Five Breathtaking Occupation For Graphic Designers

Graphic Designer @Animation Kolkata

Graphic Design is the process of using images and texts to communicate information and ideas.

Graphic Designer is a professional person in Graphic Art Industry who combines images

and texts to create a piece of design.

Graphic Designers need to be up to date with the latest software and computer


Salary of a Graphic Designer is determined by the experience level and the company or studio where they are employed.

A Graphic Designer can choose any of these jobs as career option:

Graphic Designer @Animation Kolkata

Web Designer

A Web Designer plays an important role in the development of a website by creating

pages, layout and graphics for web pages.

A Web Designer makes decisions about what content should be included on a web page, where to place graphics, text, navigation and makes sure continuity from one web page to the next.

Web Designers mostly depends on Hypertext and Hypermedia resources including

HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and more web design tools. Cascading Style Sheets

(css) is used to create uniform style and colour scheme throughout an entire website.

The need for the talented Web Designers in multimedia industry has increased in the

recent years.

Web Designers are skilled in various higher-level programming languages that are used

to create scripts for the Web.

Web design has become an attractive business as more and more companies create Websites.

Graphic Designer @Animation Kolkata


An Animator creates multiple images, known as frames, which give an illusion of movement when played in rapid succession.

Animators work in the field of Television, Movies and Commercials. Creating detail images frame by frame needs effort, skill and talent. Animators work on 2Dimensional or 3Dimensional Animation.

3D Animators job is to bring movement in the 3D objects, whereas 2D Animators sketches still images and gives them movement in X and Y Axis.

Lots of drawing, sketching, colour adjustment, painting and minute detailing is required in Animation.

Learning Animation is a long time process, so the Animator needs to be patient.

Animators see the world in a different way compare to average persons and they should study real life.

3D Animators work on the software like ‘Maya’ or 3D Max which is more complex than pencil and paper, Whereas 2D Animators work with software like ‘Flash’, ‘Photoshop’ and other.

An Animator needs to have good communication skills, so that he/she can convey ideas to the colleagues or clients.

To become a successful Animator lot of practice needed and one should have willingness to learn new things.

Graphic Designer @Animation Kolkata

Graphic Designer @Animation Kolkata

Art Director

An Art Director works with visual style and images in various fields of Media and Communication Industry such as advertising, book publishing, Film industry, Newspaper and Magazine.

An Art Director has to study Graphic Design, Photography and Drawing.

An Art Director in Movie or Theatre creates the set design, set props and each and every visual detail. He or She needs to understand the concept of the Producer or Director of the Movie. Art Directors work on the budget and time provided by the producers.

In Film Industry Art Director works directly below the Production Designer along with Set Designer and Set Decorator.

Art Directors can hire and remain responsible for Assistant Art Directors.

Art Directors work on Television dramas, commercials as well as films. I

n a big budget film, Art Director works 4-5 months before shooting starts.

They analyze the script to identify all props or special items required for the film.

Specially designed Apple Computers are favourite of all Art Directors.

In the Publishing house, Art Director manages the page Layout, Typography, design of the cover and illustrations.

In the field of Advertising, Art Director makes sure that their Client message and image is conveyed to the consumers.

The Art Director is responsible for the visual aspects and the copywriter is responsible for the textual content.

They work together as a Creative Team.

According to the study, demand for Art Director will continue to grow in the various Media Fields.

Graphic Designer @Animation Kolkata

Game Designer

Increasing demand in video games like Play Station, Xbox 360, Computer Desktop gaming, Smartphone gaming Apps have expanded the field of Video Game Design.

The Game designer very much like the director of a film controls the artistic and technical part of the game.

A Game designer needs to be passionate about game, technical skills and creativity. Game designing is among the fastest growing careers in America.

Game Designers spend a lot of times in the virtual classroom for online students, who learn new skills to keep the Gaming Industry progressive.

In the past few years many well-known Universities, Colleges and Private Schools have added Video Game-related degree programs.

Game design degrees at various schools include game design, game development as well as computer science degree with specializations in game design.

One who wants to create Android Smartphone Games should learn programming language Java and Android OS, whereas game development for Apple iOS operating system requires Objective-C.

Game Designers will learn about animation, computer science and programming, advanced math or algebra.

The Game Designer will have to imagine the story plot and create interesting characters to keep the players motivated and challenged.

Graphic Designer @Animation Kolkata

Packaging Designer

Each product comes to the market with proper packaging and in the packaging industry some person designs and creates the package.

A good Graphic designer can earn specialization in product packaging.

A Packaging Designer selects colours, illustrations, shapes for the packaging.

To learn about packaging, one needs to study Brand Development, Typography, Packaging Materials, Computer Graphics and Design.

Graduate programs are available if anyone wishes to gain a deeper knowledge of design, brand development, marketing and communications.

They spend a lot of time in communicating with their clients to get the clear picture of the clients demand.

Packaging Designer makes effort to create the packaging attractive, so that the consumer cannot ignore it and hence the selling of the product increases.

The colour, graphics and typography all affect the buying decisions of the consumers.

Packaging Designer promotes the product and helps to make the brand stand in the market.

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