Auspicious Rabindra Jayanti Celebration At MAAC

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Starting with the arrival of Baisakhi came the auspicious day of Rabindranath Tagore’s birthday, Rabindra Jayanti.

The day is meant as it symbolizes the day when our ‘Kobiguru‘ ‘father of poetry’ born.

History records this day in its golden pages as it remarks the memorium of Rabindranath Tagore.

This day is special for all Bengalis and other secular people respected in the fundamental for his verse, Tagore composed books, articles, fast stories, travelogs, shows, and several tunes.

Of Tagore’s exposition, his short stories are perhaps most particularly appeared; he’s absolutely credited with beginning the Bengali-dialect model of the class.

His works are frequently expressed for his or her cadenced, positive, and melodious nature.

Such stories ordinarily obtain from misleadingly straightforward trouble recall: everyday people.

Tagore’s genuine thought about history, etymology, and most profound sense of being.

He composed life accounts.

His snappy visit with Einstein, “know on the idea of certainty”, is ensured as a supplement to the last mentioned.

Maac Institute animation Kolkata

This comprises of all varieties of each work and fills around eighty volumes.

In 2011, Harvard school Press teamed up with Visva Bharati University to distribute the imperative Tagore, the most vital collection of Tagore’s works accessible in English; it ends up altered through Fakrul Alam and Radha Chakravarthy and imprints the 150th commemoration of Tagore’s introduction to the world.

Maac Institute animation Kolkata

The day is celebrated with garlanding our Tagore and in his respect paying tribute to him.

In MAAC Kolkata also everyone comprising the students, faculties, employees, staff persons all get together to form a collaboration altogether and make the day precious in the main center of MAAC Chowringhee.All the students have participated in the occasion, including the faculties.

This day marks the occasion when pupil organizes programs, dance, songs, recitation and also drama ‘dance drama’ in the memory of the all-time favorite poet.

The center is ornamented with garlands and lights by the faculties, staff, employees and the students are busy in preparing themselves for the final rehearsals.

Subsequent to such they will go for the dress-up.

It seems from their eyes how much excited are they to perform for the respective occasion.

MAAC Kolkata boasts on its students for being always beside the center even in good and bad times.

The students are the real precious gem for the center.

Maac Institute animation Kolkata

In between the academia, we don’t turn away from the cultural factors.

The director of MAAC Kolkata, Mr. Naveen Choudhary has never deviated from such culturalism.

Culture is in the blood and vein of the center.

That is the main reason why students feel and love to study here.

It is our belief that a recreation is a big factor for every student.

In order to eliminate such pressure and stress, we organize for them what they aspire to celebrate on their own.

A dream is what the students share with us and we are the ones that make it real.

So today is the day to live the real.

After all the arrangements are set and done, the students were provided with cool refreshments.

As you know to perform well one should acquire energy and that energy comes from food.

Excited students were very glad and were given engaged with the decoration of the center premises.

Maac Institute animation Kolkata

All of them were prepared for the event and they also shared hands together for the cutting and designing of crafts for ornamenting the premises with colorful papers, little thermocol balls, glittered ribbons, it was a gala time.

The stage was set for the performers it was right at the clock 3.30 pm.

The students took their seats in their respective places when the performance commences with an opening song ‘Akash Jure Sunino Oi Baaje’.

With the ending of this song is the time for the next program of the special evening, ‘Jagorone Jay Bibhaboree’.

Some of them took part in the dance performance on the song ‘Mamo Chitte Niti Nritta’.

A big round of claps came on each and every performance as the evening proceeds with presentations anew.

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One of them cited recitation on ‘Kobiguru’ Rabindranath Tagore’s poem ‘Bojhapora’ and the recitation performance was accompanied by a student cum artist (indeed) painting the portrait of Tagore with charcoal.

All the songs were sung on a single assistance of a guitar.

However, two of the participant’s cum student sung unplugged without the help of the notes of the guitar.

The overall performance for the ‘Pachise Baisakh’ was indeed effortful.

It would have been impossible without the support of the students to arrange the entire occasion.

Maac Institute animation Kolkata

The organizer of the event was super excited for the accomplishment of the occasion.

Even each student was excited about the show-time.

The dancers had well-dressed wearing sarees, garlands, taking the dance look throughout the dance performance.

The credit of this festive time goes to MAAC Kolkata.

Maac Institute animation Kolkata

MAAC Kolkata provides this space to the students where they can enjoy on their own and make things as per their choices.

The towering remembrance of the famous poet, writer, philosopher, and the novelist and the Bengali Polymath have made the heart of every people bright and positive.

MAAC Kolkata had given this platform to the students where they can carry forward the legacy of this occasions.

On this day, the people of Shantiniketan and Rabindra Bharati celebrates in a big way.

Shantiniketan, Bolpur is the place of the poet where he has spent all his life writing poetry, poems, drama, and novels.

Maac Institute animation Kolkata

The Nobel winner has written many of his works under a giant tree near Bolpur.

Nowadays, it has become a tourist spot where people from different parts of the world go to visit the place.

After the positive occasion, everyone was served with soft drinks and with it ended the event.

The weariness never paved the way to tiredness as the students felt joyful to have spent the day merrily.

Want to experience this?

Come,visit and register.

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