Multimedia & Its Multifaced Aspects

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

Multimedia is the way by which texts , graphics, drawings still and moving images i,e, video, audio, or any other type of information can be accumulated creatively in digital device and in can be later represented digitally according to requirement.

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

Multimedia courses are highly beneficial for people who wants a career in digital, audio, print, video production, video editing, web designers, graphic designing field .

Different institutes offers different sort of multimedia courses.

But generally to be a successful multimedia professional type of diploma is not very much essential.

One need to achieve high level of proficiency in the said field on his own way of applying ones his creative mind.

Generally multimedia technology involves the below programmes –Interactive media, website designing fundamentals ,electronic imaging, interactive photography, animation, multimedia programming,graphic design, digital editing.

After undergoing a course on multimedia one may become the following professionals-


Multimedia Designer

Software Developer/Programmer

IT Support/Helpdesk executive

Online publisher.

A multimedia expert need to gain expertise in interactive media graphics with video, professional presentation, and web development.

A multimedia specialist generally uses his design theory skill, page layout, interactivity, colour correction, animation, capturing and editing video, compression and presentation skill in his job.

A multimedia specialist job profile mainly includes creating computer generated imagery for the purpose of animation, editing of audio video files, creating art work in videogames, creating animated sequence using software.

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

But we should keep in mind learners retentive capacity.

According to scientific research the beneficiality of multimedia is that it takes the brains capability to make connections between verbal and visual representation of content.

This in turn leads to deeper understanding which in turn supports the transfer of learning.

Visual representations are more catchy.

So multimedia is the effective way of imparting education to students.

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

It enable to make learning interactive and the students mind is never distracted.

Multimedia is congregration of text picture sound animation and video.

Multimedia makes teaching more effective with blend of different mediums.

Multimedia in India includes fx , filmmaking, sometimes fashion designing, interior designing,web technology, Art & design.

The duration of the course should be as such that one can develop his own field of interest.

The two important component of multimedia are 3d animation and 2d animation.

Animation is one of the fundamental part of Media and entertainment industry.

It has enhanced its boundary from kids entertainment to Space research and automation.

In a multimedia course an aspiring student is generally trained in the following fields as discussed below-

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

3D Animation

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

Probably the most significant technological innovation in the field of media and entertainment industry.

3d animation transcended the periphery of film and media and is extensively used .

It is used in automation fmcg , advertising, space research to real estate.

In 3d animation everything is controlled from basic to advanced level.

It includes storyboarding , animatics, animationcharacter designing,cinematography, character modelling,shading,lightening with mutualray , v-ray, rigging etc.

2D Animation

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

It is the oldest form of animation.

The classic art from since 1800s .

It is one drawing in a pose slightly different from the other.

The pictures are arranged in such a way it appears that they are moving.

Visual Effect

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

Visual effect or vfx is the process by which a movie or any live show or any serial images with live action footage or computer generated imagery is created to make the situation more lively.

The growth level is high in visual industry in India due to Hollywood film industry more relying om multimedia professionals.

Vfx industry is in blooming stage with a record growth of 31%.

Vfx industry has grown in three folds which no doubt has increased the career option for talented vfx artist.

The requirement of Vfx artist has increased in leaps and bounds.

Students who enrol themselves in VFx course in multimedia after completion of the course they find themselves good vfx jobs in Kolkata and all over India.

Graphic Design

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

Graphic Design is the process by which ideas are communicated.

By generating new ideas selecting typeface design / colour priniciple, publicity design, Graphic design, one can communicate ideas to client on behalf of the company.

Today the world is dominated by digital industry.

Web Designing

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

Web designing involves how to maintain and design a website.

It involves designing , concept building, illustration, logo design, layout and concept, corporate and publicity, corporateand publicity design, digital painting, digital editing, appinterface design, ui design.

In todays world everything is tech dominated.

A local business may have access in global platform by help of web.

By making its presence online you may have subsequent growth in its business.

From restaurant hotels, to manufacturing industry everybody is maintaining a website to make its presence worldwide.

So designing is an important aspect of multimedia.

So webdesigning is an important aspect of multimedia.

The concept covers designing , concept building, colour theory,illustrations logo design, layout design, corporate publicity, digital painting, digital image, app interface, website framing and planning, template design, responsive page design, webdevelopment.

Film and media industry are hiring multimedia artist.

The 3d game producers are also hiring multimedia artist.

Multimedia professionals are in high demand.

Tv channels as well as video designing portals are looking for multimedia artists.

An multimedia artist need to learn 2d 3d animation, character animation, 3d modeller, rigging artist.

India is regarded as multimedia hub.

Utility of Multimedia

Learning purpose-Multi media is used in teaching nowadays.

To make learning more effective for the student.

Entertainment purpose-Multimedia is used in 3d games that is very much popular among kids and nevertheless among adults.

Print media and social media-Multimedia is used in magazines in newsapapers for designing purpose.

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

Multimedia is used widely in social media by tv channels ,production houses for designing purpose.

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

So Multimedia has its effect in every sphere of life nowadays starting from our morning newpaper to our daily life .

So multimedia can be a good career for new generation .

We feel its presence in our daily life always.

It has made our life more interesting.

Multimedia Institute Kolkata

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