.


i.                    JQuery integration.

ii.                  Page layout.

iii.                Concept of content management system.

iv.                Fundamental of Java script.

v.                  Interactive digital publication, etc.

i.                    Website Development

ii.                  3D Modeling

iii.                Motion Graphics

iv.                Lighting

v.                  Texturing, etc.

There is a high demand for graphic designers with digital talents across several industries. Design is a necessity for all businesses.

Following are some eligibility criterion for Graphic designers:

  • Anyone who has completed Std. X & XII in Arts/Science/Commerce can enroll themselves for graphic designing courses.
  • Graduates with a +2 in any discipline are eligible to pursue this
  • Basic requirement is a Bachelor’s degree to a graphic design program at the Post graduation level.
  • Besides selecting color schemes and visual styles a graphic designer must be able to think creatively.

Skills Required in Graphic Design:

  • Typography
  • A keen eye to address details
  • Abstract thinking and strong customer service
  • Anyone having good drawing skills is an added advantage in graphic designing jobs.
  • Ability to accept constructive criticism
  • Adaptability to  current trends
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Branding
  • Maintenance of work consistency and ability to enhance credibility

5 most familiar graphic design careers are,

  • Brand design (E.g. designing logo, product designing, creating templates)
  • Illustration design (E.g. t-shirts, children’s books, cards, websites)
  • Web design (E.g. creating videos and gifs, designing icons and buttons, working with web development, UX/UI)
  • Textile and surface design (E.g. fabrics/wallpapers/ carpets)
  • Marketing design (E.g. emails/print ads/website assets)

You can check out some graphic design career and job opportunities in Kolkata


 5 reasons why you should choose graphic designer as a career

  • High demand of design.
  • Exploring and learning new concepts and ideas on a daily basis.
  • Collaborative work with cream corporations (Apple, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, etc.).
  • You can see others getting inspiration from your work displayed in public.
  • Salary range for freshers may vary between Rs. 2-3 LPA, along with which working on freelance projects can also help you earn some extra money.



Speaking of the best 3D Animation and Visual Effect Training Institute the name that strikes our mind first is MAAC. To provide future graphic designers the right platform & training, we have branches at Chowringhee, Rashbehari, Ultadanga and South Extension in Delhi.

MAAC has provided training over 3000 students among which 1000 have been successfully placed.

MAAC Academy uses high-end computers, and other equipment for training students. MAAC has invested in the state-of-the-art infrastructure in-sync with the requirements of global animation & VFX industry, thus creating an ‘on-the-job’ ambience in the class.

Web Designing Courses and Graphic Designing Courses are also our areas of specialization. The mentioned courses are structured keeping in mind the technological needs and current industry requirements.

There is a gradual increase of requirement for web designers and graphic designers as people need to develop their own websites almost regularly.


This has led to the creation of huge opportunities for budding graphic designers as they can now work as freelance web and graphic designers due to there being a lack of experienced web designers.

In Kolkata, MAAC has been ranked as the most popular and preferred web designing and Graphic designing institutes.

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