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The term motion capture suit may appear as a new term to all of us. To know this firstly we need to know that what a motion capture is. Motion capture may be found in Indian movies. A good example of motion capture is Om Raut’s Adipurush. It was a big budget adaption of Ramayana, the film stars Prabash and Saif Ali Khan in their lead roles. Motion capture technology allows the actor to record their movement and performances then it is used to animate digital version of their characters. This technique was more modernised by films like Sinbad, Beyond the Veil of Mists and Avatar. Mocap is widely used in video game production. In this world of mocap animation a new suit is now available in the market.

Motion Capture suit is probably one of the best inventions generally made for movies and videogames. It generally brings to practical life the characters that are only present in a fantasy world as it is movable and striding like real stuff. Such technology helps us to make a good connection with the audience  and it helps to narrate the story in a more interesting way. The motion capture suit helps to send 3d programmes to the computer. The 3d character will then follow the movement exactly as shown  as it was captured from the suit.

Dress to impress digitally

A mocap suit is a device that an actor wears to help them to record each single movement they make. It is fitted to the actor which helps them in properly placing the markers like dots or LEDS. The updated versions are nowadays using sensors rather than just markers to track the movement of the actor. These characters are tracked by specialized cameras where the movements are being sent to the computer using motion capture software. The larger number of cameras that might be used for motion tracking the more precise the outcome will be. A skeleton is generated in the computer that moves in real-time and the action recorded will be used in 3d characters.

motion capture suit

If once the movements are recorded and transmitted into the computer, the VFX artists will then clean the shots for any abnormalities, bumps, or jitters due to occlusion, reflection or glitches. Beside a mocap suit a head mounted gear is very much essential for a full motion capture experience. This technique is facial capture where it generally records the actor’s experience. This mocap suit antimicrobial and highly breathable thus provides performers a great comfortable freedom of movement and comfort while they are shooting for a long time. The general cost of mocap suit is between Rs 25000 to Rs 500000. Motion capture suit are generally expensive. A motion capture suit is a  wearable device that generally records the body movement of the person who wears it. Some of the suits also work as haptic suits.

Qualisys Motion capture suits

The result of collaboration with fashion industry disruptors ATACAC is a game changing suit that offers both scientific accuracy and lasting comfort. It was generally designed using kinetic garment construction principle and it is made from light weight functional fabric. The carefully tailored suit covers the actor and thus reacts to their natural movement. This gives more practical results and ensures that markers stay put, thus using less Velcro for enhanced comfort and breathability. The main features of Mocap suits are lightweight, comfortable design. It is available in six colours custom, colour sizes, breathable fabric. It is designed for precision through extensive R&D. Customized tailor made size is available. It has optimal breath ability due to Velcro placement.

Rokoko Smart Suit Pro

The smart suit is regarded as one of the most popular mocap suits. It is manufactured from nylon based fabric that is mainly designed for high level of performance and durability level Rokoko smart suit fits all body types This mocap suit utilizes 19  inertial measurement unit for whole body tracking. Its IMU is called 9DOF that means a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnometer which is used to render full spatial as well as rotational tracking data. Its real time streaming may be done at 100fps and it is indeed a platform for supporting CSV, BVH, and FBX file formats. To use the Rokoko suit one need to put it on as regular clothing. One needs to download the Rokoko studio and then calibrate the system in around five seconds. The calibration process will just require only five second.

motion capture suit

Perception neuron 2.O

This suit is often compared to Rokoko perception neuron. It offers an affordable and adaptive motion capture system. It uses one of the smallest IMU in the world.

Tech Specs of perception neuron

This suit may be available at RS 1499000 and it is one of the cheapest brands nowadays. Perception neuron generally consists of anti slip trap a secured sensor locking system and reinforced cables. Before using the suit one might be asked to install Noitom Axis neuron software which may be downloaded from its website. One needs to wear the straps and connect it to the cables. If one wants to go wirelesses while sending the data to the computer making sure to connect a power bank to the hub. One must be diligent in taking care of the neurons as they are very much sensitive and they are prone to get magnetized.

XSens MVN Suit

With its hardware version MVN Awinda and MVN link Xsens offers a better option to both Perception Neuron and Rokoko products. This XSens has been regarded as Neurons closest rival when being consistently compared to Rokoko. Tech Specs of Xsens MVN- MVN Awinda is often compared to Perception nerons network as it uses 17 wireless sensors that fit one’s body via adjustable straps. MVN links operates 17 wireless tracks of the same sensor quality by using a Lycra suit very much like the Smart suit Pro. To get started one need the adjustable straps of the Lycra suit. Set up may be quickly done within 10 minutes and since its portable one may track it from anywhere with lab quality motion data. But it requires a greater budget than choosing Rokoko suit or perception neuron though it is very much expensive than a typical mocap rip. This suit performances won’t be affected by magnetic field.

motion capture

There are various other mocap suit available in the market. However choosing the best suit depends on preference budget requirement. So one should keep a good balance between all these above criteria.

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