Magic Of Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka

Chhota Bheem at Best animation institute Kolkata

We as an audience have witnessed the journey of Chhota Bheem and his friends so far on the television series as well as on the movie screens.

Today in this blog let’s take a glimpse of 3D Hindi Movie: Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka which released in the month of May 2019.

Yash Raj Films distributed this movie in two different languages i.e Hindi and English.

This film is directed by Rajiv Chilaka and Binayak Das whereas produced by Green Gold Animations Company.

The duration of this film is 97 minutes and it is the 4th theatrical movie of Chhota Bheem.

The speciality about this movie is that it is 3D movie with lot of effects.

Power-Packed Cute Animated Characters

Kung Fu Dhamaka at Best animation institute Kolkata

This time too Chhota Bheem appeared in front of us with his whole gang of friends from Dholakpur.

It is a three-dimensional movie with all the previous characters crafted in 3D software.

Bheem is packed with more strength than ever in the Kingdom of China.

The beginning of the movie shows Bheem practicing the martial art of Kung Fu and the King of Dholakpur wants Bheem to take part in the world’s prestigious martial arts events in China.

Chhota Bheem and his team reached China to participate in the emperor’s annual martial art competition.

The Emperor Jian, Ming, Kia and Zuhu are the new characters in this movie along with others.

Zuhu the nephew of the emperor attacks with his mysterious army and kidnaps Princess Kia at the middle of the martial art competition

Kung Fu Dhamaka at Best animation institute Kolkata

Every object has the touch of Chinese culture in this movie.

In the above image we can see the faces of dragons on the chair and the colour red has been used widely in the frames.

Princess Kia is the pretty happy child of emperor Jian until Zuhu kidnaps her.

She looks beautiful in her silky clothes and ornaments.

Brave Ming a naughty Chinese martial art student in red robe puts his life at risk to rescue princess Kia.

All the 3D characters look amazing in their new fighting attire and gestures.

The 3D effects of this film are as good as any Hollywood animated adventure film.

Kung Fu Dhamaka at Best animation institute Kolkata

Each of the friend’s of Chhota Bheem; Raju, Chutki, Jaggu monkey, Kalia, Dholu, Bholu are transformed to 3D from 2D in this action packed movie.

The eyelids of the characters, 3D laddoos, the tilak on the forehead and every minute detail has been taken care of.

With the addition of belts at the waists and the bands at the wrists the little fighters appeared much smarter than before.

Kung Fu Dhamaka at Best animation institute Kolkata

Their flying kicks, punches, Kung Fu moves, jumps, blocks are full of thrills and excitements.

The well-designed action sequences are quite relevant to the storyline.

Each frame is appealing and voices are matched with the casts perfectly.

Killer Kung Fu moves and the great amount of fun are the driving force behind this movie.

Chhota Bheem In New Avatar

Kung Fu Dhamaka at Best animation institute Kolkata

Founder and CEO of Green Gold Animation Rajiv Chilaka said that this movie is a blender of team effort and hard work over the last few years.

3D modeled animated popular character Chhota Bheem is more powerful and fashionable in this movie.

With Tiger Claw Kung Fu technique Bheem looks much smarter than before.

Through this movie Green Gold Studio made an impact on the quality of Indian Animation throughout the world.

Kung Fu Dhamaka at Best animation institute Kolkata

Our little hero Bheem looks very dashing in the new 3D avatar within this movie.

Every artist at Green Gold Studio put their best in creating this enthralling feature film.

Colourful and vibrant visuals of every shot passed through the hands of talented animators of the studio.

Whole movie has been made in 3D version with the background of China where Bheem and his friends faced adventures.

Rohan Malhotra of Yash Raj Films said that “We are happy of our partnership with Green Gold Animation Studio as Chhota Bheem is the very popular animation character among Indian kids today. We are excited about the 3D extravaganza”.

The Villainous Demon: Zuhu

Kung Fu Dhamaka at Best animation institute Kolkata

Every frame of this movie is a visual delight with solid 3D effects.

Zuhu: The demon is the main culprit in this animated film; he has been highlighted with mind-blowing visual effects.

Zuhu in black coloured dress with big sword returns after being banished from the kingdom with the intention to kidnap princess Kia.

The evil demon kidnaps princess and takes away all the powers from her that she possessed.

Bheem chases Zuhu to rescue princess Kia and frees the people whom Zuhu kept as his slaves.

Visual effects are used to show the energy forces and powers coming out of hands of Zuhu and Chhota Bheem.

The villainous character Zuhu rides a 3D horse with blue eyes in this story.

This movie has full of adventurous plots, exciting characters, great visuals and high-end 3D animation.

3D animals, dense green forest, Chinese buildings, decors, Chinese red lamps all together created a mesmerising effect on the audiences.

Chhota Bheem saves the princess and protects China and its people from the evil Zuhu at the end of the movie.

3D Animated Song With The Message

Kung Fu Dhamaka at Best animation institute Kolkata

It has a theme song sung by Daler Mehndi “Laddoo Kha ke Bheem Karega Dhamaka’ Kung Fu Dhamaka”.

3D Bheem and his friends sing and dance around Daler in the 3D environment.

Theme song sets the mood for this action packed animated movie.

Cinematography is excellent as the camera moves around the characters to display all the actions.

Throughout the movie audiences can witness the stunning animated actions and Kung Fu fighting sequences.

Voice artist Sonal Kaushal gave the charming voice for Bheem.

The background score raised the impact of the story very well.

Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka has the strong emotional content.

It reiterates the fact that love and friendship should be based on the unconditional support and selflessness.

Overall this film is a great entertainment for younger audiences as well as adults.

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