Journey Of Animated Movies Bal Ganesh So Far

Bal Ganesh @Animation Kolkata

Here in this blog we are going to discuss about the very popular animated feature films of Bal Ganesh.

In India Mythological films are very popular from the early years of Cinema.

There are many Hindi and other regional language feature films made on mythological figures.

The animation in India is obsessed with mythological figures.

When animation industry started in India, it primarily focussed at mythological concepts and characters.

Unlike the West where the Animation Studios like Walt Disney, Pixar and others created characters based on comics such as Spiderman and Batman.

Years back in 1956 Disney Studio animator Clair Weeks who worked on the animated film Bambi.

The Mythological figures like Krishna, Hanuman or Ganesha are already there in the minds of Indian people and so it is very easy to build animated films on these characters in India.

Along with animated film Bal Ganesh another film My Friend Ganesha (2007) is also popular which is a combination of live-action and animated Ganesha.

In West investments are made on building strong characters for movies to entertain people but in India mythological characters are strong enough compared to any superhero.

Now let’s have a look at the journey of Bal Ganesh travelled so far

Bal Ganesh @Animation Kolkata

Bal Ganesh is a computer-animated film on Lord Ganesh directed by Pankaj Sharma.

The narrative is based on Ganesh Purana and narrates the birth of Lord Ganesha and how the Lord Ganesh is brought to life from a statue of clay and then blessed with various heavenly powers.

Lord Ganesh is Hindu elephant headed god, he is god of good luck and the story is about his mischievous activities along with his rat companion Mooshak.

The first part of the film is about a child’s transformation into Lord Ganesh; through beautiful illustrations it showed the confrontation between the young Lord and Lord Shiva when on the order of Goddess Parvati, Ganesha stood guard at the door as she goes for her bath.

Lord Shiva releases Nandi and his other followers on Ganesh and Lord Ganesh single-handedly tackles them, that scene is shows Lord Shiva doing his dance of fury Tandava and beheading the Lord Ganesha which is witnessed by Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi.

After Goddess Parvati’s request, Lord Shiva brings Lord Ganesha back to life by giving him an elephant’s head.

The characters of this film were created by 3D software.

The hilarious part of the film is when Lord Ganesha’s is invited for a meal at Lord Kubera’s house and even after swallowing huge amount of food Ganesha is not satisfied.

The second part shows Lord Kartika circling the physical world on his peacock while Ganesha circling around his parents.

This film has colourful illustrations of Mount kailash and its surroundings.

At the end of the film Kartika wins over Tarkasur the demon.

Produced by Shermaroo Entertainment and Astute Media Vision; it released on October 2007.

Song Ganpati Bappa Maurya became very popular.

It is wonder and full of fun to watch child Ganesh constantly getting into troubles with his mother and his attempts to pin his folly on Mooshak the rat.

The film ran successfully in the theatres and made worldwide gross of Rupees 6.2 Crores.

Bal Ganesh @Animation Kolkata

The Animated film Bal Ganesh 2 is also directed by Pankaj Sharma

This film is not merely an interesting cinematic experience but enlightening too.

It is a step ahead in terms of content and animation.

Bal Ganesh 2 is the continuation of the previous film Bal Ganesh.

Bal Ganesh 2 has three stories it in, the first part shows a cat and how Lord Ganesh plays a prank on it then Goddess Parvati gives an valuable advice to Lord Ganesh.

The second part tells the story of Sage Vyasa, Lord not only writes the entire book but also translate it while writing and the third story shows Lord Ganesh fighting with a powerful demon, Gajmukhasur.

The animation quality of this film is much superior than the previous film with perfect voiceover.

The lively Background music is composed by Shamir Tandon and Sanjay Dhakan.

The Bhangra beats part is very interesting, the songs are enjoyable and sung by noted singers such as Sukhwinder Singh and Asha Bhosle.

Asher Shaikh gave voice for Bal Ganesh 2.

It is a very successful film with total gross of Rupees 15.67 crores and first animated movie of India to gross more than 10 crores.

Bal Ganesh @Animation Kolkata

Bal Ganesh 3 is also an animated film this time directed by Vijay S.Bhanushali and released in 2017.

In this film a group of three alien children visits Earth to learn more about their favourite God Ganesh.

Zombo a friend of Mooshak comes from planet Zeba to earth to know about Lord Ganesh.

They met with three mice Dhoti, Topi and Suit Boot who are devotees of Ganesh and ready to share their stories to the alien children.

The film has used English words with the Hindi dialogues.

The colourful illustration of the aliens and the rats or mooshak in their beautiful dresses catches the eye of small children.

No doubt that these movies on Bal Ganesh became entertaining for not only children but for adults too.

Still Bal Ganesh movies are very popular and enjoyed by all age group.

According to the director of Maya Digital Studios Mr. Ketan Mehta the Indian animation market is not big enough by itself; Companies like Walt Disney Pictures spend millions of dollars on each project but still we have covered a long distance.

Today there are many animation films are being made by our talented filmmakers.

Along with Bal Ganesh there are other animated films made on different mythological figures.

Hence we saw how our Indian animation industry made their mark in the international market starting from the scratch.

So, it’s never too late to begin a new journey, if you want be a part of animation industry join your nearest Maac centres .



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