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The sector of animation is becoming more famous day by day through years and so the character animation reel. As the demand for unique and entertaining content is growing day by day, the requirement for skilled animators is on high rise. This sector is to some extent very much competitive. After completing an animation course one wants to start working as an animator. By having a good idea about how to just market ones work from the beginning one may be able to keep the big scenario in mind. This is to ensure whether ones future in animation is bright.

When creating a demo Animation reel for character animation one must do the following things-

Tailor your reel to the Job– A lot of young animators make the mistake of using the same animation reel for each and every job application. One may have the idea that this reel is saving ones time but it may be wasting ones time. If ones reel isn’t a good one for any particular position for which one is applying the studio might think that one lacks attention to detail or experience. If the job one is applying for involves character animation ones reel should reflect the work one have done in the area, rather than lighting and other unrelated aspects of animation.

One should be very much sure to keep in mind the animation technique of the animation studio in mind when one is developing ones reel. One should just cut and sort ones resume to a traditional job, ones reel should be customized for every position.

Include ones best work– Whether one is new in this animation world or he has been in this animation world for years, one might feel to show everything one has to offer. But editing is most important when creating an animation reel. Ideally an animation reel should be only a minute or two in length. This might be cutting only the clips that one might feel inclined to, but aren’t right for the job. One need to have a goal and just become sure that you just show your best work rather than everything that one has done. One might just figure out which part of the reel is the best and just select that particular part. One need to point out which part of the reel is the best and just one should just select that part of the reel. In that particular way one might make his prospective employer more involved in the reel.

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 Make it noticeable- Recruiters don’t have much time to just sit and watch each and every animation reel from the beginning till the end. They have an extremely busy schedule. So making a first impression is very much vital. Show reels should be at least one to two minutes long. But this is not very much hard and fast rule. If ones content is about 60 seconds then it well and good. If one wants to show more shots to the recruiter he may upload it on a webpage for the recruiter so he may go through it afterwards.

Own your own work, not someone else’s- One should b very much clear that what work one is submitting in his reel is his own show reel  is not a team work or one’s own work. The animation reel which is solely created by you should be submitted. One should also be sure that one is not nor trying to show somebody else’s work as his own. The industry is very small and it is very easy to locate whether someone else’s work is someone submitting as his own.

Be entertaining- The show reel should be very much entertaining. The recruiters and animators always look for entertaining things in the reel. If the recruiters find something that makes them laugh or some funny moment  that shows them a  small piece of love ,  that particular piece of animation reel stand out definitely from other show reel. It is not about acting. This is just an ability to delight a viewer. One should always keep these things in mind when one is putting together the reel.

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You r as strong as your weakest shot-  One shouldn’t be afraid to take out shots where one is not able to show ones potential skill The best advice is to show the reel to one friends and colleagues, even those  who don’t work in the industry. If they are not impressed by a particular shot, and if one hear it a couple of time, there is a good chance that these shot won’t impress the prospective employer. It is better to a have a strong animation reel than one that includes work that will harm ones career.

Keep your title card simple- One of the most vital functions of title card is to keep the card simple and punchy. By keeping the title card simply and methodical one might try to keep the attract the attention of the viewer. A good title card should show ones name, contact detail and ones current role.

Use Vimeo over you tube- When one show reel is ready to be seen   one should make the decision of which video sharing platform one should host the video. Some people use YouTube to show their work. But employers ted to surf Vimeo to look at the work of aspiring animators.

Keep it professional- Common sense tells us that one shouldn’t use any offensive or adult material in ones reel. Keeping the work professional will say that one is a professional individual.

Show your aspiration- A show reel should show your prospective recruiter where one wants to go. Let the video that one will be showing to its viewers bring out your endeavor to forward thinking or just innovating new approaches to ones work. By all means one should just give a good idea of what work one has produced and also hint at the direction in which one wants to orient ones career.


These are the things one should keep in mind while making a DEMO animation reel. These would help him or her to make the show reel excellent.

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