Animation is the process of creating continuous motion and shape change illusion. It involves the frequent display of a sequence of static image that minimally differ from each other. Cartoon animation has a great effect on a child’s mind because children love to watch cartoon. They prefer to watch cartoon on television rather than involving in any physical activity. With the rapid development of new media production techniques as well as the growing popularity of animation, we have just stepped into animation era; the domestic and international animation market has growing prosperity.

Animation has become an essential thing in preschool children life. The animation movies convey the idea of work through distinct art form, the protagonist language, behavior etc in the film may promote preschool children’s development of cognition, understanding the world, cultivating the personality, and enhancing their formation of correct values and behaviours. However the violent elements in many famous animations may also influence a children’s aggressive behaviour. That has a very negative impact on the child’s behavioural development and character formation. The long term association of children in animation might lead to problem such as being unsocial, self-centred, and weak interpersonal relationship. Animation has a great impact on preschool children social development.

animation effect on children

In 1927 Disney produced the first sound animated ‘’Steam boat Wille’’ and since then animation has become very much famous in the world. According to a research on the influence of mass media on children the mass media is the fourth education power besides a children’s family school and peer groups. Animation forms a major part of mass media. Animation has a socialization function which may influence the viewer’s behaviour and moral development through emotional interaction with the viewer and the image. The preschool children generally live in the cooperative stage of cognitive development. This stage forms an essential part of child’s physical and physiological development. They are generally filled with inquisitively for new things. They have their on consciousness and emotion. They generally try to analyse the world with symbols. Nowadays animation has its presence in every single corner of our lives.

Children are exposed to different form of media from animated cartoons to different form of education material that are generally animated nowadays. These animated forms of things have some good as well as bad effect. Children are very much addicted to animated 3d cartoons nowadays. But watching this animated cartoon has some bad effect as well some good effect.

Impact Of Animation Discussed Below-

Animated cartoons generally normalize violence and represent it in such a way it seems common and acceptable. Repetitive unpunished and realistic violence is generally mimicked by children. Violent cartoons may lead to disobedient nervous and aggressive tendencies. Animated cartoons may not contribute to the mental upliftment of a children as they may become less sympathetic to his or her near and dear ones sorrow pain and violence. Animated cartoon characters may appear to the child as real life role. The aggression shown may be internalized. Many children after watching horror animated cartoons may feel scared to go to dark or lonely places after watching horror movie. The children may come to the opinion after watching horror cartoon that killing the enemy is the exact thing to do.

animated cartoon

Violent animated cartoon leads to anti social behaviour. There is some positive effect of watching animated cartoon film. They might come to know about the world. They might improve one’s vocabulary and language acquisition. They might understand the rules of the society. Animated cartoon might help them to develop thinking and imagination, problem solving and creativity. One might imitate the positive characteristics of healthy role model. It is a great source of stress relief and enjoyment. Animated cartoons might help in development of prosocial behaviour such as helping the elderly and underprivileged.

Developing moral values such as sharing and being fair. They learn about dangers in the environment. There is active presence of animation on tablets smart phones, video games and advertisements. Watching animated content in media may lead to some addiction. Such as the blue whale game. It might also lead to smoking drinking, other habits. It may encourage racial gender, and other stereotypes. Excessive media consumption may lead to irregular attention capacity, sleep and social emotional development. It may affect academic performance.

Children might have wrong idea of sexual activity and risk involved. It may lead to inappropriate sexual behaviour. Young children are influenced by countless animated advertisement that promote unhealthy, fatty sugary, food. In education system the visual component of learning is a huge factor in the understanding of learning system concept and tool. Animation may explain complex information or process in a simple and entertaining and marvellous way. Animation is created with a view of simplifying abstract concept with visually enhancing design that helps the learner to filter their knowledge and to understand important subject matters.

animated cartoon effecting children

This is done with the help of animated characters who guide the students through complex information or by using engaging visual designs that generally support key messages. Animation helps the children to match their concepts with images which make a permanent impact in their mind. It is easier for students to process load of information with right visual that are available support the text. Strong design which is aided by design may help the student comprehension. E learning has the capability of having more impaction text and audio based explanation. Animation helps to turn abstract concept and processes into something more tangible and relatable. Visual stimuli may help to enhance emotional response which may form a memory.

The more the learning is engaged in a child’s long term memory the better is the whole term performance. With very much little time in school animation is one of the effective ways of imparting education. With some many distractions for students animated content for studying is one of the best ways to impart education. Animated content high accessibility.  A student may learn in their devices in their own time and space. Student response to visual text is more than ordinary text.

animation cartoon

These are some of the effective way animation is used in society. Animation might be very much helpful to the child. But everything in society has good and bad effects. If animation is utilized properly it may have good effect on children. It might help them in their studies and other kind of activities. If it is utilized not in a proper way it may be harmful to the children.

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