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The Academy Awards, officially known as ‘’ The Oscars’’ is a set of twenty four awards given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements as assessed by the voting members of the Academy .

This award for artistic and technical merit in the American Film Industry is given annually. The winners of various category are awarded with a copy a golden statue known by the nickname ‘’Oscar’’.

Animation Kolkata

The first Academy Awards was presented in the year 1929.

The First Oscar or The Academy Award for best animated feature film was given for films made in 2001.

An animated feature film as defined by the academy as a film which runs for more than 40 minutes.

In such a film, the characters’ performances are created using a frame by frame technique.

A considerable number of the major characters are animated. At least 75 percent of the total running time of such a film should be dominated by animated figures.

Previously, few animated feature films were produced. The Academy award body did not want to consider an Oscar Award for an animated feature film.

Animation Kolkata

The academy used to give special awards to exceptional productions usually for Walt Disney Pictures.

Like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the year 1938, who framed Roger Rabit in the year 1989 and Toy Story in the year 1996?

Before an Oscar for the animation feature film came into existence, the film Beauty and the Beast was the only animation film that was nominated as Best Picture, in the year 1991.

From 2001, the animation film market started to expand. Many competitors to Walt Disney joined the animation film market.

An increase in the number of animation film releases compelled the Academy to consider animation feature film as a category for award or Oscar.

Thus in the year 2002, in the 74th Academy Awards, the first Oscar was given to the Best Animated Feature Film.

When this category of award was first come into existence, the nomination went to the persons who were involved in creating the award winning film.

That person could be the producer, the director or both. For the 76th Academy Awards in the year 2004 only Directors of the Film received the nomination.

From the 86th Academy Awards the above point was amended to include one producer and up to two directors.

The 89th Academy Award took place on 26th February 2017. The animation films that were produced in the year 2016 were nominated for the 89th Academy Awards were:

Animation Kolkata

  1. Kubo and Two Strings by Travis Knight and Arianne Sutner
  2. Moana by John Muskar, Ron Clements and Osnat Shruer
  3. My Life as a Zucchini by Claude Barras and Max Karli
  4. The Red Turtle by Michael Dudok de Wit and Toshio Suzuki
  5. Zootopia by Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Clark Spencer

Kubo and Two Strings:

Animation Kolkata

In the above animation film the story develops around Young Kubo. His peaceful existence was shattered when he accidentally summoned a revengeful spirit from the past.

Now in the mission Kubo gang up with Monkey and Beetle to unlock a secret legacy.

Armed with a magical instrument Kubo must battle the MOON King and other Gods and monsters to save his family and to solve the mystery of his fallen father, the Greatest Samurai warrior the world has ever known.

The Box office earning is 74.5 Million USD and the Budget was 60 million USD.

Moana :

Animation Kolkata

This story is inspired by a Polynesian legend about demi-god called Maui.

The story is entirely universal, mainly for girls about the danger that lay beyond one’s home. Moana find her way to the sea.

The mission is to bring back heart of Te Fiti, the goddess of creation. It was stolen by Maui thousand years ago bringing misery upon the whole world.

In the entire film Moana keep convincing Maui to venture on the task despite the fact that he no longer has his powers.

The two of them making their way to Te fiti despite the hurdles. The Box office earning is USD 639,557,044.

My Life as a Zucchini:

Animation Kolkata

The film is a celebration of friendship and empathy as Zucchini makes peace with a bully name Simon and Delops a crush on Camille, a newcomer.

There is an enchanting ski trip, a smattering of pranks, misunderstandings and touch suspense.

Everything rendered in expressive and imaginative visual detail. The animation technique is more soulful.

The characters are enigmatic and individual in ways that they are hard to forget. The box office earning is USD 296,721.

The Red Turtle:

Animation Kolkata

It is a story of a man whose ship wrecks on a tropical island inhabited by turtles, crabs and birds.

The Red Turtle recounts the mile stones in the life of a human being. This film received critical acclaim.

A simple story has been beautifully animated with layers of rich visuals.

The box office earning is 3.7 million USD.

The winner of 89th Academy Award for animation film is ZOOTOPIA.

Zootopia :

Animation Kolkata

This film is about a world where predators and prey live in harmony, a rookie bunny cop and con artist fox work together to uncover a conspiracy that put the lives of predators in danger.

Zootopia is a city where animals from every environment live together. For this film the studio’s IT engineers   developed the fur controlling software iGroom.

This gave character designers precise control over the brushing, shaping and shading of fur. This film offers a thoughtful inclusive message that is as rich and timely as it’s sumptuously state of the art animation.

All while remaining fast and funny enough to keep younger viewers    entertained.

This film was released in Disney Digital 3-D, RealD and IMAX 3D, making it the first Disney animated film shown in domestic IMAX theatres.

The box office earning is 1.024 billion USD.

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