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VR & AR At Animation Institute Kolkata

Today here in this blog our focus will be on VR and AR Technology.

Technologies have made our lives hassle free.

Day by day more sophisticated gadgets are opening the doors for new possibilities.

We will look in detail what are Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are about artificial or virtual reality; they open up a completely different virtual world in front of us with the help of some high-tech gadgets.

A lot of creativity and imagination gets involved in developing this virtual world.

In the near future advancement in digital reality will provide us more natural and intuitive ways of technology to better our lives.

Our interaction with digital information will be dependable on emotions and gestures instead of hardware or screens.

Experiencing Virtual Reality

VR & AR At Animation Institute Kolkata

Virtual means ‘near’ and reality means what we experience as human beings; so virtual reality means near-reality or almost-real.

We perceive the reality through sense organs; our experience of reality is combination of sensory information and virtual reality helps to perceive the version of reality as real.

A person using virtual reality headsets can look around the 3D virtual world and can interact with the virtual features.

The VR headsets with head-mounted display can give experience of anything at anywhere and anytime.

Big companies like Facebook and Google are investing millions into Virtual Reality Companies to make VR as the pillar of our everyday lives.

VR users with headsets, headphones and hand controllers can interact with the 3D world by simulating the senses.

Virtual Reality Merging With Imagination

VR & AR At Animation Institute Kolkata

VR is widely used in VR Gaming.

Mesmerising visual contents of the virtual reality gaming world is entertaining all age group players from all over the world.

Players can feel the sense of involvement with the virtual world with their sense organs.

Beyond gaming virtual reality has prospect in education, fashion to healthcare.

VR & AR At Animation Institute Kolkata

People no longer go to showrooms to try on clothes instead they can see their selected clothes on virtual humans or models within the VR device.

VR fashion enables the users to import 3D scan of their own bodies and check how a garment would look and fit on their body; whether the garment was too tight or loose.

In fashion industry VR is a hit with customers as it enables them to make more informed buying decisions.

VR & AR At Animation Institute Kolkata

VR has great possibilities in classrooms where children can take virtual field trips such as solar system in order to get the concepts in more easy ways.

Learning is not restricted to textbooks anymore; visual learning has opened the door for whole new levels.

VR & AR At Animation Institute Kolkata

Virtual tours to stadiums through VR have made the sports events more immersive than previous.

3D modelled fine tuned gaming scenario highlights various aspects of a sportsperson’s technique.

Other than sports VR has been incorporated into automobile design process and some flights allows passengers to wear VR headsets to watch movies in 3D.

VR enthusiasts are looking forward to this burgeoning industry.

Experiencing Augmented Reality

VR & AR At Animation Institute Kolkata

Where virtual reality creates a totally artificial environment augmented reality uses existing reality and overlays new information on top of it.

AR helps to gather digital information over the user’s real world.

Augmented Reality deals with real and virtual combined environments where human can interact with computer graphics with the help of head mounted device or headsets.

Augmented Reality was first introduced into entertainment and gaming business.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile game that uses the mobile device GPS (Global Positioning System) to locate virtual Pokémon in the player’s real world location.

This technology is used to enhance natural surroundings and offers visually enriched experiences.

AR makes the real world interactive.

It has lot of potential in gathering and sharing of knowledge.

AR expands our physical world and adds layers of digital information on that.

AR adds sound, videos and graphics to the existing environment.

Through augmented reality innovative companies are trying more to find solutions to enhance human productivity and performance.

Applications Of Augmented Reality

VR & AR At Animation Institute Kolkata

According to experts by 2025 AR industry will be worth over $25 Billion.

Application of AR has been expended from healthcare to real estate.

Already doctors use AR technology in the hospitals as guidance for surgery and other aspects.

AR helps to display anatomy of patients; muscular, nervous and skeleton system can be displayed using this technology.

VR & AR At Animation Institute Kolkata

It helps to design the indoor of the home.

You can actually place virtual objects on the real places to see how it will look before buying the furniture.

One can choose the right furniture and interior accessories by using AR.

VR & AR At Animation Institute Kolkata

AR has immense power in farming and agricultural field.

It is efficient enough to spot possible issues with plants and can alert the farmers before time.

AR system can track the entire field to detect the presence of pests and insects; more advanced system can even differentiate between useful insects and harmful pets.

AR is capable of doing land examination by analyzing soil properties.

It can also analyse data to create better irrigation plans.

Augmented Reality technology make changes in the way people work.

Unlike VR; AR is more like utility tool rather than entertainment tool.

AR industry is developing very fast and with the development of smart glasses this industry will be multi-billion dollar industry.

VR And AR Hand In Hand

VR & AR At Animation Institute Kolkata

Both VR and AR have immense possibilities in the entertainment world.

They have opened new ways for brands to engage with customers; consumers can interact with new products in more immersive ways.

Through intense visualization both VR and AR can provide detailed trainings and educations to the employees of high risk job sectors like aeronautics, Mining etc.

VR and AR have great possibilities in removing distance barriers for remote employees to easily access data from anywhere in the world.

Real state managers and architectures can use this powerful technology to bring their designs into life.

Both VR and AR has become indispensable tool to interact with customers.

In the coming years Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is the new face of business.

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