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Maac Kolkata

The New Year Event at Maac Kolkata of Poila Boisakh has brought in new aspirations, resolutions in the new calendar of 1425 Bengali’s New Year.

With a warm welcome, all the students of MAAC Kolkata including that of the three centers of Chowringhee, Ultadanga, and Rashbehari are led to a new event on the theme play ‘Poila Baisakh’.

The MAAC Chowringhee specialist takes this activity to gather their understudies together and work with an aggressive mentality to address the occasions’ issues.

Maac Kolkata

‘Make a Handmade Craft’ occasion sorted out by the scholastic division of MAAC are operational in each long stretch of consistently.

A few weeks by week and month to month occasions are likewise sorted out to draw in understudies’ emphasis on alternate regions identifying with extracurricular exercises separated from scholastics.

Prior to the day, all arrangements were set, students were notified about the procedures of the competition.

All codes of conduct are given in the category of sit and craft where they are advised to create ‘greetings’ of the new year in their own way.

The day knocked the door and with it came the grand inauguration of the MAAC Ultadanga center.

The center premises were designed and ornamented in a way that offers positive vibes from every nook and corner of the area.

Maac Kolkata

All assembled and set, the students sat, draw and create their piece individually.

Breaks were provided along with lunch buckets.

The day’s end was awesome with all the students with their pieces.

Almost all the students participated in the contest.

Merry-making was at its height.

In this event, the faculties came together with the pupil and a bridging of the gap is fulfilled.

Have a look at the marvelous pieces prepared by the pupil of Maac Kolkata.

The piece is created by paper cutting and painting.

Such a landscape is very common but the cutting edge art behind its plane is indeed commendable.

Maac Kolkata

The swastika at its front retains the base theme of the craft.

Look at the color hues pattern- a sense of serenity is reflected through the entire craft which can make its way to the prize list.

The above artwork gives a typically Bengali look with ‘Kulo’ made by bamboo cutting and drawing the image of an owl.

The owl is the symbol of wealth and Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi.

The combination of red and green makes a perfect amalgamation of optimism for the new upcoming year.

The greetings piece comprises of Lord Ganesha in red, a traditional hand fan in yellow-red with a coconut (green) with the letters ‘Suvo Nababarsha’ suits the gay mood of the New Year Day.

Maac Kolkata

The great traditional ‘Kalash’ pot of Hindus, the sign of good and Now and then “Kalasha” additionally alludes to such a pot loaded with water and finished with a coronet of mango leaves and a coconut.

This mix is frequently utilized as a part of Hindu customs and delineated in Hindu iconography.

The whole game plan is called Purna-Kalasha, Purna-Kumbha, or Purna-ghata.

Every one of these names truly signifies “full or finish vessel” when the pot is alluded to as the Kalasha.

The swastika on its shiny plane denotes symbol of endurance and source of life.

Bringing this theme up to this day is stunning.

One painting is drawn on a ‘thali’ or ‘plate’, the plate is painted with white hues and in the middle, the remnants are crafted.

The swastika is the elementary symbol of Bengali’s New Year and its presence s seen in almost every artwork.Maac Kolkata

In this piece, there is a unique part created with flour.

The flour is mixed with water and then it is colored orange.

The resulting flour material is narrowed in a line and divided as per required.

Then the structure of a Ganesha architect is created to give it a sense of prosperity and decency.

Some models were also created on which pupil have painted.

The framing of which is made with the concept of roses, the typical Durga Puja look is given with one side with the idol of Durga, sitting on lion taking son Ganesha on her lap and a woman on the other side.

The entire competition was conducted under the supervision of the faculty team.

A specific time was given to all pupil within which they had to submit their work.

As per the time they had completed their tasks and were set to enjoy the day, the occasion of ‘Barshoboron’.

Maac Kolkata

So are you thinking to join MAAC Kolkata?

Then what are you waiting for?

Come to the global leader in VFXAnimationMultimediaGaming, MAAC Kolkata.

MAAC Kolkata is positioned as the most supported establishment by the activity, VFX and sight and sound understudies of Kolkata.

It gives first-rate quality instruction about movement, VFX and sight and sound to the understudies.

There are a few occasions composed by MAAC Kolkata consistently.

Workshops, master classes, challenges, rivalries and other fun occasions are arranged and organized.

Thus, understudies get the chance to meet and go to classes and workshops by industry experts.

Maac Kolkata

This carefully assembled logbook making rivalry is sorted out each year.

Similarly as consistently, in this year additionally understudies from every single other focus have taken part and demonstrated their imaginative abilities by making unmistakable assortments of the chronicle.

Maac Kolkata

A few ideas demonstrate the assorted individual assessments of the understudies that they accumulate from a few fields of their experience.

It is obvious that our understudies are made that effective to meet any future necessities at whatever point required.

The MAAC Chowringhee specialist requires a dynamic support of the understudies in every one of its occasions and events.

Maac Kolkata

Parallel to the training courses it is likewise expected to stay display in such events as the organization obliges the understudy’s needs and improvement.

Our major quality lies in the way that our specially arranged association readies the understudies with an awesome experienced gathering of preparing resources.

It is our focal objective to set the goal and objective of each understudy who is possessed with making they’re calling towards Animation, Multimedia, and Visual Effects.

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