AGOMONI Celebration With Maac Kolkata 2018

Maac Kolkata

The city of joy again fills up with the traditional smell of ‘Chatim Phool’ and ‘Siuli Phool’ and so does MAAC Kolkata i.e. MAAC ChowringheeMAAC Ultadanga and MAAC Rashbehari

We MAAC Kolkata team members, since more than last two months, had tightened up our belts for the most awaited and Mega event “AGOMONI” 2018.

This year also the tradition continues, and the charm is at its fullest.

Like the every year MAAC ChowringheeMAAC Ultadanga and MAAC Rashbehari organized AGOMONI program at their respective centers.

If you have the question in your mind that why do we celebrate Agomoni, Or what actually happens during Agomoni, then hold your breath while we take you down the memory lane and tell you what AGOMONI is all about.

What is actually AGOMONI 2018 and how MAAC Kolkata team celebrates this?

MAA DURGA, along with her three children – Godess Lakshmi, Godess Saraswati, Lord Kartik and Lord Ganesh, comes to her father’s home every year during Navratra time.

It is said that every year during this time, MAA DURGA comes from Mount Kailash along with her four children to spend some times with her father Giriraj.

Welcoming MAA DURGA during her arrival is basically what AGOMONI means and is all about.

Every year these particular days are celebrated as ‘Durga Pujas’ in Bengal.

At MAAC Kolkata we also follow the same tradition of welcoming MAA DURGA, and alongside an Art and Craft exhibition is organized where all our students participate by exhibiting their creations in different art forms.

On the auspicious occasion of Mahalaya or after Mahalaya, we celebrate Agomoni at our three renowned centers.

Maac Kolkata

Maac Kolkata


On the 9th day of October Maac Ultadanga welcomed Maa Durga with the bang of colors. This year their theme was “ALOR RAMDHONU” or “Rainbows of Light”.

The center was decorated with colorful papers and colorful ice cream sticks. The idol was made with mount board and tissue papers.

The whole idea and its execution was done by the students.

Maac Ultadanga team placed their idol of Maa Durga in between the floating clouds, where nature and creativity mixed together.

Maac KolkataMaac KolkataMaac Kolkata
















It was an eventful day followed by Dance, Drama and Songs by students of MAAC Ultadanga.


MAAC Rashbehari also welcomed MAA DURGA with their stunning theme influenced by Upendra Kishore Raychowdhury’s (Grand Father of the Satyajit Ray) story named “GUPI GYNE BAGHA BYNE”.

The decoration was like a dense forest, created in the depth of the darkness and showing light after darkness.

LIGHTS…represents hope….possibilities…. In the story, the king of ghost gave three boons to two friends who had lost all hope, similarly praying to the idol of MAA Durga also gives us three boons of health, wealth and prosperity.

Maac Kolkata

The centre tried to create the ambience of the path from darkness to enlightenment. The sound and light effects was perfectly blended with paintings and other art work displayed there.

The idol was made with thermocol, paper and tissues. It reflected the power of light over darkness.

Maac Kolkata

The honorable Directors Mr. Naveen Choudhary, Mr. Harkaran Das Choudhary and Regional Technical Head Mr. Rohit Chetry inaugurated the ceremony by lighting the lamp in front of MAA DURGA.

Followed by the students art exhibition, which had a lots of paintings, craftworks and 3D Models etc., there was a cultural program also organized by the students which displayed a 360 degree of creativity that exists in the students of MAAC Rashbehari.

On the 11th day of October celebration was at it’s fullest. That was when MAAC Rashbehari celebrated Agomoni 2018.

Maac Kolkata


Last but not the least, MAAC Chowringhee, as always, was at its fabulous best on the occasion of AGOMONI 2018.

The entire atomsphere and the theme of this year’s decoration at MAAC Chowringhee took us far away from now.

Standing in the 21 century, the mind boggling ambience and creativity of MAAC Chowringee theme took us back to an ancient civilization of around 1500 BC.

Maac Kolkata

It was the age when the Aryan lived. The students decorated the entire centre with the replicas of the pages of Vedas, the Hindu scripture.

The Aryan civilization, their living style, their culture was depicted in the theme.

On the 12th day of October, the grand inauguration of AGOMONI 2018 at MAAC Chowringhee, was done by our honorable directors Mr. Harkaran Das Choudhary and Mr. Naveen Choudhary along with the Regional Manager of MAAC Mr. Sudipta Seal and Regional Technical Head Mr. Rohit Chetry, by lighting the traditional Lamps in front of the idol of MAA DURGA.

Maac KolkataMaac Kolkata

The students also wore ethnic Indian clothes. The girls wore sarees and boys were in kurta pajamas.

The entire ambience was very historical.

The variety of stupendous art form displayed by the students took everyone’s breath away.

There was such a wide display of superlative work of art and craft work including paintings, craft work, digital art work, 3D work etc. that one could not help but be mesmerized by such amazing talent.

Maac KolkataMaac Kolkata

Maac KolkataMaac Kolkata

The cultural program was the cherry on the cake.

The program started with Ganesh Vandana followed by a dance welcoming MAA DURGA.

Students staged an awesome drama named “Swarg-O-Morter Sangbad”.

There were some beautiful song and dance renderings, including a traditional Baul song sung by a student.

Our Respected Bade Sir, Mr. H. D. Choudhary, gifted some token of acknowledgment to those students who had actively participated in decoration and events. This was really very inspiring for everyone.

The fragrance of Festive Season was in the air and it continues, still.

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